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Will County Cemeteries

Note from Kathy Zavada: If a researcher is looking for deaths through obits in and around Wilmington (namely Jackson, Florence, Wilton, Wesley, Reed, or sometimes Manhattan and Peotone townships) they should contact the Wilmington Public Library which has indexed obits starting from mid 1860's to current which match the microfilmed Wilmington Newspapers. Wilmington has the earliest local newspapers for these areas and still is the only library for Jackson, Florence and Wesley.

Wilmington Public Library, 201 Kankakee St, Wilmington, IL 60481; 815-476-2834

For listings of Catholic Cemeteries, contact:
Catholic Cemetery Office, 402 South Independance Blvd, Romeoville, IL; 815-838-0395

To arrange a visit at the Arsenal Cemeteries: contact Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery; 27034 S. Diagonal Rd, Elwood, IL 60421. (815) 423-9958

Arsenal Cemetery Article - Surnames extracted from 1963 Newspaper Article

Cemetery Updated Entrance Photo Alias Established Location
Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery         Jackson Twp
Adams Cemetery         Section 8, Crete Twp
Google Map
Alexander Cemetery     Kirman   Section 33, DuPage Twp
Barbers Corners Cemetery     HillCrest   Section 2, DuPage Twp
Google Map
Barnett Cemetery         SE 1/4 of Section 30, Homer Twp
Google Map
Beard Cemetery         NW 1/4 of Section __, Channahon Twp
There are no traces left of Beard Cemetery. Blodgett Road was straightened in the 1970s and the former cemetery may be under the road.
Beebee's Grove Cemetery         Section 1?, Crete Twp
[USGS Map (Dyer Quadrangle) reflects an unnamed cemetary in this location]
Boardman Cemetery       1832 Section 4, DuPage Twp
Bohemian National Cemetery - complete     July 20, 1885 Section 16, Reed Twp
Bronson Cemetery     Sisson   Section 10, Lockport Twp
Google Map
Brooks Cemetery         Section 10, Homer Twp
Google Map
Brown Cemetery         NW 1/4 of Section 15, Custer Twp
GNIS map
Brown Cemetery

text transcription 1
text transcription 2
Jackson's Grove
  Section 15, Jackson Twp
Calvary Cemetery         Section 31, Bloom Twp, Cook Co
W 34th street, E of Western Ave, Steger, and across the Will Co line
(records at Assumption Cemetary, 1900 S Cottage Grove)
Calvary Cemetery         Section 13, Lockport Twp
Cemetery Hill - abandoned         Monee Twp
County Farm Cemetery         Section 13, Troy Twp
Crete Cemetery         Section 8, Crete Twp
Google Map
Custer Township Cemetery - complete       Section 24, Custer Twp
Diven Cemetery         SE 1/4 of Section 7, Wesley Twp
Dwyers Cemetery         NW 1/4 of Section 26, Wilmington Twp
Eagle Lake Cemetery         Crete Twp
Elmhurst Cemetery         Section 14, Joliet Twp
Evergreen Hill Cemetery         Section 5, Crete Twp
Google Map
Forbes Cemetery     Gooding's Farm   SE 1/4 of Section 6, Wesley Twp
about 1/2 mile E of IL Rte 102 and 1/4 mile N of Ballou Rd
Frankfort Cemetery     Scheer/
  Section 22, Frankfort Twp
Google Map
German Evangelical Cemetery
(Arsenal Cemetery)
    Chicago Road/German Lutheran/Little German   SW 1/4 of Section 15, Florence Twp
To visit, contact Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, 30071 S State Rte 53, Wilmington, IL 60481 - (815) 423-6370
Records at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, IL
Google Map
Green Garden Methodist Cemetery Mar 2010 Andres   Section 19, Greengarden Twp
W side of US Rte 45
Hadley Cemetery         Section 34, Homer Twp
Google Map
Hickory Cemetery         Section 15, Frankfort Twp
Google Map
Hills of Rest Cemetery         Section 11, Troy Twp
Google Map
Holy Cross Cemetery         Section 6, Joliet Twp
Google Map
Kile Cemetery         Crete Twp
Klingler Cemetery
(Arsenal Cemetery)
Feb 2010     SW 1/4 of Section 31, Manhattan Twp
Lockport Cemetery         Section 23, Lockport Twp
Manhattan Center Cemetery         Section 15, Manhattan Twp
Google Map
Maple Hill Cemetery

text transcription
      Section 30, Elwood, Jackson Twp
Maplewood Cemetery         Section 16, New Lenox Twp
Google Map
Marshall Cemetery         Section 12, New Lenox Twp

McCune Cemetery
(Arsenal Cemetery)
    Jackson Creek/McKune/Asparagus Road   SE 1/4 of Section 23, Channahon Twp
Mound Hawley Cemetery         Homer Twp
Mound Cemetery     Rudd/Higginbotham   SE 1/4 of Section 12, Joliet Twp
Google Map
Mt Calvary Cemetery         Joliet Twp
GNIS map
Mt Calvary Cemetery of Lockport         Lockport Twp
Google Map
Mt Moriah Cemetery         Section 4, Joliet Twp
Google Map
Mt Olivet Catholic Cemetery     Mt Rose Catholic   Section 36, Wilmington Twp
Mt Olivet Cemetery         Section 11, Joliet Twp
Mt Olivet Cemetery     Rosehill   Section 21, Reed Twp
Mt St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery         Section 16, Wilton Twp
Newton Cemetery         W 1/2 of NE 1/4 Sec 12, Wilmington Twp
Norman Cemetery
        Sec 9, Will Twp
North Providence Ridge Cemetery

Brenda Frazer's Transcription
  North Ridge
Providence Ridge
  Section 11, Jackson Twp
Oakwood Cemetery - partial transcriptions: A-G; H-M; N-S; T-Z; Additional Transcription         Section 11, Joliet Twp
Oakwood - Wilmington         Section 36, Wilmington Twp
Oakwood - Braidwood - complete   Braidwood Protestant   Section 15, Custer Twp
Old Cemetery         Frankfort Twp
Peotone Cemetery         Section 19, Will Twp
Pioneer Cemetery         Section 17, Frankfort Twp
Plainfield Cemetery         Section 15, Plainfield Twp
Pleasant Hill Cemetery         Section 21, Frankfort Twp
Google Map
Reed's Grove Cemetery [offsite link]
(Arsenal Cemetery)
        Section 31, Jackson Twp
Resurrection Cemetery         DuPage Twp
Rose Hill Cemetery         Section 4, Green Garden Twp
Google Map
Runyan Cemetery
        Old Legion Park, Section 14, Lockport Twp
Jack Braun: Path entrance is opposite 410 West St; only graves still marked are Runyan family members.
Google Map
Russian Cemetery     St Nicholaus Sterling Park   Section 34, Lockport Twp
St Cyril's & Methodius Cemetery         Section 1, Joliet Twp
Google Map
St John's Cemetery         Section 4, Joliet Twp
St John's Evangelical UCC Cemetery         Section 17, Frankfort Twp
St John's Evangelical UCC Cemetery     North Peotone   section 3, Peotone Twp
Google Map
St John's Lutheran Church Cemetery         Section 1, Washington Twp
St John's UCC Church Cemetery         Section 22, Washington Twp
Google Map
St Joseph Catholic Cemetery         Section 17, Manhattan Twp
St Joseph Cemetery         Section 4, Joliet Twp
Google Map
St Joseph Guardian Angels Cemetery Nov 2009     Section 17, Manhattan Twp
St Luke's UCC Cemetery         Sec 17-13-14, Washington Twp
Google Map
St Mary's Cemetery         Frankfort Twp
Google Map
St Mary's Cemetery         Joliet Twp
GNIS map
St Mary's Cemetery         Section 33, Lockport Twp
Google Maps
St Mary's Catholic Cemetery         Section 10, Plainfield Twp
Google Map
St Michael Cemetery         Section 13, Homer Twp
Google Map
St Patrick's Cemetery         Section 9, Joliet Twp
St Paul's Cemetery         Manhattan Twp
St Paul's Evangelical UCC Cemetery         Section 21, Monee Twp
St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery         Section 21, Washington Twp
GNIS map
St Peter's Lutheran Cemetery         Section 11, Joliet Twp
St Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery         Section 12, Green Garden Twp
Google Map
Schlem Cemetery         Frankfort Twp
Google Map
Skyline Memorial Park         Section 16, Monee Twp
Google Map
South Lockport Cemetery     Lockport Catholic   Section 26, Lockport Twp
Google Map
Stan's Grove Cemetery         Jackson Twp
Starr's Grove Cemetery
(Arsenal Cemetery)
        NE 1/4 of Section 8, Florence Twp
Stateville Cemetery         Section 28, Lockport Twp
[prison grounds]
Stevens Cemetery         Joliet Twp
[now the park on Walnut St between Silver Cross Hospital & and Cass St - many burials moved to Oakwood (Joliet) ca 1865]
Trinity Lutheran/Zion Lutheran Cemetery         Section 16, Crete Twp
Trinity Cemetery (new)         Section 16, Crete Twp
Google Map
Troutman Grove Cemetery Mar 2010 Eib/
  SE 1/4 of Section 6, Jackson Twp
Twining Cemetery         Section 17, Green Garden Twp
Google Map
Union Burial Society Cemetery         Frankfort Twp
SW of Frankfort about a mile SE of US 45 & Laraway Rd, N of Gateway Homes
Union Cemetery         Section 14, Green Garden Twp
Vermont Cemetery         SE 1/4 of Section 8, Wheatland Twp
Google Map
Wesley Cemetery     Forked Creek/
Old Cemetery
1856 SW 1/4 of Section 15, Wesley Twp
Google Map
West Peotone Presbyterian Cemetery

text file
      Section 30, Peotone Twp
Wheatland Cemetery         NE 1/4 of Section 14, Wheatland Twp
Google Map
Wheatland Cemetery     Scotch Presbyterian Church   SE 1/4 of Section 9, Wheatland Twp
Will Cemetery         Will Twp
Willard Grove Cemetery Feb 2010     Section 8, Channahon Twp
Williams Cemetery         Section 16, Lockport Twp
Wilton Center Cemetery         Wilton Twp
Google Map
Woodlawn Memorial Park         Joliet Twp
Zarley     DesPlaines   Section 21, Joliet Twp
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery         SW 1/4 of Section 14, Wheatland Twp
Google Map

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