Real Estate Owners

extracted from History of Will County, Illinois Wm. LeBaron, Jr., & Co. 1878

Submitted by Margie Glenn

B Surnames

NameOccupationPost OfficeTownship
BABCOCK, FredFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
BABCOCK, J. RFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BACKMAN, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeWill Twp
BACKUS, ChrisCrete Twp
BACKUS, JohnCarpenterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BACKUS, John BPhysicianP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BACON, C. HPhysicianP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BACON, R. JP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BADENHAAP, HermanFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BAEHM, ConradStone-cutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BAER, D. CGrocerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BAER, DavidFarmerP. O. JolietJackson Twp
BAHLMAN, HFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeCrete Twp
BAHLMAN, HFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
BAHLMAN, H., JrFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
BAILEY, AP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BAILEY, CalebFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BAILEY, DanielFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BAILEY, DanielFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BAILEY, DanielFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BAILEY, F. KP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BAILEY, FredrickLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BAILEY, Leon RTailorP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BAILEY, Wm. MFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BAILY, ThomasFarmerP. O. SpencerManhattan Twp
BAIN, AFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
BAIN, JamesMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BAIN, RobertStreet CommissionerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BAIN, RobertFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
BAIN, WFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
BAIRD, H. HFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
BAIRD, JohnFarmerP. O. WilmingtonCuster Twp
BAIRD, W. ZFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
BAISCH, ChristianFarmerP. O. NapervilleWheatland Twp
BAISCH, GodfreyFarmerP. O. TamarackWheatland Twp
BAISCH, JacobFarmerP. O. NapervilleWheatland Twp
BAKER, CFarmerCrete Twp
BAKER, CFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BAKER, C. ACrete Twp
BAKER, ClarkFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BAKER, Ellen JGalesburgCrete Twp
BAKER, F. LLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BAKER, GeoFarmerP. O. GoodenowWashington Twp
BAKER, GeorgeFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BAKER, James EFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BAKER, James SCarpenterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BAKER, James SCarpenterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BAKER, JohnLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BAKER, JohnFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BAKER, L. SInsurance AgentP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BAKER, Leroy AConstableP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BAKER, MinorFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BAKER, WilliamP. O. MokenaNew Lenox Twp
BAKEWELL, WilliamP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BALDWIN, D. CCarpenterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BALDWIN, D. CMerchantP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BALDWIN, H. BP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BALDWIN, JFarmerP. O. JolietNew Lenox Twp
BALDWIN, JesseFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BALDWIN, JohnFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BALL, JamesMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BALLANTINE, KelsoSaloonP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BALLARD, SarahP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BALLY, CasperFarmerP. O. JolietTroy Twp
BAMRICK, JamesMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BAMRICK, JohnSaloonP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BANCH, JacobFarmerP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
BANGMAN, JohnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BANGS, R. WP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BANNON, AWilton Twp
BANNON, ElizabethP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BANNON, JamesFarmerP. O. JolietNew Lenox Twp
BANNON, M. WStone DealerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BANNON, MariaP. O. JolietNew Lenox Twp
BANNON, P. RMerchantP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BANNON, P. WGrocerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BANYARD, BMerchantP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BANYARD, VMerchantP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BAPP, WmFarmerP. O. NapervilleWheatland Twp
BARBER, D. NFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BARBER, Francis CP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARBER, FrankSaloonP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BARBER, JasFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
BARBER, JohnFarmerP. O. LemontDuPage Twp
BARBER, OP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARBER, R. EFarmerP. O. WilmingtonCuster Twp
BARBER. R. EAttorneyP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARBOUR, JohnFarmerP. O. TamarackWheatland Twp
BARCLAY, JFarmerP. O. East WheatlandWheatland Twp
BARDWELL, FredFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BARKER, A. BMerchantFrankfortFrankfort Twp
BARKER, CFarmerP. O. EndorCrete Twp
BARKER, JacobAgr. DealerFrankfortFrankfort Twp
BARKER, James MFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BARKER, PeterLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARLAGE, JacobLaborerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BARNES, BridgetBeecherWashington Twp
BARNES, E. VBlacksmithP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BARNES, HenryLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARNES, HenryLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARNES, JamesLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARNES, MatherFarmerP. O. JolietJackson Twp
BARNES, NathanielFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BARNES, NathanielFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARNES, ThomasLaborerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BARNEY, AmandaP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARNEY, EdwardSun officeP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARNEY, VincentFarmerP. O. MokenaNew Lenox Twp
BARNHARDT, CasperFarmerP. O. JolietJackson Twp
BARNHART, CasperFarmerP. O. JolietJackson Twp
BARNHART, JamesPostmasterPeotone Twp
BARR, AndrewClerkP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BARR, GeorgeFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BARR, JohnFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BARR, JohnFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BARR, JosephFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BARR, MarthaP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BARR, PeterSaloonP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BARR, SamuelFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BARR, WmFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BARRETT, AnnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARRETT, JFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
BARRETT, JesseLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARRETT, Miles SBlacksmithP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARRETT, ThomasP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARRETT, WilliamFarmerWesley Twp
BARRETT, WmFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
BARRETT, WmFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
BARRETT, Wm. FHardwareP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARREY, DSaloonP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BARROWMAN, AlexMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BARROWMAN, JamesMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BARROWMAN, MargaretP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BARSDALE, RobertTeamsterP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BARTDYTE, NicholasFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BARTELS, LewisWagon-MakerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BARTELS, WmFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BARTEO, Charles, JrFarmerP. O. JolietNew Lenox Twp
BARTHELOME, JosephLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARTHLE, FredCrete Twp
BARTHOLME, JosephFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARTHOLME, MartinLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARTHOLPH, GillianFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BARTIE, Charles, SrFarmerP. O. JolietNew Lenox Twp
BARTLETT, R. FConstableP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BARTLETT, RoxannaP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARTLOW, WmCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARTON, CFarmerP. O. GreengardenManhattan Twp
BARTON, CharlesFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BARTON, E. AFarmerP. O. DuPageDuPage Twp
BARTON, GeoFarmerP. O. WallingfordWilton Twp
BARTON, GeorgeFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BARTON, J. TBarberP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BARTON, JamesFarmerPeotone Twp
BARTON, Janette EP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BASHER, AlpharMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BASKELL, JohnMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BASKERVILLE, JFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
BASKERVILLE, RMerchantP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BASKERVILLE, TFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
BASKERVILLE, WmFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
BASSETT, WilliamFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BASSETT, Wm. JFarmerP. O. GreengardenManhattan Twp
BATCHE, JohnWilton Twp
BATERMAN, FredCrete Twp
BATES, EBlacksmithP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BATES, SamuelMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BATHELDER, WilliamFarmerP. O. PeotoneWilton Twp
BATHMAN, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BATLER, JohnMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BATTENHUNSEN, HFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
BATTERMAN, CFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BATTERMAN, FredFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
BATTERMAN, HFarmerP. O. EndorCrete Twp
BATTLING, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BATTZ, JohnFarmerP. O. MinookaTroy Twp
BATZWALD, TheoBlacksmithP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BAUCH, JackMerchantMokenaFrankfort Twp
BAUCH, PhilipFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
BAUCH, PhillipFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
BAUER, N. NLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BAUER, WmLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BAUMER, MatthiasFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BAUMGARTNER, CharlesMasonP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BAUMGARTNER, JFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
BAUMGARTNER, JFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
BAUMGARTNER, LouisFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BAURMEISTER, WmFarmerCrete Twp
BAUSER, HenryFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BAWE, MosesRailroad ForemanP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BAXTER, BenjFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
BAXTER, EllenP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BAXTER, WmFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
BAYNE, JamesP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Beach A. EP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BEACH, G. RLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BEACH, LawrencePeotone Twp
BEADLE, A. EPainterP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BEALS, JosephTailorP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BEAM, CharlesFarmerP. O. PeotoneWilton Twp
BEAMER, GasherLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BEAN ,JohnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BEAR, Dawson CP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BEARD, CarolineFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BEARD, J. GFarmerPeotone Twp
BEARS, CharlesCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BEATHE, HFarmerP. O. Bird's BridgeTroy Twp
BEATLE, RFarmerP. O. Bird's BridgeTroy Twp
BEATTIE, RobertFarmerP. O. Bird's BridgeChannahon Twp
BEAVER, MFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
BEBA, PMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BECHSTEIN, RobertFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
BECK, JohnMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BECKER, AugustFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BECKER, Chris. AFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BECKER, JohnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BECKMAN, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BECKSTINE, RobertFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
BECKWITH, AFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BECKWITH, AlbertFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BECKWITH, Gay MFarmerWesley Twp
BEDFORD, JEngineerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BEDFORD, JohnEngineerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BEDFORD, NelsonFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BEDFORD, StephenMail-carrierP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BEDSTINE, HenryFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
BEDSTINE, Henry JrFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
BEEBE, Albert WFarmerP. O. New LenoxNew Lenox Twp
BEEDLE, H. WButcherP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BEEK, JohnFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BEESLEY, E. JFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BEGGS, James WHotelP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BEGGS, S. RMinister of GospelP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BEGLEY, JohnFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BEGLEY, JohnFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BEHREND, ErnstLaborerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BEHRENS, ConradFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
BEHRENS, HenryFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BEHRENS, J. CFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BEHRINS, GFarmerP. O. WallingfordWilton Twp
BEKOE, FredCrete Twp
BELAND, JohnTeamsterP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BELDEN, Samuel OLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BELKE, ErnstLaborerGoodenowCrete Twp
BELL, CharlesFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BELL, DanielPeotone Twp
BELL, DavidFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
BELL, JosephMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BELL, RobertFarmerPeotone Twp
BELL, RobertMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BELL, W. RMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BELL, WilliamMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BELL, WmFarmerP. O. MinookaChannahon Twp
BELL, WmFarmerPeotone Twp
BELLES, CharlesP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BELWARD, SarahMokenaFrankfort Twp
BELZ, JohnFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BELZ, JohnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BELZINE, JohnFarmerP. O. GreengardenFrankfort Twp
BENN, J. PFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BENN, John PFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BENNETT, AFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BENNETT, GeorgeWeaverP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BENNETT, GeorgeMasonP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BENNETT, Henry BLiverymanP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BENNETT, J. DP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BENNETT, James O.FarmerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BENNETT, JemimaP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BENNETT, Matthew,LaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BENSA, FredFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BENSINGER, N. CFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BENTLEY, RobertFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BENTLEY, RobertClerkP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BENTON, J. WP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BENTON, WmFarmerPeotone Twp
BENZEN, CatharineP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BERG, ElizabethCrete Twp
BERG, NicholasBlacksmithGoodenowCrete Twp
BERGAN, MarthaP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BERGAN, MartinCrete Twp
BERGAN, MartinCuster Twp
BERGAN, MartinLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BERGAN, MartinFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BERGEL, MichaelFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BERGER, GeorgeFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BERGER, Thomas LFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BERGER, Thos. LFarmerNew LenoxNew Lenox Twp
BERGIN, MarthaP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BERGMIER, GFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BERHARDT, FredFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BERINE, WillianaMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BERKEY, FidelLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BERNARD, BurnsP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BERNARD, JamesFarmerP. O. WilmingtonCuster Twp
BERNHARD, HenryFarmerP. O. BeecherCrete Twp
BERNHARDT, FredFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BERONHARD, HFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
BEROW, LewisFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BERRY, CatharineP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BERRY, JFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BERRY, WmLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BERTRAND, GustavLaborerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BERTRAND, GustavMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BERTRAND, JuliusMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BESANDA, ThomasMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BESEKE, CGrain DealerBeecherWashington Twp
BESK, JohnMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BESMINS, NicholasP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BESSEMER, J. WFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
BESSLER, John, JrP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BESTERFELD, HenryFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
BETTENDORF, MatthiasFarmerP. O. JolietHomer Twp
BETTENHAUR, GeorgeFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
BETTENHAUSEN, CFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
BETTENHAUSEN, GFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
BETTENHAUSEN, GeoFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
BETTENHAUSER, CFarmerP. O. GreengardenGreengarden Twp
BETTERMAN, ChristopherCrete Twp
BETTYLYON, A. JPlastererP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BETZ, GeorgeP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BEUTER, ChrisFarmerP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
BEUTTENMULLER, CarlinaP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BEVITCH, George WP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BEZ, GeorgeBrewerLockportFrankfort Twp
BEZ, Margaret, MrsP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BICKERTON, John RP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BICKFORD, J. IFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BICKFORD, J. WCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BIERSCHEIDT, BartLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BIERSCHEIDT, BernardSaloon-KeeperP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BIERVILLE, LFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BIESTERFELDT, FredFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BIGGINS, CFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
BIGGINS, CFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
BIGGINS, James AFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
BIGGINS, OwenFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
BIGGINS, PeterFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
BIGGINS, RFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
BIGIN, AnnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BILLFIELD, HenryLumber DealerBeecherWashington Twp
BILLFIELD, SimonCarpenterBeecherWashington Twp
BILLING, RichardFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BILLINGS, HenryFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BILLINGS, HermanLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BILLSMinervaFrankfort Twp
BILLSLAND, DFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BINDER, FredBlacksmithP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BINGHAM, EFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BINNEY, GeorgeFarmerWesley Twp
BIRCH, JacobFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BIRD, ElizaCuster Twp
BIRGEL, FrancisLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BIRGEL, MichaelFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BIRSON, JohnFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BISCHEL, Christian, MrsFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BISCHELL, JacobFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BISCHMANN, PeterLaborerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BISCHMANN, PhilipFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BISHEL, WmFarmerP. O. LemontDuPage Twp
BISHOP, J. EFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BISHOP, Wm. WLumber DealerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BISHOP. J. MLumber DealerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BISPING, WmLaborerPeotone Twp
BISSELL, A. AMachinistP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BISSELL, M. CCapitalistP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BISSETT, William JWilton Twp
BLAAS, XavierSaddlerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BLACK, JamesKeeper in I. S. PP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BLACKBURN, JohnCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BLAESSER, LouisCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BLAIR, WilliamFarmerP. O. JolietTroy Twp
BLATCHFORD, E. WP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BLATCHLEY, O. BTeacherP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BLAUL, CharlesFarmerWesley Twp
BLEIMEICH, HP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BLESFENCH, ChrisLaborerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BLESSING, FrankLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BLINN, JohnFarmerP. O. DuPageDuPage Twp
BLISS, AbelFarmerP. O. New LenoxNew Lenox
BLISS, AbelFarmerNew LenoxNew Lenox Twp
BLISS, AllenFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BLISS, EdwJackson Twp
BLISS, LydaFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BLOCK, FredFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
BLOCK, FritzFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
BLOCK, HGrain DealerBeecherWashington Twp
BLOCK, WmFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
BLOOD, H. NSoda ManufacturerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BLOOD, H. WSoda ManufacturerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BLOUNT, SFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BLUET, JosiahMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BLUMEL, JosSaloon-KeeperP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BLUMEL, JosephP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BLUTT, NMerchantP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BOARD, D. JFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
BOARDMAN, FFarmerP. O. East WheatlandWheatland Twp
BOARDMAN, HoraceFarmerP. O. NapervilleDuPage Twp
BOAS, E. APrison guardP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOBSIM, ChristFarmerP. O. GreengardenFrankfort Twp
BOBZIEN, JohnJusticeFrankfortGreengarden Twp
BOCK, ChristianFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
BOCK, ConradFarmerP. O. BeecherCrete Twp
BOCK, ConradBeecherWashington Twp
BOCK, H. PHarness-MakerFrankfortFrankfort Twp
BOCK, HarveyFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BOCK, LouisFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
BOCKELMAN, ChrisFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
BOCKELMANN, WFarmerP. O. BeecherWill Twp
BODE, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BODER, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BODINE, D. CFarmerPeotone Twp
BOEHL, AugustFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BOEHME, HugoEngineerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOEKEN, B. BFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
BOERSER, AdamLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOESER, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BOGART, WilliamMerchantP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BOGENS, DMasonCreteCrete Twp
BOGER, J. A., MrsP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BOHL, ChristianFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BOHL, HenryFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
BOHLANDER, J. P., MrsHotelP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BOHLANDER, PeterFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BOHLE, JosephShoemakerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BOHRBACH, AdamFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BOILLING, AnthonyFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BOLAN, MauriceLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BOLAND, PatrickFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BOLANDER, PeterFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BOLLER, ClausFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
BOLTON, H. MFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BOLTON, HughFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BOLZIN, FritzFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
BOLZIN, JohnFrankfortFrankfort Twp
BOND, George F., MrsP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BOND, JamesPainterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BOND, SamuelFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOOK, HHarness-MakerJolietFrankfort Twp
BOOK, John, MrsP. O. NapervilleWheatland Twp
BOOK, PeterFarmerP. O. TamarackWheatland Twp
BOOKMAN, AFrankfort Twp
BOOS, JeremiahMasonP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOOS, JohnCrete Twp
BOOTH, Martha CMillinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BOOTSCHILLER, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BOOVEN, LouisShoemakerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BORAN, PhilipP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BORDWELL, D. SClerkCreteCrete Twp
BORENS, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BORENS, L. BFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BORGUS, HenryWagon-MakerBeecherWashington Twp
BORK, HenryMillerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BORMS, FredFarmerPeotone Twp
BORMS, HenryFarmerPeotone Twp
BORNES, EnglehartFarmerPeotone Twp
Boss, GeoFarmerP. O. PlainfieldWheatland Twp
BossENECKER, G. PChannahon Twp
BossERMAN, MartinFarmerP. O. NapervilleDuPage Twp
BOTCH, JacobLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOTCH, JacobP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOTHMAN, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BOUCK, PhilipFarmerP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
BOUGHTON, Mary LP. O. E. WheatlandWheatland Twp
BOUGHTON, W. DFarmerP. O. E. WheatlandWheatland Twp
BOUHESS, HenryCrete Twp
BOVEE, AlexFarmerWesley Twp
BOVEE, CharlesAgent County HistoryP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BOVEE, NicholasFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BOVER, AlexFarmerWesley Twp
BOVER, NormanLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOWDEN, JacobFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BOWEN, BCarpenterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BOWEN, E. WPhysicianP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BOWEN, Francis T., MrsP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BOWEN, H. FFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BOWEN, JamesFrankfort Twp
BOWEN, WilliamTroy Twp
BOWERE, H. FFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BOWERING, JohnLaborerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BOWERS, Jacob LP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOWERS, UriahP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOWERS, WmCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOWLAN, JamesBakerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOWLAN, JamesLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOWLAN, PatrickLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOWMAN, Charles SSaloonFrankfortFrankfort Twp
BOWMAN, John ABlacksmithP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOYCE, SimonFarmerP. O. LemontHomer Twp
BOYD, Mary EFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOYD, S. HP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BOYER, JuliusQuarrymanP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BOYLAN, R. GLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOYLAN, R. JFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BOYLAN, R. JFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BOYLAN, R. JFarmerWesley Twp
BOYLAND, BFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
BOYLAND, JohnFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BOYLE, HughMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BOYLE, JamesCooperP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BOYLE, MSaloonP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BOYLE, PatrickFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BOYLE, ThomasLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOYLES, FrancisMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BOYLSTON, C. DFarmersP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BOYNE, DeliaP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BOYNTON, G. WWagon-MakerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BRACKAN, DanielP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRACKUS,LucienFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BRADBURY, AgnesP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BRADBURY, W. HLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRADEN, JaneP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRADEN, WilliamMinorP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BRADFORD, ChaunceyP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRADFORD, D. VFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
BRADIGOM, HenryChicagoWill Twp
BRADLEY, WmDruggistP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BRADNSTEIDNER, GodfreyFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
BRADY, JohnManhattan Twp
BRADY, PatrickFarmerP. O. JolietTroy Twp
BRAELEY, JohnFarmerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BRAGMAN, JohnManhattan Twp
BRAHM, AdamStone-cutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Braidwood Coal CoP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Braidwood Dairy AssociationP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BRAIDWOOD, JamesCoal operatorP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BRAIN, TWashington Twp
BRAINARD, JohnLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BRAINARD, SFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BRAMER, HenryFarmerCrete Twp
BRANCH, PhilipFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
BRANDEN, PaulFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
BRANDSTATTER, GFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
BRANDT, HFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BRANDT, HenryFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BRANDZER, JohnLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRANER, PeterFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BRANNAN, PatRailroad ForemanMokenaFrankfort Twp
BRANNKEY, JohnFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BRANNON, DominickP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRANNON, Thomas,LaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRANS, CFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
BRASS, R. JP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BRATON, CarolineP. O. NapervilleWheatland Twp
BRAUER, JohnFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BRAUN, C. CMarble-cutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRAUN, JosephSaloon-KeeperP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRAUNNER, FredFarmerP. O. EndorCrete Twp
BRAUNS, FredWashington Twp
BRAUNS, HenryCrete Twp
BRAY, Edward MDruggistP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRAY, EllenP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRAY, MaryP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRAYTEN, J. HMerchantPeotone Twp
BRAYTON, H. MP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRAZIL, PhilipFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BREDEMEIER, WFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
BREEN, KFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BREEN, SusanP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BREGMEYER, FredCrete Twp
BREIDERT, JacobMasonP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BREIDERT, JohnFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
BREIDERT, PhilipMasonP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BREMBORN, MaryP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BRENAN, AnnP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BRENNAN, MaryP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BRENTON, Joseph,FarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BRERTON, JamesFarmerP. O. WallingfordWilton Twp
BRESSEL, JosephLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BRESSINGHAM, JohnLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BREVITZ, A. JLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRIDERT, CatharineP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRIDGE, JohnAgent R. RP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BRIGGS, SamuelP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRIGHTMAN, James PLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRILL, JosephCarpenterCreteCrete Twp
BRIME, K. EFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BRINKER, HenryWagon-MakerCreteCrete Twp
BRINKERHOFF, JohnFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BRINKERHOFF, MP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRISBANE, Jas. WFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BRISBIN, James RLaborerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BRISBIN, John CFlorence Twp
BRISBIN, WFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BRISON, HiramLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRISTOL, O. EFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BRITTON, SimonMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BROADBENT, JohnClerkP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BROCKLEY, PFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
BROCKMAN, ChristLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROCKMAN, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
BROCKMAN, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
BROCKMAN, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeWill Twp
BROCKWAY, CFarmerPeotone Twp
BROCKWAY, ChaunceyFarmerPeotone Twp
BROCKWAY, D. AFarmerPeotone Twp
BROCKWAY, Henry SCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRODERICH, DCarpenterP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BRODIE, PeterTeamsterP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BROGAN, EmmaP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BROGAN, MMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BROMICK, John, JrFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BRONK, Peter AFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BRONKE, JohnFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BRONSIDE, SarahFarmerWesley Twp
BRONSON, CyrusFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BRONSON, FredFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BRONSON, LucindaP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BRONSON, MFarmerP. O. LemontDuPage Twp
BROOK, S. AFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BROOKANEPS, E. TFrankfort Twp
BROOKMAN, CarlFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
BROOKS, A. BFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BROOKS, W. A. SHardwareP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROOKS, W. SHardware MerchantP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROPHY, EdwFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BROPHY, JamesLiverymanP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BROPHY, MaryP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROSSMAN, J., JrFarmerP. O. NapervilleDuPage Twp
BROSSMAN, JacobFarmerP. O. NapervilleWheatland Twp
BROUGHMAN, JFarmerP. O. New LenoxManhattan Twp
BROUSCHETTE, JosephMasonP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BROWN G. WFarmerP. O. E. WheatlandDuPage Twp
BROWN, AbrahamClerkP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BROWN, Alex. GFarmerP. O. TamarackWheatland Twp
BROWN, AsaFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BROWN, BlishaFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BROWN, CFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BROWN, CharlesFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BROWN, CorneliaP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, DollyP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BROWN, EdgarFarmerP. O. WilmingtonCuster Twp
BROWN, EdwLaborerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BROWN, EdwinLaborerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BROWN, EliasFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BROWN, EmmaFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BROWN, ErastusTeamsterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, F. CDruggistP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, FrankFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BROWN, GeoFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, Geo. WFarmerP. O. E. WheatlandWheatland Twp
BROWN, HansenP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BROWN, HarrietP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, HughMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BROWN, IraFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BROWN, JFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
BROWN, J. DDruggistP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, JamesP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BROWN, JamesP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BROWN, JamesWilton Twp
BROWN, JohnTannerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, JosephSaloon-KeeperP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, LewisCigar-MakerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, M. JFarmerP. O. LemontDuPage Twp
BROWN, MargaretP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, MarlinSwitchmanP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
BROWN, MarthaFarmerP. O. JolietJackson Twp
BROWN, Marthy MFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BROWN, MaryFarmerP. O. JolietJackson Twp
BROWN, MaxSaloon-KeeperP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, MorrisP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BROWN, Nancy AnnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, Nancy JaneFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BROWN, O. WP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BROWN, OliverLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, Oliver GFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BROWN, PeterChannahon Twp
BROWN, R. BMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BROWN, R. SCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, RobertCarpenterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BROWN, SFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, S. JCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, SamuelLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BROWN, SarahFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BROWN, W. BP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BROWN, W. HCarpenterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BROWN, WarrenP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BROWN, WilliamFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BROWN, WilliamFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BROWN, Wm. HCarpenterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BROWNSON, DavidP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRUCE, HughLaborerPeotone Twp
BRUCE, JamesFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRUCE, JamesFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BRUCE, MaryP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BRUGGEMAN, H. HFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BRUMICK, AlexFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BRUMMOND, D., JrFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
BRUMMOND, DeidrichFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
BRUNDY, A., MrsP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
BRUNE KerenFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BRUNES, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeWill Twp
BRUNNER, PFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
BRUNO, BFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BRUNS, WmFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BRUNSTER, JohnP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BUCHMEIER, JohnFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BUCHMEIR, CharlesFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BUCHMEIR, ConradFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BUCHMIER, ConradFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BUCHMIRE, MariaFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
BUCHOLTZ, FredFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
BUCHOLZ, FredFarmerP. O. GreengardenFrankfort Twp
BUCK, ChristianFrankfort Twp
BUCK, Geo. AP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BUCK, George AFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
BUCK, HenrySaddlerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUCK, John EP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUCK, MichaelSaddlerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUCKHOLTZ, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BUCKLEY, CorneliusFarmerP. O. WilmingtonCuster Twp
BUCKLEY, JamesLaborerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BUCKLEY, MichaelLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUCKMEIER, GeoFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
BuckmeirCrete Twp
BUCKMIRE, ChristianFarmerP. O. BeecherWill Twp
BUCKWAY, A. BFarmerP. O. JolietTroy Twp
BUDDA, BernardFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
BUEL, NFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BUELL, GeoMechanicP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BUFFINGTON, WmFarmerP. O. EndorCrete Twp
BUHILL, MartinLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUHR, PeterFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
BUHRE, OttoCrete Twp
BUHS, HenryCrete Twp
BULLIN, AlfredFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BUMGARTNER BMerchantFrankfort Twp
BUMP, JFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
BUMP, JennieP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BUMP, LenderFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BUNDY, A. S., MrsP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
BUNGER, HenryCrete Twp
BUNKER, ElijahFarmerWesley Twp
BUNKER, Jonas BFarmerWesley Twp
BUNTV, BFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
BUNZY, LeroyP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURCH, E. HFarmerP. O. PlainfieldWheatland Twp
BURCH, Eliza HP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BURCH, HenryP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BURCH, JacobFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BURCH, T. TMillerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BURCH, WalterMillerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BURCHARD, JohnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURCKHARDT, HenryFarmerP. O. LemontDuPage Twp
BURDEN, AlexTailorP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURDEN, WmLaborerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
BURDICK, A. SPainterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BURDICK, AbigailP. O. Washington TerPlainfield Twp
BURDICK, HarrisonFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BURDICK, LouisP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BURGES, FrankMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BURGEST, HenryCrete Twp
BURKE BROSFarmerP. O. WilmingtonCuster Twp
BURKE, BernardLiverymanP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURKE, BridgetP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURKE, HannahFarmerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BURKE, HughP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BURKE, JamesLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURKE, JamesLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BURKE, MLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BURKE, PatrickFarmerPeotone Twp
BURKE, PhilipMasonP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BURKE, RichardLaborerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BURKE, ThomasP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURKETT, DanielFarmerP. O. TamarackWheatland Twp
BURKMIER, GeorgeCrete Twp
BURKSTALLER, F.,MasonP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BURLAND, MariaFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
BURNETT, ThomasFarmerP. O. TamarackWheatland Twp
BURNS, CFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BURNS, GeorgeFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BURNS, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BURNS, HenryFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
BURNS, JohnLaborerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BURNS, JohnLaborerBeecherWashington Twp
BURNS, LucindaP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BURNS, MaryFarmerWesley Twp
BURNS, RFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BURNS, RobertBlacksmithP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURNS, ThomasBlacksmithP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURR, FerrisCarpenterP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BURRILL, JamesMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BURRILL, JohnFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BURSAN, ThomasP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURSHART, PeterP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
BURSON, AndrewFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BURSON, T. CP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURT, C. A., MrsNurseP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BURT, EmelineP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BURT, JamesMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BURT, RobertSaloonP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BURT, Wm. SFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BURTON, Byron BCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BURTON, JosephTraderFlorence Twp
BURTON, JoseplaTraderP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BURTON, ThomasTraderP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BURZEH, BMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BUSCH, JacobPostmasterP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
BUSH, C. HP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUSH, CarlFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
BUSH, Charles HButcherP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUSH, E., MrsP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BUSH, EliFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BUSH, FrankButcherP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUSH, HarrietP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUSH, Harriet, MrsP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUSH, HenryFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BUSH, JoshuaFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
BUSK, C. HButcherP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUSK, John EP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUSS, E. CFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
BUSSE, FredFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
BUSSE, HenryFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
BUST, JannetteP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUTCHER, JohnLaborerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BUTCHER, ThomasFarmerP. O. HadleyHomer Twp
BUTLER, A. CClerkP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BUTLER, CatherineP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUTLER, GeorgeMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BUTLER, HenryFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BUTLER, JohnShoemakerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUTLER, ThomasP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
BUTTERFIELD, B. FFarmerWesley Twp
BUTTERFIELD, JamesPeotone Twp
BUTTERMAN, JohnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUTTON, Henry JRailroad ConductorP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
BUTTON, WilliamP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
BUTYMERS, JohnPeotone Twp
BYRNE, Mary AP. O. LockportLockport Twp
BYRON, Michael, JrFarmerWesley Twp
BYRON, Michael, JrFarmerWesley Twp
BYRON, Michael, SrFarmerWesley Twp
BYRON, PatrickLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp