Results of Examination of Will County Seventh and Eighth Grade Pupils Held March 20 (Approx. 1906)

Found in belongings of Jennie A. Jacobson b. Jul 4, 1893

Original in possession of Nancy Bender Miller

Eighth1Haynes, IreneD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth2Jones, Irvin H.D. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth3Lynk, FlorenceD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth4Gougar, Walter B.D. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth5Hunte, GraceD. 182, WashingtonH.L. Liberty
Eighth6Campbell, HaroldD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth7Bergan, EdithD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth7Johnson, HaroldD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth8Boylan, JohnD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth9Mattes, ViolaD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth10Jones, Robert G.D. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth11Ritchel, FrancesD. 108, WiltonMaggie Smith
Eighth12Weber, GeorgeD. 114, ManhattanJ.R. HigginsNbr 12 is shown as 23 and George is listed as 2nd 23 here but not at 23rd postion
Eighth13Lauffer, Alma B.D. 129, HomerLaurabell Knapp
Eighth14Francis, Helen A.D. 123, New LenoxIda B. Brown
Eighth15Cunningham, LeoD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth16Dodson, IreneD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Eighth17Shoop, Hazel L.D. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Eighth18Korst, EmmalineD. 76, JacksonMamie Wilhelmi
Eighth19Morse, Howard A.D. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Eighth20Hargreaves, VelmaD. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Eighth21Quigley, TheresiaD. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Eighth22Cripps, Ethus I.D. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Eighth22Jacobson, JennieD. 76, JacksonMamie Wilhelmi
Eighth23Kreimeier, WernerD. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Eighth24Timm, LenaD. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Eighth25Wilhelmi, IdaD. 76, JacksonMamie Wilhelmi
Eighth26McGrath, LorettaD. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Eighth27Smalley, FrankD. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Eighth28Meyer, OttoD. 182, WashingtonH.L. Liberty
Eighth29Poppenhagen, LauraD. 141, PeotoneCelia Warren
Eighth30Eib, Mary L.D. 77, JacksonHattie Myers
Eighth31Kurtz, Louise C.D. 78, JolietPansy A. Palmer
Eighth32Wilheimi, AdaD. 76, JacksonMamie Wilhelmi
Eighth33Baumgartner, WilliamD. 157, FrankfortH.A. Craig
Eighth34Eisner, Henry C.D. 157, FrankfortH.A. Craig
Eighth35Eisner, MabelD. 157, FrankfortH.A. Craig
Eighth35Hollstein, FlorenceD. 157, FrankfortH.A. Craig
Eighth35Lawlor, Sammie W.D. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Eighth36Korst, Celia M.D. 78, JolietPansy A. Palmer
Eighth36Ludwig, AndrewD. 135, HomerBridgie Conroy
Eighth36Thuermann, HenryD. 182, WashingtonH.L. Liberty
Eighth37Godel, LeonardD. 11, WilmingtonSadie Tierney
Eighth38Schramm, LauraD. 157, FrankfortH.A. Craig
Eighth39Poppenhagen, CarrieD. 141, PeotoneCelia Warren
Eighth40Hollstein, Wesley R.D. 157, FrankfortH.A. Craig
Eighth41Sontag, IvaD. 134, HomerEdna Sontag
Eighth42Hack, RosieD. 182, WashingtonH.L. Liberty
Eighth42Wilke, AmandaD. 182, WashingtonH.L. Liberty
Eighth43Lehmann, AlmaD. 176, MoneeLouis Charles
Eighth44Rodgers, MyrtleD. 78, JolietPansy A. Palmer
Eighth45Kinney, LucileD. 24, TroyMargaret Kinney
Eighth46Lacey, MargueriteD. 65, FlorenceJosie Deutschmann
Eighth46Piner, HazelD. 182, WashingtonH.L. Liberty
Eighth47Rowley, AdaD. 131, HomerSara B. Parr
Eighth12*Kreimeier, WernerD. 114, ManhattanJ.R. HigginsNbr 12 is shown as 23 and Werner is also listed as 23
Seventh1Schmuhl, IsmayD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh2Crop, EvaD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh3Kestel, Esther M.D. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh4Schmuhl, LuellaD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh5Dickson, Wm. C.D. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh6Barney, OwenD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh7Peterson, EmanuelD. 79, JolietElizabeth Hennebry
Seventh8Delaney, Anna L.D. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh9Mattes, ClaraD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh10Doyle, David M.D. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh11Carman, RalphD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh12Pester, Wm. J.D. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh13Gripp, ElmerD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh14Boylan, RichardD. 122, New LenoxM.J. Cunningham
Seventh15Eib, KittyD. 72, JacksonRose Christensen
Seventh16Bieth, MaryD. 17, ChannahonSylvester Gross
Seventh17Geist, AngelineD. 94, LockportAlmeda Brown
Seventh18Keniston, J. LyndeD. 108, WiltonMaggie Smith
Seventh19Noel, BerthaD. 76, JacksonMamie Wilhelmi
Seventh20Hutchison, MarieD. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Seventh21Bechstein, MabelD. 159, FrankfortI.O. Sinclair
Seventh22Casson, BeatriceD. 129, HomerLaurabell Knapp
Seventh23Wilhelmi, RosellaD. 129, HomerMamie Wilhelmi
Seventh24Larsen, ChristinaD. 72, JacksonRose Christensen
Seventh24Quigley, CeliaD. 114, ManhattanJ.R. Higgins
Seventh25Gibler, FlorenceD. 76, JacksonMamie Wilhelmi
Seventh26Knowlton, WilliamD. 17, ChannahonSylvester Gross
Seventh27Weber, JosephD. 27, New LenoxM.J. CunninghamM.J. Cunningham is listed as D. 122 in other entries
Seventh28Knapp, VictorD. 159, FrankfortI.O. Sinclair
Seventh29Wilhelmi, LouiseD. 79, JolietElizabeth Hennebry
Seventh30Geuther, BerthaD. 157, FrankfortHoward Craig
Seventh31Kestel, GeorgeD. 119, New LenoxElla Cunningham
Seventh32Carlson, EmmaD. 156, FrankfortLizzie Baumgartner
Seventh32Weichen, HarryD. 182, WashingtonH.L. Liberty
Seventh33Reichl, TheodorD. 159, FrankfortI.O. Sinclair
Seventh33Warwick, MattieD. 94, LockportAlmeda Brown
Seventh34Lawler, MartinD. 108, WiltonMaggie Smith