Queries 1997

CARPENTER, NAYLOR, ROOK; posted by Muriel Schwartz, Jan 1, 1997 John NAYLOR, his wife Elizabeth nee ROOK, their son John who married Betsy, her father & mother, John Brown & Bridget CARPENTER came from Lincolnshire, UK in 1850 to 1855. John B. CARPENTER & his son John died in Lockport about 1850. I do not know when or where the widow Bridget CARPENTER died but I assume in Joliet. There was also a brother of John NAYLOR (James) and his family who came in 1855. James died at a cement factory about 1857-8 in Romeo and is buried in a tank farm cemetery. There was or is a plaque on the cement place. I would like to know where Bridget died and get a cert. I am also trying to find immigration and ships they came on and naturalization papers.

HESS, RANDALL; posted by Raymond E. Hess, Jan 1, 1997 Trying to find info on Riley Washington HESS. Lived in Plainfield, Will, IL. On the county census roll #238 vol 43 for 1860, and roll #292 vol 59 for 1870. His children were on the 1880 census but he was not. Believed he died. Was born 30 Jun 1815 in N.Y. state. He was 45 in 1860, 55 in 1870. Married to Huldah Cornelia RANDALL on 17 Jun 1839 in Bridgewater, Oneida, NY.

NILES posted by Virginia Niles Taylor, Jan 1, 1997 Looking for information about Louis W. NILES, b 9-1876 in Joliet, IL. Moved to Oak Park, IL (Cook Co.) ca.1880 with parents, Smith NILES and Mary Laurena NILES and older brothr, Frederic Smith NILES. Not married by age 42. Lived in Oak Park until at least 1923. No record after that. May have moved to Chicago or back to Joliet. Any information appreciated.

BREMER, DRANGMEISTER, HELM, SEEGERS, WOLF; posted by Ted Cash, Feb 1, 1997 Henry DRANGMEISTER, wife Dorothea, daughter Freidricka and father-in-law fredrick HELM emmigrated from Hanover, Germany in 1854 to Will Co., Il. four children were then born in Will Co: Dorothea (1863); John (1865); Wilhelmina (1867); and Elizabeth (1870). About the same time, Freidrick BREMER, sons Heinrich and Fred, and Freidrick’s 2nd wife, Sophie SEEGERS emmigrated from Hanover, Germany. Between 1855 and 1874 the following children were born in Will Co: Sophie, Christof, August, Conrad, Fred, Wilhelmina, and Edward. Heinrich bremer and Freidricka DRANGMEISTER were married and had the following children in Will Co. between 1867 & ~1890: Henry, Herman, Mary, Anna, Christopher, Johannes, Lizzie, Freida, Carl, August, and Conrad. Christopher BREMER married Winnie ?? & stayed in Will Co. daughters were Dorothy (1900) & Minnie (1905). Minnie married a ?? WOLF. Their descendents are in Will Co. Today. Names unknown. Minnie died in 1994.

NILES; posted by Virginia Niles Taylor, Feb 1, 1997 Seeking information about the birth and death of 2 young brothers, Harry M. NILES born ca. 1863 and Samuel K. NILES born ca. 1866 Joliet, Il. Par. Smith & Mary Laurena NILES. Harry and Samuel both died between 1872 & 1874 before county death records were kept. The parents and 2 later sons, Fred and Louis, moved to Oak Park, (Cook Co.), IL about 1880. Harry and Samuel have a marker in the family plot at Forest Home Cemetery in cook Co., but they were probably buried in Joliet. does anyone have access to any Joliet death records, cemetery records, or especially newspaper obituaries 1872-1874? Would also like d.o.b. for Fred (1875) and Louis (1876) Joliet, IL. Thank You.

VIELMETTE, WILMETTE; posted by Donna Keith, Feb 1, 1997 I am looking for two great uncles, Joseph and William, who moved to Joliet, IL late 1890’s to early 1900. Their brother was Andrew VIELMETTE born in Tavon, Austria 11/22/1867. Any information on the WILMETTE/VIELMETTE name would be appreciated.

ANGLEMIRE; posted by John Donaker, Feb 1, 1997 I am looking for information on the descendants of Emanuel ANGLEMIRE, who moved to Dupage Twp. in Will County from Pennsylvania. He farmed the area for about twenty years. His children lived in Will and Cook Counties. I have data on some of this family, and will gladly share it.

PIEPENBRINK, RIPPE; posted by Sharlene Miller, Feb 1, 1997 I am searching for the second wife of Georg R. RIPPE (b 8 Jan 1826 Stolzenau, Germany) who settled in Will County, IL in approximately 1850. He and his first wife Caroline PIEPENBRINK lived in Will County until 1878, when they moved to Fillmore County, NE. All of their children were born in Will County except the eldest (Ernst). Their children were: Heinrich Edward, Lena Carolina Pauline, Heinrich, Johann Ludwig, Emma Maria Dorothea, Mary, and Sophia Lena. Wife Caroline died in NE on 7 Mar 1886. From the probate records, I know that Georg had a second wife named Mary Rippe (maiden name unknown). She is not buried in Fillmore County as far as I know. Rumor has it that she returned to IL. I am guessing that she would return to Will Cnty since that may have been where they met. If you know anything about Georg and his second wife Mary Rippe.

BISSEN, KRELL; posted by Gary E. Krell, Mar 1, 1997 I am looking for information on BISSEN and KRELL families that immigrated from Germany 1863-1870 and settled first in the Lockport, Will Co., and Lemont, Cook co., areas of IL. they then moved on west about 1877 to Black Hawk Co. and Mitchell co., Ia and/or Mower Co., MN. would like to correspond with any researcher pursuing similar migration patterns. Also trying to find out how to pursue naturalization declarations in these two IL. counties.

BREMER; posted by Muriel Most, Mar 1, 1997 Would like to correspond with anyone researching the BREMER name. Would be happy to share information with you!

HOHMANN; posted by Rick Helmer, Mar 1, 1997 I would like to correspond with anyone researching the HOHMANN family. The Hohmann family came to America from Reiffelbach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany around 1850. The family first settled in Rochester, New York for a few years before they moved to Illinois. Heinrich Hohmann settled in DuPage County, Johann Hohmann settled in Will county, and Phillip Hohmann resided in Chicago, Cook County. Will gladly share my information.

DUNDORN, SHREFFLER; posted by Norman Shreffler, Mar 1, 1997 John was born in Centre Co., Penn. the 4th child of John Henry and Mary SHREFFLER. He married Eliabeth DUNDORN 1833 in Ohio. Later, moved to Lawrence Co., IL. about 1845 moved to Will County. Appreciate any information concerning this family.

BERG, HEPP, MUELLER, PINER, RASCHER, REMIGIUS, SCHWARZKOPF; posted by Charles Engelberger, Mar 1, 1997 Requesting information on the REMIGIUS & Ursula Maria SCHWARZKOPF??- HEPP family and their children: Ignatz Hepp & possibly Joseph. Ignatz married Gertrude Elisabeth (Lizzie) BERG. Their children: Mary Theresa MUELLER, Joseph, Albert Joseph, Louise RASCHER, Barbara Elizabeth PINER and Bernard were all born in Beecher between 1875 and 1887. Eventurally, moved to Lake County, Indiana. Would appreciate any information to include the name of the Catholic Church in Beecher. Have info on the HEPP family back to 1712 and the BERG family back to 1815.

BUSZ, VAN TONGREN; posted by Marilyn White, Apr 1, 1997 Looking for any and all information on Albert BUSZ and VAN_TONGREN. Thank You!

JACKSON, STEADMAN; posted by Harriet Marvin, Apr 1, 1997 Isaac & Hannah (STEADMAN) JACKSON I have a fair amount of information on this couple from Wilmington. I have been to “Cornwallis Township” (Kings County) Nova Scotia, from whence they came. Would like more info on their descendants. Thank You!

KELLEY, SHERIDAN; posted by Christine Coleman, Apr 1, 1997 John Bernard KELLEY and his wife Bridget SHERIDAN had 8 children between 1876 and 1892. They were married on November 26, 1871. Their youngest child (of 8) is my grandmother. I am told that he was some kind of merchant. All help would be appreciated. Thank You! Addition: It seems the Illinois Steel Works figured prominently in the family. My gggrandfather John B. KELLEY started there in June 1871 and was still employed there in 1913. I have an employee newsletter clipping about him being the longest employed person there…..

BUETHE, BUTE, SCHMIDT; posted by VeLoyce Schmidt, Apr 1, 1997 Looking for information concerning Julius Ernest (Ernest Julius) SCHMIDT born Jan. 10, 1838 area of Rochlitz, Saxony, Germany and emigrated 1853-1863. Married Caroline BUETHE (BUTE) at St. Paul’s, Beecher, IL Jan. 24, 1874. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank You!

CARY, COLSTOCK, WARD; posted by Marian Biegel, Apr 1, 1997 I am looking for those researching the family of Deborah Elizabeth WARD COLSTOCK CARY born in Joliet in 1838. 1st husband is Elbert Custis COLSTOCK m. 16 March 1865 in Kankakee County, IL. 2nd husband is William T. Cary on 6 Dec. 1873 in Joliet, Will county, IL. Her parents, John &Mary Ward came to Joliet from Kent County, DE. in about 1836. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

BECKWITH, LINEBARGER, PORTER, SPAFFORD; posted by Beverly Sweeney, Apr 1, 1997 Looking for information on George LINEBARGER and 2nd wife Anna PORTER marr. 6 April 1 854, Will Co., IL. Also information on Robert SPAFFORD and wife Rachel BECKWITH who lived in Jackson Twp., Will Co., IL. Daniel A. SPAFFORD and Susan LINEBARGER Married 4 June 1879, Elwood, Will Co., IL. Any information would be helpful. I have inforamtion on Daniel and Susan Spafford after moving to KS.

LAKAN, LAKEN; posted by Joe Laken, Apr 1, 1997 I just heard from my grandfather, Joe LAKEN, taht our family name used to be LAKAN. He used to visit Ottawa, IL during the prohibition years. He said the family name was changed to Laken and this was a point of descrepancy with other Lakans. I would like to find out more of the history of the LAKEN and LAKAN families. My family is from Joliet originally and is now spread out. Thank You!

KELLY, SINNOTT; posted by Ed Dolan, Apr 1, 1997 Looking for data on SINNOTT and KELLY families: James SINNOTT, in 1880 U.S. Census for Will Co. Age 95, b. Ireland. His daughter Catherine mar. Thomas KELLY. Thomas appeared in 1870 U.S. Census for Cambria co., Pa., age 50, b. Ireland. Catherine (SINNOTT)KELLY is in 1880 Will Co. census, age 60. Has children: James Kelly, 22, b. England: Alice Kelly, 19, b. England; Katie Kelly, 15, b. England. Will share data. Thank You!

CONANT, HANNAH, HYDE; posted by Lonnie Richardson, Apr 1, 1997 I would like to get in touch with anyone searching for Elisa HYDE who lived in Joliet, Will Co, IL about 1842. I believe he was a carriage maker. He had a daughter named HANNAH who married Lorenzo Franklin CONANT, 23 Oct 1859. Thank You!

CLARKE, HIPPLE, MARTIN; posted by Pat Clarke, Apr 1, 1997 My husband’s grandfather, Frederick Mason CLARKE, was a co-founder of a real estate firm in Chicago around the turn of the century called HIPPLE and CLARKE. He was well known and active in civic affairs, fraternities Phi Pi Phi and Delta Theta Phi, and was a Mason. He married Sarah Bridget MARTIN, from Joliet, in 1903, we think in Chicago. We know he was born in Michigan but haven’t been able to find out where. He graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1909. Can anyone tell us if this college is still in Chicago? Does Hipple and Clarke still exist? We would appreciate any clue that would help us.

HARTMANN, MATHIAS; posted by Steve Kamm, Apr 1, 1997 Would like to share any information on the family of Friedrich W. HARTMANN (b. abt 1840, Rodenberg, Ger) living in Beecher, Will Co., IL. from abt 1874 through 1886. Friedrich married Dorothy MATHIAS (1887). Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank You!

FEIGEL; posted by Sheree F. Van, Apr 1, 1997 Searching for baptismal’s of the FEIGEL family from the Immaculate Conception church in Braidwood, Will, IL. Any help or other information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

GLASGOW, SCHNEIDER; posted by Kerrie Glasgow, May 1, 1997 Interested in descendants and antescendants, names, birth and death dates, marriages, children, and parents of James Hamilton GLASGOW. Born in Joliet 1907. Wife Phyllis Gertrude GLASGOW nee SCHNEIDER. Born 25 Oct. 1908. died 7 Feb 1990. Any additional information would be helpful.

McNAMARA; posted by Bonnie O’Hara, May 1, 1997 Anna Biggins MCNAMARA and son, Matthew Joseph MCNAMARA known to be living in Joliet, Il. in 1906-1907. Anna married Matthew MCNAMARA c. 1894-1895, Matthew Joseph was born 1896-1897. Looking for any information especially what happened to Matthew Joseph.

BATTERMAN, CLAUS, RUST, SCHEIDT; posted by Christine McDaniel, May 1, 1997 Henry and Wilhelmina CLAUS were living in Crete, Will Co., IL in 1860 thru 1880. They are buried in Hanover Twp., IN. Henry’s son Herman married an Anna or Lina Christine RUST in 1893 in Lake Co., IN. I have a Mina BATTERMAN, I’m not sure of the last name as the mother of Dorothea CLAUS. Dorothea bas born in 1859 in Crete, Il. she married Francis SCHEIDT in 1880 in Lake co., IN. I also have a Henry and Amelia CLAUS in 1870 in Crete, IL with alot of children the same ages as Henry and Wilhelmina. I need to find out definitely who Dorothea’s mother was. If the first two then my grandparents were Dora’s granddaughter and nephew! Anyone researching this interesting group from Hanover, Germany? They seemed to of formed their own little village. Any and All information would be appreciated. Thank you.

CARNEY, HORAN, KEARNEY, MCDERMITT, MCDERMOTT, POWERS; posted by Ed Broecker, May 1, 1997 I have a specific knot in my file that may someone can help me untie! It has to do with three men named CARNEY (which later became KEARNEY) who married three sisters named MCDERMOTT. The sisters MCDERMOTT were also sisters of my ggrandmother Maria MCDERMOTT, who married James HORAN and baptised their children at Immaculate Conception Church in Braidwood, but that is another story. John CARNEY (KEARNEY) (1845/1920) came from Ireland and m. Mary Anne MCDERMOTT (1849/1921) were married at St. Rose Church in Wilmington. They moved to a farm he had proved up on just south of the Union Pacific rail line near Lexington, NE. They are buried in St. Anne’s Cemetery, Overton NE. Edward CARNEY (KEARNEY) (1853/bef 1902) m. Ann MCDERMOTT (1855/1902). Their children were baptised at Immaculate Conception Church, Braidwood. She is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Braidwood, with her sister Elizabeth and her mother, Margaret POWERS MCDERMITT the plot was purchased by Edward CARNEY(KEARNEY). Annie died June 22, 1902, a widow. She had run a boarding house at 4221 S. Halsted St., Chicago. Problem: what became of Edward??? Hugh CARNEY (KEARNEY) (abt 1850/aft 1883) m. Elizabeth MCDERMOTT (1856/aft 1899) and their children were baptised at Immaculate Conception Church in Braidwood. In 1880 they lived on Division Street in Braidwood. He was a miner. As with her sister Ann, is buried with her mother in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Braidwood. I believe she lived at 4237 S. Halsted St., Chicago, because, like Ann, verbal family history has it that she ran a boarding house across the street from the gates of the Chicago Stock Yards. She died of stomach cancer. Problem: what became of Elizabeth??? what became of Hugh??? I have tried to deduce what happened to them after they faded into the mob of Irish named CARNEY (KEARNEY) in the Chicago melting pot. I would like to locate any living relative of the above families. Any and All information would be appreciated. Thank You.

HILDRETH, VAN ALLEN; posted by Paul Horvat, May 1, 1997 I would like to correspond with anyone related to the VAN_ALLEN family. Hiram Van Allen came to Joliet, IL in about 1853 with his wife, Eliza HILDRETH from Manheim, NY, Herkimer County. He died in 1893 in Chicago, IL and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, with his wife Eliza, who died in 1898. I have extensive information on the family and would be glad to share.

LEHNER, LEITNER; posted by Paul Horvat, May 1, 1997 I am interested in corresponding with anyone connected to the LEHNER family. Paul Lehner came to Joliet, Il with his wife, Katherine LEITNER in 1852. He came aboard the Arnold Barrenger, leaving from the port of Bremen. He was from the area of Eferding, Austria.

LAMPING; posted by Paul Horvat, May 1, 1997 I am interested in corresponding with anyone having connections to the LAMPING family, which came to Joliet, IL in about 1840. The family was originally settled in PA, and about 1785, moved with other United Empire Loyalist to Cornwall, Ontario. Branches of this family also settled in Wilmington, IL

CALBE, COLBY, CULBEY, CULBY, CULVEY; posted by Larry Culby, May 1, 1997 I am trailing my family and the trail has let to Will Co., Monee 1860’s. I would appreciate some direction as my search there has been frustrating….Just not the right stones turned over yet. Focus is on Henry CULBY who lived at or near Monee and died there and was buried there 1 May 1868. Other frequent misspellings include CALBE//CULBEY//CULVEY//COLBY. I am very willing to share information. Thank You!

FEIGEL; posted by Sheree F. Van, Jun 1, 1997 I’m in hopes that someone might have some suggestions on my search for my great-grandfathers place of death. Christian FEIGEL was a coal miner, living and working in Coal City, Illinois. He died of ‘dropsey’ 1902-1904. I have checked both Grundy County and Will County for a death certificate, however there doesn’t seem to be one. I was also told this is not uncommon for the area. I have checked all surrounding areas for his grave, Braidwood, Braceville, Gardner and Morris- no grave. It has been suggested to me that the family may have taken him to a Catholic hospital for his final days and possibly that he was buried there. From the telephone directory I have noticed a large amount of Catholic churches and hospitals in Joliet, Will County. Does anyone know of any particular hospital that specialized in ‘dropsey or black liung’ disease during that time period. Any idea’s or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

ORWICK, SHARP; posted by Judy McMichael, Jun 1, 1997 Hugh SHARP and his wife Mary Ann ORWICK moved to Joliet, Will Co, IL about 1865. His wife was on the 1870 census with a son, James M. SHARP so Hugh must have died between 1865-1870. does anyone have information about this family?

BAUCH, WERNER, posted by Dorothy Riegel, Jun 1, 1997 Looking for information on John WERNER and Anna Elizabeth BAUCH who were married in Will County on 27 April 1855. Trying to find other Werner – BAUCH connections in Will Co. They both came from Hesse Darmstadt, Germany. Their children were: Carrie, Henry, Mary, Helena, Hannah, Emma, Anna, Sophia. Am willing to share information.

FREEMAN, JEFFERS; posted by Gale A. Freeman, Jun 1, 1997 Looking for information on a great-uncle Harry FREEMAN, who was born in Clark Co in 1898. He was living in Joliet in 1967 when his brother died in Indiana. He had a sister, Nora who lived in Piatt Co. Harry was married in 1916 to Bonnie JEFFERS in Clark Co.

GOULD, JACKSON; posted by Harriet Marvin, Jun 1, 1997 I have been searching for the burial place of Harriet (GOULD JACKSON, wife of Delancey M. JACKSON (1824-1879). She died in November of 1903, but I’ve not found where? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!

ANDERSON, CAEGBIEN, KAEGBIEN, MILLER; posted by Jo Ann Ramsfield, Jun 1, 1997 Can someone please help me find birth and death records in the 1904? 1. Alida ANDERSON, March 27, 1904 – Joliet area. I am looking for the birth record to confirm parents names. 2. Charles ANDERSON 1904 – Charles wife was either Sarah or Elizabeth. Immigrated from Sweden. Alida was/is their daughter, my grandmother. Also looking for anything about a Fred MILLER that is buried in Joliet, IL. Died of Typhoid fever. He was married to Elizabeth CAEGBIEN or KAEGBIEN. Any help would be most appreciated!

CHANDLER, DERICKSON, DORAM, MORRISON, RANIE; posted by Sandra Sanchez, July 1, 1997 I am researching the above surnames. I am descended from Wulliam DERICKSON and wife Martha who were in Will Co by 1868 and John DORAM b. England who married Harriet RANIE in Beaver Co., PA 1856 then migrated to Will Co by 1863. John served in Co. C Ill inf. and was resident of Dupage when he entered the Service. His wife Harriet was a RANIE. It is said her father died at an early age and her mother Jane CHANDLER married John MORRISON and family were in Will Co. by 1863. Any one having a connection to these families or who can verify any information would be greatly appreciated.

NELSON; posted by Betty Herrell, July 1, 1997 I’m searching for information on the NELSON surname in Will co., IL. Thanks!

BURLEY, SWINBURNE; posted by Dianne Sims, July 1, 1997 Looking for connections to John SWINBURNE and Elizabeth BURLEY. John and Elizabeth were born and married in Nottinghamshire, England where they had two sons before coming to America in 1852. They settled first in Lockport, Will county, IL in 1852, then moved to Joliet, Will county, Il by 1853. While in Illinois they had two more children, Meary Elizabeth SWINBURNE born 25 Nov 1852 and sarah Ann SWINBURNE born 20 Aug 1854. By 1855 they were located in Delhi, Delaware County, Iowa where they raised a family of ten and remained for the rest of their lives. Interested in learning if there were relatives or other settlers in the area, possibly from Nottinghamshire, with whom they may have travelled. Thank You!

ALANSON, FREELOVE, WILLIAMS; posted by Leona L. Gustafson, July 1, 1997 Seeking any information about Loren alanson WILLIAMS, but particularly need his wife’s name. all we know is that she was “1/4 educated indian” and her given name may have been FREELOVE. Loren was b. 10 Sept 1806 in colchester, CT. His son, Loren ALANSON, Jr. was born in 1823 in CT (1850 census) and his daughter, Jane was b. 1839 in Lockport Precinct, Will co., According to Election returns, vol. 59:79, Will county, IL, 1843; “An abstract of the votes at an Election held in and for the county of Will in the State of Illinois on the first Monday in the month of August in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and forty three. At which said Election the following named persons received the number of votes set to their respective names for the following described offices, towit; … Lock Port Precinct … Loren ALANSON WILLIAMS had fifty six votes for Justice of the Peace” — (He lost the election). This is the last mention of Loren I’ve been able to find. But have deed wherein a Freelove WILLIAMS assigns land to Alanson WILLIAMS in March 1847. In 1850 census Jane is living with her brother, his wife and child.

KENNEDY, THOMPSON; posted by Sharon S. Kunard, July 1, 1997 I am trying to get the obituary of Frank KENNEDY (born 3 Sept. 1897) died August, 1973 of Bolingbrook, Will Co., IL to see if he is the son of John W. KENNEDY and Grace KENNEDY originally of Fulton Co., IL. John W. KENNEDY was the grandson of my gggrandfather — John THOMPSON of Fulton Co., IL. Thanks for your help.

BENNETT, HARRISS, JOHNSON; posted by Reba Gale, July 1, 1997 Hannah BENNETT JOHNSON was in Will Co in 1850 and 1860. Her will of 1896 mentions two HARRISS relatives. I think they were relatives. Any information on HARRISS?

BENNETT, JOHNSON; posted by Reba Gale, July 1, 1997 JOHNSON, Miles M. and BENNETT, Hannah born 1817 and 1814 lived in Will Co. in 1850 and 1860.

MEACHAM, ROBBINS; posted by Nancy Heisler, Aug 1, 1997 I am just beginning a genealogy project for my family and am very “green”. I am hoping to find some sort of birth record (hopefully with parents’ names and their birthdates & places of birth) for my second great grandfather (Charles Ellsworth MEACHAM). Family records indicate he was born in Wilton Center in your county on Dec 17, 1860 . Charles MEACHAM and Nancy Ann ROBBINS. When I looked at your vital records link, it appears he was born before the date that birth records are available. Any ideas where in Will county I might be able to obtain this birth information? Thank you in advance for your help!

KISH, LAWSON; posted by Delores Rochelle Walls, Aug 1, 1997 Searching for information on George KISH (ca. 1818 Canada-15 December 1869 Decatur, Macon Co., IL). He and wife Mary (LAWSON) KISH resided in Will [now Kanakee] Co., IL from ca. 1849 to 1859. Eldest daughter Celestia apparently married in Kankakee before the family relocated to Effingham Co., IL and then Decatur, Macon Co., IL. Whom did Celestia marry and did she have children? She was still living at time of her mother’s 1906 death, but her name was scratched out on the microfilm. (More details on Celestia’s siblings I’ve recently submitted to the Kankakee Co. Genweb Family Surnames page.)

LOFTHAUSE, MCGAWN; posted by Mary Ellen McGawn, Aug 1, 1997 My ggrandfather, John MCGAWN, b. 22 Dec. 1830, Ayr, Scotland. Immigrated to the Lockport area with his mother in 1850. Later moved to Norwood Park, then to Michigan in 1878. Married Elizabeth LOFTHAUSE (b. 11 May 1840, Yorkshire, England, imm. 1855) in either Will County or Cook County. Seven children born in those counties.

GERBER; posted by Donna Goble, Aug 1, 1997 I am looking for information on August Charles GERBER b.1846 in Germany. He married Caroline in Crown Point, IN on 12 Oct 1873. Caroline was born in Mar 1853 in Germany. They had 8 children, but I only know of 4: Charles, Mary, Paulena, and August. The 4 children were born in Joliet, IL. This family lived in Joliet in 1880. August and Caroline are buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Crown Point, IN. When and where did August die? What was Caroline’s maiden name? Who were the parents of August and Caroline? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

CAMPBELL, DOHERTY; posted by Shirley Penna-Oakes, Sep 1, 1997 Requesting information on John DOHERTY, b 15 May 1822, Antrim, Ireland; md 4 Oct 1872, Antrim, Ireland to Margaret CAMPBELL; d. 5 Sep 1887, Cold Springs, Jefferson Co. MT. John fought in the Civil War, out of IL., and after the war returned to Ireland, and married Margaret. They came back to IL., where his first three childen were born. Robert b. 19 Oct 1873, d. 19 Oct 1873; Joseph W., b. 31 Dec 1874, d. 2 Dec 1893, MT; Robert, b. 24 Sep 1876, d. LA, CA. The other 6 children, born in MT. Interested in finding John’s IL military information, and where in Will co. family lived.

ADVOCATE; posted by Harriet Marvin, Sep 1, 1997 Howdy, How would I find out where there are copies/microfilm.etc. of the Wilmington ADVOCATE for November, 1903? Does the Joliet Library have these? If not, where should I begin? Is the Joliet Library on the internet? E-mail address? I have a cousin who lives in Lockport, who will do the actual looking, but I need to find where these references are, first. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

DEVANEY, DOUGHERTY, FORAN, LYMAN, SMITH, WARD; posted by Roberta Martin, Sep 1, 1997 DOUGHERTY, Dennis b. 1811, Thomas b.1812, Dominick b. 1815, and Peter b. 1821. These 4 young men all Irish immigrants who first went to Canada and then came to Kendall County, Illinois about 1840. Dennis DOUGHERTY- m. Mary DEVANEY in Ireland and had 6 children. James b. 1829 in Ireland –Patrick b. 1834 in Canada–Eleanor b. 1836 in Canada–John b. 1842 in Illinois (m. Sarah McKANNA 1868)–William b. 1843 in Illinois (m. Ann Marie FORAN 1867)–Charles b. 1848 in Illinois (m. Mary FORAN 1874) Thomas DOUGHERTY- m. Catherine WARD in 1839 and had 6 boys. –Pat b. 1840–Frank b. 1844–David b. 1846–James b. 1851–Peter b. 1853–Patrick b. 17 Jan 1854 Dominick DOUGHERTY- m. Alice LYMAN 14 May 1841 and they had 7 children.–Mary Ann b. 1842 m. Peter FORAN 1862–Martha b. 1843 died young–Ellen b. 1845 m. Bernard SMITH 1868–Dominick b. 1847 never married–Agnes b. 1849 m. William FORAN 1867–Martha b. 1850 m. Edward FORAN 1873–Thomas b. 1852 Peter DOUGHERTY m. Martha Bennett 30 May 1853 and they had 10 children. –Julie b. 1855–Peter b. 1856–John b. 1858–Mary Ann b. 1859–William b. 1860–Catherine b. 1862–John b. 1863–Sarah E. b. 1865

BERGIN, FORAN, HAYES, KIERCE, MAHER, NEWMAN; posted by Roberta Martin, Sep 1, 1997 My gggrandfather, Keyran BERGIN and his wife, Elizabeth NEWMAN Bergin and their 7 children came to Wilmington, Will, Illinois in 1856-57 from Montgomery County, New York. I believe that they came with other Irish immigrants from the same area in New York…they had lived in NY for 20 years. Their children all married in the Catholic churches in the area…Elizabeth BERGIN to Francis McGOVERN (Jan 1859), Anna BERGIN to Thomas HAYES (1863), Mary Jane BERGIN to Robert McNEIL (1878), John BERGIN to Margaret KIERCE (Mar. 1882), Michael BERGIN to Mary MAHER (Aug 1878), Dennis BERGIN to Margaret FORAN (Jan 1883) and Ellen BERGIN to John FORAN (Dec 1878). Two other children died before marrying…Keyran and Julia BERGIN. I am interested in any information that anyone may have on these families and will be glad to share what I have.

KERWIN, KIRWIN; posted by Carole Shanahan, Sep 1, 1997 My great grandfather, John W. KERWIN (KIRWIN). Volunteer, Union Army Civil War, possibly a policeman, married Catherine???. Catherine was born in Wilton Center, Illinois on 1 January 1846 — I do not have her maiden name. They were Catholics. John W. was born 1840-1845 — birth year questionable — age given was 43 in 1888 — but believe he was older.

ALYEA, RICHARDS, STEPHENS, VAN HORNE, VEEDER; posted by Lisa Smalley, Sep 1, 1997 Researching Cornelius Putnam VAN_HORNE b. 15 Jan 1824 in Fonda, NY. He came to Will county with his parents Cornelius Covenhoven VAN_HORNE (first mayor of Joliet) and Elizabeth VEEDER. Cornelius Putnam VAN_HORNE married Margaret STEPHENS (b. 1831 d. Apr 1898 in Heborn, IN) 20 June 1849 in Will co. Margaret’s parents were Philander STEPHENS and Mildred RICHARDS. Cornelius and Margaret had two children Willard/William Putnam and Alice Virginia. It is said that Cornelius left for Calif ca 1855 and never returned. Margaret remarried ca 1856 to Jacob ALYEA and they lived in Porter co., IN. I would like to find out what happened to Cornelius Putnam VAN_HORNE. It is said that he died around 188? in Nebraska. Also I would like more information on Margaret STEPHENS parents and siblings.

BERSLEY, BREED, HENDERSON, JOHNSON, LARRABEE, PRINGLE; posted by Laura Buckley, Sep 1, 1997 Dori, I knew, being the genealogist that you are, I could spin you into this web, this is a very interesting puzzle, I have exactly the same questions as you, it’s a good one, huh? You made me laugh, I am so excited for you to turn something up. Here is the whole story, as I know it. My great-great grandfather was born Willet Earl LARRABEE. (11/12/1878, Vinton Iowa.) His brother was Charles A. LARRABEE(1876) . Their parents were Lucy BERSLEY LARRABEE,(b.1860-1908) and Charles A. LARRABEE. (b.1842-1912) Willet Earl was adopted by Charlie C. Johnson, (1842-1920), Charlie JOHNSON was married to Emma B. PRINGLE JOHNSON, (1852-1885), and then Mary A. BREED JOHNSON (1865-1921). Willet’s brother, Charles A. was adopted by the HENDERSON family. I found a postcard written by Charlie Jr.in 193?, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. On a handwritten paper, written by Willet, were the names and dates I gave you on Lucy and Charles, were the words, “Murdered in Joliet, Illinois.” There must have been some sort of communication with his natural parents for him to know that. Now, we also have rumor that Charles’ father was William LARRABEE, the 12th governor of Iowa. After doing some research, he did have a son Charles. My mom will visit a mansion/museum built by this William LARRABEE in Iowa, and will get to the bottom of this one. I found a handwritten statement stating that Henderson was close friends of Larrabee. We wrote the county clerk in Will county in 1992, and there is no record of death for Lucy BERSLEY LARRABEE. Did she ever marry Charles? Why would they give both their children away, and why would they split them up? Both Willet and Charlie were LARRABEE before they were split up. They were both born in Vinton, Iowa, Benton county. I will write the library you suggested, and I would love for you to post the puzzle on the Will county page. I have searched and searched, I won’t be able to stop until I put the pieces together. PS. Willet Earl married my great-great grandmother in Iowa, and then moved to Washington state, where my family is now. After the death of a 7 year old daughter, he divorced my great-great grandmother, and dropped out of site. They later heard he died in California. (but had remarried, aaahhh, a clue, got to find that family.) What a sad life he lead…..

FOWLER, KOGLER; posted by Paula Coffey, Sep 1, 1997 Hello, I am looking up the FOWLER and KOGLER clan, There are several of them buried at the Evergreen Hill Cemetary in Steger. Is it possible that I might be able to get a list of the people at that cemetery and the dates from the stones? Thank You very much

BLOOD, MCFADDEN, ROWELL; posted by William MacKay, Sep 1, 1997 Seek info abt Hopkins ROWELL (b. May 16, 1810 Hopkinton, N.H., alive 1884, dead “some years” before 1899, prob. in Joliet) and wife Mary E. BLOOD ROWELL (b. 1827, Watertown, Jefferson Co., N.Y.-d. March 2, 1899, Joliet). Couple, m. 1848 in Watertown, N.Y., came west permanently in 1857, although Mr. ROWELL had been in Joliet as early as 1834. Five children: Jacob Hastings ROWELL, of Minneapolis, Nathaniel J. ROWELL, Laura J. ROWELL, S. Jennie (Mrs. B.L) ROWELL. MCFADDEN of Havana, IL, and Anna J. ROWELL (c. 1853-1899), all of Joliet unless stated otherwise.

BELL, ELIZA, GIROT, ORUSA, POMATTO, POMOTTO, SITTON, SUTTON; posted by Vicki Hutchison, Oct 1, 1997 I am looking for any information (especially death or marriage certification)regarding Joseph SITTON (my ggrandfather)-(born in Austria)–married to Louisa GIROT (born in Italy)mother of ELIZA SITTON BELL (my grandmother), residents of Marseilles in and around 1920. Joseph SITTON also owned several properties in Marseilles during that time frame. He may have moved to and/or died in Braceville. Also looking for information on Madeleine GIROT POMATTO and any of her children, Rose POMOTTO (died 1996), Virginia POMATTO, Antoinette POMATTO, and Pearl POMATTO. Also any information concerning Angelo ORUSA married to Louisa GIROT SITTON(SUTTON).

BANNON, CARPENTER, KELLEY, KELLY, MCFADDEN, NEEDHAM; posted by Dee Townsend, Oct 1, 1997 MCFADDEN, James – and wife Mary NEEDHAM in Will Co. early 1850s. Their children married into BANNON, CARPENTER, and KELLY (KELLEY) families. I descend thru their son Austin James MCFADDEN. Looking for other descends.

posted by Dorothy Riegel, Oct 1, 1997 I would like the name and address or e-mail address of the man from Custer Park who gives talks on Will County in the Civil War. The brother of my great great grandmother was in the Civil War from Will County. Thank you.

KEGLEY, MCMILLEN, WAGGONER; posted by Linda Elaine Westerfeld, Nov 1, 1997 My gr gr grandmother was Elizabeth MCMILLEN WAGGONER KEGLEY b abt 1852 in Morgan Co., Ky. She died in 1932 in Lockport, Illinois. She had a son Austin KEGLEY, b Apr 7, 1883 in Sandy Hook, Ky who lived in Will County, Illinios also and died March 7, 1955 in Joliet, Illinois. I am trying to find more info on my gr gr grandmother Elizabeth KEGLEY and if she remarried and where she is buried. If anyone has info on Elizabeth please let me know.

BANNON, CARPENTER, FADDEN, KELLY, MCFADDEN, NEEDHAM; posted by Dee Townsend, Dec 1, 1997 MCFADDEN, James and wife Mary NEEDHAM MCFADDEN came to Joliet in lat 1840s or early 1850s. In Irland the name was FADDEN. With them were daughters Bridget and Ann. Found them in 1860 census in Joliet, but obits state that they arrived earlier. Understand there is an 1855 Illinois Census, but don’t know where to find information. McFadden children married into CARPENTER, KELLY, and BANNON families. Any information about 1855 census would be appreciated.

MALINOWSKI, PYTER; posted by Rich Nallenweg, Dec 1, 1997 Seeking any info on my great grandparents John MALINOWSKI and Mary PYTER who emigrated to Joliet in 1896 from Klimkowka, Poland. They left Joliet before 1910 and settled in Lake County, IN. John is shown on the 1900 US census living in Joliet at 213 Ohio St. Did John or Mary have any family in Joliet?

BACON, DAFT, DENBY, HARVEY, HAVEY, JACKSON, STEINBERG, STEINBERGE, STEINBERGER, WILLIAMSON; posted by Ann Rooker, Dec 1, 1997 The family names so far that I have come across are: 1) Able B HARVEY married Asenathe WILLIAMSON daughter Experience BACON HAVEY. 2) Frederick Hessalton STEINBERG married Experience BACON HARVEY (found that Steinberg was spelled STEINBERG, STEINBERGE and STEINBERGER in all the various land records. 3) Sarah Jane DAFT DENBY who had Annie Laurie JACKSON who married William HARVEY STEINBERG. My mother has the marriage cert. hanging on her wall, Will Co, IL. So I’m looking for those names in any history books, articles, biographies. If you come across anything I’m would be forever grateful if you sent the information to me.