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CRUMMEY, MATEER, METIER, RIDENOUR, WILSON; posted by Harriet Marvin, Jan 1, 1998 Hi! I’m looking for WILSONs, too. My Lucy Emma WILSON married William James CRUMMEY in 1880. Her parents were Samuel Davis WILSON and Pollyann MATEER(METIER). I have found some MATEERs in Will Co. They are: Fred De Loss MATEER * Birth: 8 Sep 1876, Joliet, Will County, Illinois * Death: 12 Dec 1971, Evanston, Cook County, Illinois Family. 1: Blanche RIDENOUR (2) * Marriage: 24 Sep 1902, Joliet, Will County, Illinois 1. Marjorie Ruth MATEER 2. Dorothy Louise MATEER 3. Bruce De Loss MATEER 4. Blanche Ridenour MATEER Is there any possibility that records exist on this family? I am trying to link these MATEERs with the MATEERs who married into the WILSONs. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

SWANSBOROUGH; posted by Deb Brumbaugh, Jan 1, 1998 Saw your great web site. I’m looking for someone to do an obit look-up for me on Leonard SWANSBOROUGH who lived in Elwood, Il and died in Aptil 1977. Believe him to be long lost kin. Do you have someone willing to do this?? Appreciate greatly any help you can give. Thanks.

WRIGHT; posted by Paul Ramey, Jan 1, 1998 Looking for any info on parents/ancestors of my g-gf Samuel B WRIGHT born 10/05/1843 in Plainfield,Will County,Illinois. His obit says both of his parents were born in New York City and that they were married 06/26/1843 in Lockport,Illinois. We don’t know name or bdate of either parent or when they came to Illinois.

BRUCE, GIBBONS, WARREN posted by Peg Roberts, Jan 1, 1998 I have a list of people buried at this cemetery. Some of my relatives are buried here. Thomas W. BRUCE II, died 1982, Rachel Ora GIBBONS who was adopted by a part of her family the Warren’s who married Thomas BRUCE I, died 1944, Samantha WARREN, died 1910, Effie WARREN, died 1905, Hiram S. WARREN Jr., died 1862, Rachael Steward WARREN, died 1841, her spouse Hiram S. WARREN Sr., died 1879, and Emily Warren GIBBONS , died 1863.

HUNT, HUTCHINS; posted by John Hutchins, Feb 1, 1998 Looking for sister of my ggfather, George Arthur HUTCHINS. She m. a HUNT. My gfather visited them at the Chicago World’s fair (for his honeymoon per tradition but he wed in 1883!). It seems the HUNT family lived in Will and DuPage Co.s (at least) and the reunion involved members from all over the country, even Texas. About the only way to identify the Mrs. HUNT I’m looking for would be that she was born in Ireland and would have been about the age of my ggfather who was b. 1826. Not much to go on! Thanks for any help.

MARX, ROHWEDDER; posted by Kathie Groll, Feb 1, 1998 Seeking information on Joachim ROHWEDDER family. Joachim (1849-1932), wife Auguste MARX ROHWEDDER (1854-1929), children Henry (1874-1918), Anna Dorothea (1877-1954), Augusta Margretha (1879-1960), and Emil F. (1882-1936). Lived in Joliet, IL from 1880. Associated with St. Peters Lutheran Church, Joliet, IL. Is anyone else researching this family?

WINNEMORE; posted by Kathie Groll, Feb 1, 1998 Seeking information on Elsie M. WINNEMORE, born 1882 in Clinton, IA, died 1904 in Joliet, Il, Will County. She is buried in Oakwood Cemetery. Trying to find when and why she moved to Joliet.

LEHNER; posted by Kathryn Massey, Feb 1, 1998 Does the surname LEHNER appear in the history or biography of Will Co.? Our LEHNER family lived there many years. Too have you the 1920 Will Co. Census Soundex? I’m looking for Jacob LEHNER (L560) – this is my great aunt’s husband & family; need to know the Enumeration Dist. Jacob’s father was Joseph; grandfather was Paul Lehner. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

CRAUGHWELL, CRAUGHWILL, LANE; posted by Ambroe Craughwell, Feb 1, 1998 More than likely the information you have on ( CRAUGHWILL } was taken from a book published in 1878. I am a direct decendent of Thomas and Mary ( LANE) CRAUGHWELL. I have some information on the family and would be interested to know if you have anything other than what was published in this book. Perhaps we could share our information and build an interesting story to tell . Craughwell,Will County,Troy Township Sincerly

CRAUGHWELL; posted by Ambroe Craughwell, Feb 1, 1998 Is the information you are looking at for CRAUGHWELL from a book published around 1878? If so than you are looking at my Great Grandfather. I would on occasion look at that Book while spending some on my summer vacation in the House that he built. His son Thomas was my Grand father who I have some memories of. I have been trying to gather information on Thomas # 1 but it is no easy task as I live in New Jersey. Any information you might have would be appreciated, Ambrose Craughwell

MALINOWSKI, PYTER; posted by Rich Nallenweg, Feb 1, 1998 MALINOWSKI, PYTER: Seeking any info on John MALINOWSKI and his wife Mary PYTER who immigrated to Joliet from Poland in 1896. On the 1900 US census they were living at 213 Ohio Street in Joliet. They later moved to East Chicago (Lake Co) IN. I will be happy to share information.

RADKE, RIEBERT; posted by Rick Elbert, Feb 1, 1998 Am looking for any information regarding a Joseph and Dorthea Elizabeth RIEBERT RADKE. Beleived to be from the Beecher area originally. Moved to Kankakee. Children birth dates start in the early 1910s.

HIBNER; posted by Joyce Hiller, Mar 1, 1998 Trotman Grove Pioneer Cemetery, Jackson Twp., many HIBNER’s are buried in Will County Cemeteries. Trying to find my family ancestry. Can you give any details? Appreciate any help. Joyce

ARAMBASICH, MULVEY; posted by Lori Wrobel, Mar 1, 1998 I am just starting my geneology.and came across this section for Will County.Her name is: Joann J. (MULVEY) ARAMBASICH Born: 9/5/30 Died: 11/6/91 Married to: Edward J. ARAMBASICH Age of death: 61 Thank You.

BENDURE, BENNETT, DUTRAM, GROSVENOR, WATSON; posted by Maxine Kuhn, Mar 1, 1998 Searching for descendants of Thomas and Cinthy BENDURE GROSVENOR WATSON and their children Mrs. James BENNETT, Mrs. Louisa DUTRAM, and Moses WATSON.

GRILL; posted by John Laird, Mar 1, 1998 GRILL — The 1878 History of Will County reports that Samuel GRILL was born in Berks County PA in 1820, the son of Samuel and Hannah GRILL. In 1841 he moved to Wayne County, Ohio and in 1854 to Will County, Illinois. I am interested in this family and its ancestry, and would like to exchange information with anyone working on the surname.

BANNON, CARPENTER, KELLEY, MCFADDEN, NEEDHAM, NEEL; posted by Dee Townsend, Mar 1, 1998 MCFADDEN/NEEDHAM, pioneers of Joliet in abt 1850, i Daughters of James MCFADDEN and Mary NEEL MCFADDEN married into families; BANNON, KELLEY, and CARPENTER

LOCKE; posted by Jerry Harrison, Mar 1, 1998 http://members.aol.com/jroots Hi, I am searching for any information on Otho LOCKE, who enlisted in the Union Army as a private on Oct. 10, 1861. Otho was then from Crete, Will County, IL. I am most interested in determing if he married and had any descendants. Otho was from NY, was orphaned and taken in by relatives in Indiana. Thanks in advance for any information.

BASKERVILLE, KIRK, MARTIN, VAN DUYNE; posted by Rick Harrigan, Mar 1, 1998 I am researching the surname BASKERVILLE , MARTIN, KIRK, and VAN_DUYNE. I have some info but i need a lot myself

HAUSMANN, KATZENBERG; posted by Natalie Mandernach, Mar 1, 1998 I am looking for death record of Katrina KATZENBERG HAUSMANN who died September 2, 1871 in Beecher, Will Co, Illinois and is buried in that area – do not know what cemetery. Married to Conrad HAUSMANN probably in that same area.

BUSH, HALEY, HOMEDING, REED; posted by Les Gerhardt, Mar 1, 1998 I’m just starting out reseaching my family. I have a copy of pages 770 and 771 of the 1878 “History of Will County” . This copy was sent to me by my aunt, Leeta REED HALEY. It lists my grandfather Adolph under Charles HALEY (Peter HOMEDING follows Carles HALEY). Page 770 also lists a John HALEY. Adolph married an Emma BUSH of the Joliet area. They had three children: Leonora (my mother), Roy, who married Leeta REED also of Goodings Grove, and Walter who married Lavern ?. The things I’m trying to learn are: What is the relationship between John HALEY and Charles HALEY? What are the birth and death dates for Emma BUSH HALEY? What are the birth and death dates for Roy HALEY? What are the birth and death dates for Leeta HALEY? Where can I find additional information on the BUSH family? Where can I find additional information on the REED family? How would I find Lavern HALEY’s maiden name? I will appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you!

REIBERT; posted by Rick Elbert, Mar 1, 1998 I am trying to finding the entire family records for a Dorthea REIBERT. Born approx. 1900, she had a sister Beatrice who was born Feb. 26, 1898 and died Oct. 3, 1993. Family is believe to be from and/or around the Gardner (Grundy county), Ill area. Any information would be appreciated. Would anyone know if a newspaper for that area posts obituaries on the Internet?

BREWSTER, CONVERSE, HOLMES, WILLIAMS; posted by Shirley York Anderson, Mar 1, 1998 I have two cousins who married a CONVERSE and I am looking for their descendants. I am not pursuing the Converse ancestry as such. I am in the very early stages of compiling a family history of the descendants of John WILLIAMS and Selina BREWSTER (my great-great grandparents). Two of their daughters, Lydia Jane (9 Jul 1840 Jefferson Co. NY – 5 Sep 1871 Pilot Centre IL) and Sarah Angeline WILLIAMS (14 Jul 1844 St. Vincent Twp, Grey Co. ON1909) married Hiram Julius CONVERSE (18 Sep 1833 Addington Co. ON – 30 Sep 1922 Joliet IL, bur New Lenox IL). Lydia was his first wife. Hiram married her sister 7 May 1874 in Chabanse IL. Hiram had two children by Lydia: 1. Milton Everett CONVERSE (6 Dec 1861 St. Vincent Township, Grey Co. ON – 30 Nov 1925 Joliet IL, bur New Lenox IL); marr on 1 Jun 1892 at Joliet IL, to Lillian Ethel HOLMES (19 Aug 1864 New Lenox IL), daughter of Orsamus HOLMES. They lived in Joliet IL. They had three children that I know of: (1) Milton Orsamus CONVERSE (13 Jul 1896 at Joliet IL) (not in the IL 1920 Soundex) (2) Marshall Hiram CONVERSE (10 Dec 1900 at Joliet IL – betw 1945/1949); marr. Amelia ( ) ({poss 9 Aug 1900 IL – Jun 1981 Joliet}) (3) Lydia Ann CONVERSE, b.31 Oct 1903 in Joliet IL. She is not with her parents in the 1920 census and may have died young (I can’t find the family in the 1910 census). She is not in the 1916-1938 IL Death Index. 2. Mettie Theodie CONVERSE (11 Jan 1866 St. Vincent Township, Grey Co. ON). As far as I can tell, she never married. She was living in Joliet IL in 1930 and was a partner in her brother’s music store. Hiram had another two children by Sarah: 3. Theron Julius CONVERSE (19 Jun 1876 Braceville, Grundy Co. IL – betw 1945/1949). He married Ethel B. ( ) (c. 1885 NM). They lived in Joliet IL where he was a music teacher and established the Joliet Conservatory of Music. They had one child that I know of: (1) Beverly S. CONVERSE (c.1907 IL) 4. Hiram Arthur CONVERSE (10 Mar 1883 Gardner, Grundy Co. IL). He married Edna F. ( ) (c.1883 IL). They lived in Joliet IL where he was a violin teacher and also worked for the American Steel and Wire Co. in Joliet. He became a music teacher at Joliet Township High School and developed the J T H S Orchestra. They had one child that I know of: (1) Arthur C. CONVERSE (c.1907 IL) I would like to contact any descendants of this family group and would like to locate sources for information for all of the members. Thank you.

BOYLE, BROWN, COSKY, KNOX, NEWKIRK, NOAKES; posted by Barbara Little, Mar 1, 1998 I am searching for the family of Thomas NOAKES. Thomas NOAKES came to the U.S. circa 1843 from England with his wife Mary and their six children and lived in Will Co. I found the family in the 1850 Will Co. census listed under the name KNOX. By this time Thomas had died in Lockport on Oct. 20, 1849 and was in the 1850 Mortality Schedule. Mary and three children, Thomas, Jr., David and Harriett were living in the household of her daughter Charlotte NOAKES and her husband Richard NEWKIRK. Also living with this family was another sister Louise NOAKES and her husband John COSKY. After the 1850 census the family was always listed under the name NOAKES. Another daughter Mary Ann NOAKES was married to William L. BROWN in Will Co. on May 23, 1844, I was unable to locate this couple in the 1850 census or thereafter. It appears that these families moved back and forth between Will and Grundy Counties during the 1850, 1860 and 1870 periods. I have been able to trace them thru these perioeds, but lost them in the 1880 census. The only one I could find was my gr-grandfather David NOAKES. He married Katherine BOYLE in Grundy Co. on Nov 09, 1863. Can anyone help me with these surnames? It will be greaatly appreciated.

BOYLE, BROWN, COSKY, MAXFIELD, NEWKIRK, NOAKES; posted by Barbara Little, Mar 1, 1998 I am searching for the family of Thomas NOAKES. Thomas NOAKES, his wife Mary and their six children immigrated from England to the U.S. circa 1843. Thomas died in Lockport, IL Oct. 20, 1849. The family continued to show up in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 Will and Grundy Co. census, but failed to show up in the 1880 census. The only member of the family I found in 1880 was my gr-grandfather David NOAKES. What happened to the rest of the family? Charlotte NOAKES m. Richard NEWKIRK Nov 21,1844 Will Co. // Mary Ann NOAKES m. William L. BROWN May 23,1844 Will Co. // Thomas,Jr. NOAKES m. Cynthia MAXFIELD Nov 26,1851 Will Co. // Louisa NOAKES m. John COSKY Jan 13,1847 Will Co. // David NOAKES m. Katherine BOYLE Nov 09,1863 Grundy Co. // Harriett NOAKES m. ? I will appreciate help on any of the above names.

AUGUSTINO, PERONA; posted by Sheri Cook, Mar 1, 1998 Looking for information on the PERONA family. James and Katherine (AUGUSTINO) PERONA’s first child, Peter James Perona was born in Will County in 1883. By 1887 the family was in Barton Co Missouri as the second son, John, was born there.

DAVIS, HASKIN, KEENEY, MOULTON; posted by Sharon Haskin Galitz, Mar 1, 1998 KEENEY, William, born Sept./Oct. 1799 somewhere in New York if the 1850 Illinois mortality schedule can be believed. He died 20 December 1849 in Crete, Will Co. and is buried in Crete Cemetery with his wife, Clarissa D. (for DAVIS?) Would like to know where born in NY and his parentage. William KEENEY and Clarissa had three children: Clarissa Elizabeth (see HASKIN query) born about 1828 Massachusetts, William, Jr., born about 1828-30 Massachusetts or Ohio, and George Nelson, born 1834-35 Ohio. Keeney family arrived Will County in 1836. There might also be a son David O (or K.). born 1828-30 Massachusetts or Ohio. He lived with family in Illinois census of 1850 and 1860 but is not mentioned in will of William Keeney, Sr. All three young men would have been right age for Civil War but can find no enlistment or any record of them after 1860 census. Would like to know what happened to them. HASKIN, John L. born about 1821 in New York State (where? and when? and who were his parents?). He married September 1845 in Will County, Clarissa Elisabeth KEENEY. John L. HASKIN died of a gunshot wound in July 1858 – he may be buried Crete Cemetery with his two infant children, but there is no tombstone). The widow Clarissa married twice more and then disappears from the records. She must have stayed closeby as her children all remained in the Chicago area: Elliot N., (born 1850), Charles (1850-51), William Lorenzo (1852 ) my great-grandfather, and John, about 1853. MOULTON, Hiram, the third husband of Clarissa Elizabeth KEENEY HASKIN, married 30 October 1862 Will County. Where were they in 1870? They do not appear in the Illinois census. Think your Will County page looks great. Keep up the good work.

HANSLER, HUNLSER, HUNSLER, KUSTER, SCHERREY, SCHIRREY; posted by Dan Buehler, Mar 1, 1998 I am interested in the surnames HUNLSER or HANSLER, SCHIRREY or SCHERREY and KUSTER. Mary HUNSLER, Anna HUNSLER and their mother Christiana (KUSTER) HUNSLER moved from Germany to Braidwood, IL and lived there between about 1881 and 1888. The Schirrey family, including John and his son Anthony came over on the same boat and eventually, Anthony and Anna were married. They were probably all members of the Catholic Church in Braidwood.

BARLOW, BARNES; posted by Margaret Merrill, Mar 1, 1998 Looking for information about William Purdy BARNES (1852-1878) and Mary Jane BARLOW (1855-1885) parents of Jesse Frank BARNES. Where were they from, who were their parents, who raised Jesse Frank (age 2 when father died, 9 when mother died). Thank you

POOLE, ROSS; posted by Pat Schuknecht, Mar 1, 1998 Just browsing Will Co, did not find my family.James ROSS came to Joliet in 1885 from Canada. Lived in the same house at 905 Exchange St over 23 years.His daughter Susan ROSS married Fredrick POOLE in 1899 there. All have died there and buried in Joliet.

SCHOFIELD; posted by Michelle Larson, Apr 1, 1998 Harry James SCHOFIELD. Died July 3, 1949 in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Joliet. Any additional information on Harry James SCHOFIELD would be appreciated.

WICKHAM; posted by Brenda Noble, Apr 1, 1998 I am looking for information on Jerry WICKHAM. He is my uncle. He died in the 1970’s while living in Joliet. Cousins I am looking for are Diane WICKHAM, and Kathy WICKHAM, Also an Aunt, Mary WICKHAM.

CRAUGHWELL; posted by Ambroe Craughwell, Apr 1, 1998 I am trying to find any info about my GGrandparents, Thomas& Mary Lane CRAUGHWELL. I have read the 1878 Will County Book where he gave an interview about his life.( I read this book as a young Boy on the CRAUGHWELL Farm where I would spend part of my summer vacation.) I am trying to find out about Mary Lane, where she came from, when she died ect. Where they were married . Might have been Lockport or Plainfield. I have found info about Thomas as to when he arrived from Ireland, where he lived in Ireland , but have no knowledge about how he got to Joliet. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

BROCKWAY; posted by Jim Bishop, Apr 1, 1998 My great, great grandfather James Bird BROCKWAY was the father of Jessie Wilson BROCKWAY. Jesse Wilson lived most of his life in Joliet and raised his family there. James Bird BROCKWAY relocated his family (sans Jesse who was then an adult) in late 1880’s to Winter Park, Florida where he died 28 Feb 1902. I have been stumped at finding either an obituary, death notice, or his place of burial and am wondering if there’s someone you know of in Will County who would check this out for me. I’ll gladly pay someone for locating information which will break my brick wall down.

BAILEY, BAILY, BOARDMAN, KING; posted by Aleita King Huguenin, Apr 1, 1998 Looking for connections with: Daniel BAILEY 24 May 1813 (m) Rebecca BOARDMAN 11 Feb 1841 Joliet, IL Eva BAILEY 24 May 1817 (m) Samuel A. KING 14 Apr 1844 Joliet,IL Peter BAILEY 21 July 1820 – Civil War from Joliet, IL Margaret BAILY (m.) Andrew J. KING –21 May 1830- Buried in Will Co. Elizabeth BAILY (m.) Marshall KING –21 May 1830- Owned land in Will Co.

BALEY, CLAY, HUNTER, JACK, KING, MILLER, PROJECT, RHODES; posted by Aleita King Huguenin, Apr 1, 1998 Family of Samuel A. KING and Eva BALEY KING, married 04 April 1844- Will Co., IL Children: John Q.A. (m. Faitha HUNTER) , Jeremiah (m. Mary Ester JACK), Henry CLAY((m.Eliz. RHODES), Julia Ann(t. MILLER), Mary , James H. PROJECT: Transcribing Civil War Diary of J.Q.A.KING and the Battery “I” Art from WIll County.

GASS; posted by Liz Carter, Apr 1, 1998 I am searching for information about the GASS Family of Lockport Illinois. The only information I have is the name of Mary Elizabeth GASS, born in 1843 in Lockport, daughter of Charles and Mary Augusta GASS. I am trying to find out who Mary Elizabeth’s grandparents were, though I’m not sure they lived in Illinois. Any information would be appreciated.

SKOGSBERG; posted by Faith Warner Bassett, Apr 1, 1998 SKOGSBERG,Arthur born 1891–died 1965 in Chicago,Will Co,Ill wife Clara Amelia I am looking for his family and their children thank you

HOLDEN, SANDERS; posted by Dell Kasuk, May 1, 1998 HOLDEN Family of Will County: Feb. 1883 obituary in the Will County Commercial Advertiser indicates that Abel E. HOLDEN died and was buried in the cemetery near Squire SANDERS. Does anyone know where, what or who Squire SANDERS would be? Abel E. HOLDEN is shown in the Frankfort 1860/1870 census records. Abel HOLDEN had a son, Dexter S. HOLDEN (1835 – 1916) of Lockport, Illinois who served in the Civil War for one year – am trying to find out if Abel E. HOLDEN had other sons. Dexter S. HOLDEN (1835 – 1916) of Lockport: Was a school teacher – does anyone know how I can find out at what school?

ANDERSON, BAILEY, HUNTER, JACK, KING, RHODES; posted by Aleita King Huguenin, May 1, 1998 KING surnames in Will Co. prior to 1870///Descendants of Samuel ANDERSON KING 1 Samuel ANDERSON KING b: November 02, 1820 in MO d: 1860 +Eva BAILEY b: May 24, 1817 m: April 14, 1844 in Joliet,Will Co., IL d: May 31, 1882 2 John Quincy Adams KING b: February 19, 1845 in Joliet d: August 16, 1913 +Fatha HUNTER m: September 22, 1869 in Joliet, Will Co., IL 2 Jeremiah Josephus KING b: April 28, 1846 in Joliet, Will County, Illinois d: March 03, 1928 +Mary Ester JACK m: October 10, 1882 in Pleasant Hill, Missouri 2 (Joseph) Henry Clay KING b: December 25, 1847 in Joliet, IL +Elizabeth Jane RHODES b: October 11, 1856 2 Julie Ann KING b: September 25, 1849 in Joliet, Will County, Illinois 2 Mary Louisiana King b: September 10, 1852 in Joliet, Will County, Illinois 2 James Harrison KING b: July 31, 1854 in Joliet, Ilinois d: September 15, 1856

BAILEY, BAILY, BOARDMAN, KING; posted by Aleita King Huguenin, May 1, 1998 BAILEY * BAILY Children who married in Will Co., IL: Daniel BAILEY 24 May 1813 (m) Rebecca BOARDMAN 11 Feb 1841 Joliet, IL Sarah BAILEY 30 Aug 1815 Eva BAILEY 24 May 1817 (m) Samuel A. KING 14 Apr 1844 Joliet,IL Peter BAILEY 21 July 1820 Lived in Joliet Township: 21 May 1830- Margaret BAILY (m.) Andrew J. KING 21 May 1830- Elizabeth BAILY (m.) Marshall KING

RODGERS, SQUIRES; posted by Ida Smith, May 1, 1998 Looking for any one with information about the Issac O. SQUIRES family that lived in Joliet. Issacs wife was Festina (RODGERS) SQUIRES. Children were Mary Effie, Laura Mae and Harlow. Issac SQUIRES died in Joilet May 20, l920 his wife Festina died in Plainfield, Illinois July 5th, l933. They were my Great Grandparents. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Thanks!

ELLENA; posted by Donna Westwood, May 1, 1998 My grandmother Margaret ELLENA was born in Braidwood in 1901. She had a book on the history of Braidwood that talks about the ELLENA family in it. The book was lost when she died. I would like a copy or a copy of the page that talks about my family. It was an old book.

FELLOWS, LEWIS, URCH; posted by Steve Schack, May 1, 1998 Seeking information on the family of Cordian Spencer LEWIS who is buried at Maplewood cemetery in New Lenox. Known children were Leslie, Candace FELLOWS (d. 1920) and Carrie URCH (d. 1925). Any info on obits or descendants is welcome.

BARLOW, BARNES; posted by Margaret Merrill, May 1, 1998 Looking for William Purdy BARNES and Mary Jane BARLOW BARNES. Had a son, Jesse Frank BARNES, born 1877 in Joliet, Ill. Thanks.

COWELL, DAGGETT, DANFORTH, FRAZER, FULTON, GARRISON, GOODNOH, HIGGINSON, HOPKINS, LANE, MCCORMICK, MORSE, OLMSTEAD, RAMSEY, RODGERS, WARNER, WEEKS; posted by Yeshua Li, May 1, 1998 I am filling out my LANE family genealogies and perhaps someone can help me! or put me in touch with other researchers, and sources of discovery, or even present day family members descended from my ancestors. This is what I have, and am passing it on to you for your use or those who may find it helpful! John LANE and my great-great grandfather Ziba LANE, 31 January 1782 – 20 January 1866, born Billerica, Mass and died Lyons, Wayne Co. New York were brothers, sons of Ziba LANE and Lydia DANFORTH. Printed 1902 Lane Families Genealogies Volume II Page 114 [HIGGINSON] John LANE 1793 – 1857 Family No. 47 John LANE{6} [Ziba{5}, John{4}, Job{3}, John{2}, Job{1}, Born Amherst, New Hampshire, 2 January 1793, married first, Miss Patty HOPKINS and moved to Pittsford, New York, where he married second, 23 July 1826, Lucy OLMSTEAD of Ridgefield, Conn., moved in 1833, to Homer, Will County, Illinois, where he died suddenly, 5 October, 1857. A fine man – so gentle and of such an estimable nature. “The name John LANE, Senior, should stand side by side with that of FULTON and MORSE and MCCORMICK, as one of the great inventors of the country. He was an accomplished mechanic and practical farmer. He invented and made the first steel plough, in 1835, the use of which has proved of national importance and is now essential to the agricultural progress to all civilized nations. .He absolutely refused to take out a patent on his valuable invention, saying that if it was of any value or service to his brother farmers and mechanics they were cordialy welcome to it. His remarkable inventive genius and personal high character, it is the object of this address to commemorate.” Dr. J. F. DAGGETT at reunion of Pioneers of Will Co. Illinois. 1890. Three children by his first wife [Patty HOPKINS]: I. Martha{7}, born 20 November 1822, married 1 January 1840, Joseph M. WEEKS, and they had two children: 1. Harry Y. 2. Charles B. Mr. WEEKS died in 1863, and she married E. WARNER of Albion, Michigan. II. Emma{7}, died at the age of seven months. Ill. John{7}, born 25 September 1825, and married Mary Eliza RODGERS. By his second wife Lucy OLMSTEAD, two children: IV. Lucy M.{7}, born 16 June 1827, died 19 January 1885, married 31 December 1846, John S. RAMSEY, who died in 1857. Two chidren: 1. Mary F. born February 1848, married 21 September 1871, Edward GOODNOH, of Lockport, Illinois. 2. George Lane, born 2 January 1857, died 22 October 1885. V. Mary Francis{7}, born 4 September 1830, married 12 April 1857, James D. FRAZER of Lockport, Illinois and they had three children: 1. John D., born 29 march 1858, married 1881, Bernice GARRISON, and had three children: 1) James D., born 1883; 2) Jessie G., born 1885; 3) George Carlysle, born 1892. 2. Martha J., born 16 January 1863, married 13 September 1888, Harry COWELL. 3. Mary F., born 16 February 1867. There you have it, and would much like to make connections with any descendents who share my genealogical interests. Thank you!

MCDONALD; posted by Kathy High, May 1, 1998 Looking for death record and/or obit for Joliet resident Tom (Thomas) MCDONALD. dob ca 1845-1848 (Ireland or Massachusetts). Parents: Patrick (aka Bernard/Barney MCDONALD and his wife Catherine (or Ellen). dod ca 1925-1940 (he was 75+ in 1925 when his younger brother James MCDONALD died in Lincoln, IL and was listed in the obit). I don’t need the actual dc, just the info so I can (hopefully) find his obit. This would unclog a 21 year log jam!! Can you help? Many thanks.

BARLOW, BARNES; posted by Margaret Merrill, May 1, 1998 Searching for information on Robert BARNES and his son, William Purdy BARNES, who married Mary Jane BARLOW on Oct. 20, 1875. Would like to know name of Robert BARNES’ wife and if there were other children. Wm P. and M.J. BARNES were married in Will County as I have a copy of the marriage certificate but it doesn’t list parents besides Robert BARNES. Also, Robert had a brother of cousin, Mathew BARNES married to a Mary Jane BARNES. Would like to confirm that they had the following children: Ermina, Rachel and Isaac, all born in the 1860’s. Thank you, Margaret

BURVILLE, COOL; posted by Joan Cool, May 1, 1998 I am looking for any information on the BURVILLE family. My great-great aunt, Harriet COOL married Lorenzo D. BURVILLE and had the following children: Annie, Benjamin, Charles and Dean. Lorenzo and Harriet were farmers in the Crete area.

THOMPSON; posted by Nancy Thompson Conrad, May 1, 1998 Iam looking for information on Alvin THOMPSON. He was born in IL.23 Oct.1896. He died Jan. 1977 in Channahon, Will county IL. He may have been my grandfather. My grandparents separated shorty before my father’s birth in 1933. Her name was Mae Nicholas THOMPSON. Anyone that may know something please e-mail me.

HAHN, MOTTINGER; posted by Priscilla Caris, May 1, 1998 I am most interested in MOTTINGER and HAHN in Plainfield Township. I would like to find more information about them. Thank you!

ARMOUR, DICKSON, FINDLAY, GILMOUR, UPDIKE; posted by Dale Updike, May 1, 1998 I am on a personal mission to find out what happened to my grandfather, Abner Grover UPDIKE, who left his family in early Oct. 1907, from Oswego, Kendall Co. where they lived at the time. I know that he married Britannia Elizabeth (Lizzie) FINDLAY ARMOUR, whom I think was from Plainfield. She was the daughter of Andrew ARMOUR and Mary GILMOUR of Wheatland area. Abner was born in Plainfield Sept. 12, 1868 according to what info I have found, and Lizzie was born Aug. 5, 1866 on the Atlantic coming from Scotland to the U.S.(she was named after the ship Britannia that she was born on). Would you have a source to find Abner and Lizzie’s marriage date? I think they would have married in Plainfield if that was where the Armours lived. Elmer DICKSON is helping me on Abner’s Kendall Co. activities. I’d also like to find obituaries on the Armours, which would hopefully tell me something about them. Thank You!

CARSON, DILLON, GRAVELLE, KOELLING, LEHMAN, PETTY; posted by Cori Welch, May 1, 1998 William L. PETTY, Sr., lived in Monee area and had six (adult) children with his first wife. The six children included Frank (married Gertrude Unknown), Gladys (married Chester LEHMAN), Olive (married Leo Unknown then Walter GRAVELLE sp? and moved to California), William L. PETTY, Jr. (married Helen CARSON and moved to Utah), Emma (married Harvey A. KOELLING), and Elwood. William L. PETTY, Sr., later married Effie DILLON. Would like any information on the PETTY family history and any family still in Will County. Emma (Petty) KOELLING was my grandmother.

BRANDTNER, DEALY, VAN HORNE; posted by Judy Solomon, Jun 1, 1998 Looking for information about Andrew Jackson VAN_HORNE. His wife may have been Mary Anne DEALY. They had a daughter named Iva Jane who was born 12 Nov. 1866 in Indiana. She married George BRANDTNER in Lima, Ohio.

BURVILLE, MINARD; posted by Joan Cool, Jun 1, 1998 I am looking for anyone who has any information on the following surnames. I know these families lived in the Crete area: BURVILLE, MINARD

HURST, MCCOWAN, STAGE; posted by Becky White, Jun 1, 1998 Would like information on the STAGE, MCCOWAN and HURST family living in Joilet during the 1880’s and 1920’s. Emma Nettie STAGE was born 1880 in Joilet, Will Co. IL to William STAGE and Julia Luella MCCOWAN STAGE. She married James Edward HURST 1908 at Blue Island, IL. Looking for information about Emma Nettie STAGE HURST born 1880 at Joilet, Will Co. IL to Julia Luella MCCOWAN STAGE and William STAGE. Also wishing to find family for husband James Edward HURST born Chicago 1880. Emma and James were married 1908 in Blue Island, IL.

BAILEY, BOYER, BRACE, BRENNAN, CARROLL, COLBURN, CONNERS, DUNNE, FRAMSTAD, GANNON, HANNON, HAWKINS, KELLY, MARR, MORSE, NEU, NEW, OCALLAGHAN, SHERSACH, SHIELDS, SHORES, STOLINSKI, VAN ETTEN, WEBER, WESTBROOK, WINER; posted by Sandra Huemann-Kelly, Jun 1, 1998 Family of Calvin (~1790-~1870) and Anna (GANNON) HAWKINS to IL from NY by 1850 census (Wheaton area), to WI/IA by 1860 census. Children: Mytte Ann (m MORSE, m BRACE), Eleanor (m BRACE), John (m VAN_ETTEN), Joseph and George. Frank GANNON m Margaret Jane KELLY (1864-1894). Children: Mary B (m DUNNE), John A. (m BAILEY), Frank J. (m STOLINSKI), Julia B. (m HANNON), Thomas P., Leonard J. (m BOYER), and Agatha R. Frank’s sister Bridget Adeline GANNON (1860-1942) married Margaret’s brother, Matthew Joseph KELLY (1861-1929) The GANNONs parents are: Tom and Anne (SHIELDS) GANNON. The KELLYs parents are: James and Anne (OCALLAGHAN) KELLY. John KELLY (1809-1859) m Margaret CARROLL (1814-1892). Both buried in Wilmington. Children: James b 1834 in Canada (m OCALLAGHAN), William b 1836 in Canada (m CONNERS), Bridget b 1840 in IL (m BRENNAN), Patrick b 1842 in IL, Michael b 1844 in IL and Mary Jane (became a nun). John was an Irish canalworker in Can & later IL, then farmed. Matthew J. KELLY married Bridget A. GANNON. Children: Anne Julia (nun), James T. (m HANNON), Francis, Mary I., Leo W. (m FRAMSTAD), Alice V. (m COLBURN), Margaret B., Matthew B. (m MARR), Joseph F. (m SHERSACH), Martin J. (m WEBER) and Julia. The GANNONs parents are: Tom and Anne (SHIELDS) GANNON. The KELLYs parents are: James and Anne (OCALLAGHAN) KELLY. In search of info on brother and sister: Bridgette Adeline GANNON (b1860) and Frank GANNON who emig. 1880 to Wilmington where an uncle was already living. Their parents were: Tom and Anne (SHIELDS) GANNON. They emig. from:Drinaugh, Roscommon Cty, Ireland. They married a brother and sister : Matthew Joseph KELLY (b1861) and Margaret Jane KELLY (b 1864). The Kelly parents were: James and Anne (OCALLAGHAN) KELLY. In search of info on HAWKINS family which was in Will Co., Wheatland/Wheaton area by 1850. By 1860 they are found in WI, Later IA. Calvin HAWKINS m Anna GANNON ~1810 in NY. Children: Mytte Ann, John, George, Joseph & Eleanor. Other surnames assoc. with this family include: BRACE, SHORES, WINER, NEU/NEW, WESTBROOK.

BARLOW, BARNES; posted by Margaret Merrill, Jun 1, 1998 Need any information about Robert BARNES father of William Purdy BARNES who married Mary Jane BARLOW in Will County in 1875. WM & Mary had a son, Jesse Frank Barnes born in 1876 in Joliet, (Will County) Ill. BARNES, Jesse Frank BARNES born in Joliet in 1876 to William Purdy BARNES and Mary Jane BARLOW BARNES who were married in Will County. William Purdy Barnes born to Robert BARNES according to marriage license, mother unknown. Any information appreciated as this family has been hard to find.

YEAGER; posted by Marsha L. Yeager, Jun 1, 1998 Interested in any info on: Johnathan I. YEAGER. Born in Harrison Cnty, Indiana dob: March 1887. He was in Elizabeth, IN (Posey Twnsp) in 1920 census. He was a widow (age 33)with 2 children: Helen E. YEAGER (dob: abt 1909), James L. YEAGER (dob: 1910). Family history says he moved on to Joliet, Illinois where he lived possibly remarried and died. I do not know when he died. His nickname was “Dode”. He was my grandfather’s younger brother. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

FUCHS, HOOVER; posted by Robin Brown, Jun 1, 1998 Interested in hearing from descendants of Henry HOOVER, b: 1868, Germany, to Jovitta FUCHS. He was came to US in 1869 with mother, Jovitta. The lived in Peoria, then Iroquois Co. He ws raised by Louis & Jovitta Fuchs Zecher. Henry then went to Joliet, Will County.

HAILEY, HALEY, KIRK, WHALEY; posted by Robin Brown, Jun 1, 1998 Looking for information about Elizabeth KIRK WHALEY (HAILEY/HALEY). Timothy & Elizabeth lived in the Wilton township in 1850 & 1860. Elizabeth died before April 1868. would like to know when she died & where she might be buried. Also, Timothy remarried & lived in Iroquois Co. I would like to know when he died & is buried. He died between 1884-1896. any inforamtion would be appreciated.

DWYER, MCGOWAN, WALSH; posted by Michael A. McGowan, July 1, 1998 I have already been able to learn a little from the marriage certificate for Alexander G. MCGOWAN and Ellen WALSH (my great grandparents). For example it lists the birthplace of John and Margaret MCGOWAN (my great great grandparents) as Ireland. This document also lists Margaret’s maiden as MCGOWAN. We took this as evidence of what had been family lore that a MCGOWAN married a MCGOWAN. We’ve also learned the children’s names from one of six deeds used to settle the estate of John and Margaret. I don’t have a middle initial for either although one family member thought Margaret may have been known as Kate. Most if not all the MCGOWANs I know and have been able to document are descendants of four brothers that moved from Illinois to the Fonda, Iowa area around 1907. These brothers were Michael F. b. 1854, John Edward b. 1858, Alexander Gabriel b. 1863, and Luke Aloysius b. 1871. All of these men are buried in the Fonda, Iowa cemetery. One sister also moved to Iowa, Harriet, b.1860. She and her husband Phillip Murphy are also listed as living in Pocahontas County Iowa prior to 1907. We believe Harriet had been married to a man in Illinois named Thomas McGrath and was widowed with two daughters. Phillip was her second husband. The 1860 census lists John as 38 yrs of age and Margaret as 34. Based solely on this evidence, roughly, he was born in 1822 and she in 1826. We have no evidence but we do not believe that John and Margaret immigrated together, rather met and were married in Illinois. Which means that I have two family’s of McGowans to untangle in the Joliet area. That’s why I thought the cemeteries might help. I don’t give much weight to census data for accurate years of birth. For example the 1860 census lists Michael F. as 6 yrs the 1900 census lists him as 42 years born October 1857, his burial marker lists him as 55yrs old when he died in May 1913. The second two numbers at least support each other. However, my Great Grandfather Alexander is not on the 1860 census and is listed on the 1900 census as 33 being born in 1867 but everything else I have on him including his burial marker says he was born in 1863. What we do know is that the McGowans who moved to Iowa are five of at least ten children of John and Margaret McGowan of Wilton Center, Illinois in Will County. The names of the other Children are William, b. 1852, Henry b. 186?, Kathryn L. b. 1865, wife of Frank DWYER, all of whom remained in Will County, Illinois and Ellen, b. 186?, wife of John Keigher, of nearby Kankakee, Co. Illinois. Of these siblings we know little more than their names. The land deed we have records them as the nine surviving children of John and Margaret in 1907 when their estate was settled. We are interested in but do not know the name of a fourth daughter who died of burns and injuries suffered when her clothing caught fire as a child. Hopefully we can find some evidence that will help us learn of what’s become of that part of our family that remained in Illinois. I learned from my grandfather’s cousin that Margaret died when his father, Luke, was just three years old. That would have made her death about 1874, and I suspect then, that the estate was settled following John’s death about 1906 or 1907. At this point your help will be most appreciated. There is a lot that I don’t know so I may not be asking the right questions. Thank you in advance for your effort and assistance.

MIKULASEK, SOUCEK; posted by Wes Richards, July 1, 1998 Looking for information on Charles SOUCEK (Adolph & Marie MIKULASEK), born in Chicago 7/29/1915. Served in U.S.Army in WWII. Worked as a prison guard at Statesville in the 1940’s and was also a contract painter. Married Nedra ??? in late 1940’s, possibly in Joliet. Last known address was 138 E. Van Buren St., Joliet. He died 6/12/49. They had no children. After Charles’ death, Nedra married Lewis Brehm. perhaps still living in Joliet. Need to know Nedra’s maiden name and date of her marriage to Charles.

RADKE, RADKEE, WAGNER; posted by Linda English, July 1, 1998 I’m looking for any WAGNER and RADKE/RADKEE from Will county, Ill. All I have is a marriage date Michael WAGNER and Henrietta RADKE married November 1892 in Joliet, Ill. Many thanks in advance for your help!

ZEVNIK; posted by H.A. Kippenhan, July 1, 1998 My mother had a first cousin who lived in Joliet, Illinois.  She and her husband had five children between 1918 and 1929.  I know the names but not the birth dates. That’s the information I’m trying to obtain. Is there any *index* of births for Will county between 1918 and 1929?   I’ll gladly do the hard work in this, I’m just wondering if this approach will produce the desired result, or if I need to try something else.    Thanks for any suggestions. Husband – Anton F. ZEVNIK Wife – Ada B. Clair 1st child – Elizabeth Ann ZEVNIK 2nd child – Francis ZEVNIK 3rd child – Richard ZEVNIK 4th child – Marjorie Jean ZEVNIK 5th child – Robert ZEVNIK

BEYSTEHNER, DILLON, HAAKE, JORGENSON, PAONE; posted by E. Tom Jorgenson, July 1, 1998 Interested in the following Will County surnames – BEYSTEHNER, HAAKE, JORGENSON, DILLON, PAONE. My family originates from Germany and Denmark. Tree members in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa (possibly Minnesota and South Dakota as well).

THIESFELDT, ULFERTS; posted by Bonnie Martin-Cummings, Aug 1, 1998 Researching ULFERTS, Lived in Peotone, Will County, Il. ca 1930. Nicholas ULFERTS d. Peotone ca 1930. His wife Sophie THIESFELDT ULFERTS d. ca 1939 at Peotone. Seek their obits and place of burial. Bonnie Martin-Cummings [email protected], PO Box 3525, Pensacola, FL 32516-3525.

GORE, MILLER, MINISTER; posted by Abbe Gore, Aug 1, 1998 We have an Amanda MILLER b. March 1842  marries Sept 25,1864 Will Co. Ill. by Frederic Curtis MINISTER of the  Gospel (Methodist we think)  to John J. GORE b. Dec. 1842 Eng. and Served Civil War Co. E 72nd Infantry .   Amanda also had a brother Charles Nicholas MILLER M.D.  Any information about any of these people would be great!!!! MILLER, Amanda b. March 1842 Ill. d. Nov. 1929 Sacramento Ca. GORE, John J. b.Dec. 1842 Eng. d. Sacramento Ca. Dec. 1919 They were married in Will Co. Sept 25 1864

BRAUN, CAREY, KAVENEY, LANGFELDT; posted by Phillip C. Kaveney, Oct 24, 1998 Michael KAVENEY, James A. KAVENEY, Sr. & Jr. Thomas J. KAVENEY, Richard J. KAVENEY, Raymond J. KAVENEY, Medill KAVENEY, Patrick KAVENEY, Owen KAVENEY

PIEPENBRINK, RIPPE; posted by Sharlene Miller, Oct 24, 1998 Searching for parents of Georg RIPPE b. 08 Jan 1826, probably in Hannover, Germany area; d. 13 Mar 1899 Fillmore County, NE. married Caroline PIEPENBRINK b. 08 Jan 1826 probably in Hannover, Germany area; d. 07 Mar 1886 Fillmore County, NE. Lived in Will County, IL from approximately 1857 to 1878. Left IL in 1878 for Fillmore County, NE. Parents of Ernst b. 17 Dec 1847, Stolzenau, Nienburg, Germany; August b. 22 Mar 1849, Stolzenau; Heinrich Edward, b. 27 Sep 1857, Washington Twp, Will Co., IL; Lena Caroline Pauline b. 24 Jul 1859, Washington Twp., Will Co., IL; Heinrich Johann Ludwig Louis Rippe, 16 Oct 1861 Washington Twp, Will Co., IL; Emma Dorothea 07 Oct 1863, Beecher, Will Co., IL; Anna Maria Mary Dorothea Louisa, b. 28 Oct 1865 Beecher, Will Co., IL; and Dorothea Sophia Lena, b. 07 Jan 1868 Will Co., IL. Please e-mail Sharlene Miller [email protected]

BOLIN, DODGE, HOLDEN, NEWBERRY, PANGBUR; posted by Dell Kasuk, Oct 26, 1998 BOLIN, Elizabeth, (Eliza) b. abt. 1823 in N.Y., d. 11 October 1905 Lockport, Will Co., Illinois. Name of spouse, unknown. Spouse may have died sometime between 1855 and 1860 in Green Garden Township. The 1860 Federal Census of Green Garden Township showed that her children were, Lucelia, Mary Jane, Oscar, Squire, Coridon, Paul, William and Polly. Lucelia married Stephen NEWBERRY, Mary Jane married Dexter S. HOLDEN and Polly married Amos DODGE. It is believed that all three husbands served during the Civil War. Coridon and Oscar died at the age of 18 in the late 1860’s. Squire may have married a Mary L. PANGBUR in 1874.

ANGAL, ANGEL, ANGELL, HOLDEN; posted by Dell Kasuk, Oct 26, 1998 Allen A. ANGAL and his wife Polly lived in the northwest corner of Green Garden Township, Will County, Illinois in 1860. Allen A. ANGAL is mentioned in the 1878 Will County History. The name is also spelled ANGEL and ANGELL. Polly died in August of 1874. Allen and Polly were related to the HOLDEN family. Am trying to locate additional information on both Allen and Polly, such as how were they related to the HOLDEN family, when did Allen die and where is he and Polly buried.

BARTLETT, BAUER, CAMPBELL, COURTRIGHT, HELLMAN, WILDER, WRIGHT; posted by Paul Ramey, Oct 27, 1998 Wright ancestry revision of 09-24-1998 of Paul Ramey Jr. We don’t know anything of our WRIGHT ancestry before my g-gf and only a little about him. my great grandparents Samuel B. WRIGHT b 10/05/1843 Plainfield,Will County,Illinois d 12/23/1928 Greeley,Weld County,Colorado age 85 obit: Greeley Tribune, Monday 12/24/1928 pg 1 wife Marie (or Maxie ?) Louise CAMPBELL, D A R 64860 b 09/17/1845 Koshkonong,Wisconsin d 03/23/1930 Greeley,CO obit: Greeley Tribune,Monday 03/24/1930 pg 1 m 05/27/1869 We don’t know where 1885 Colorado census says parents of both were born in New York City. We don’t have names or bdates of Samuel’s parents. Parents of Louise were: William CAMPBELL b 10/08/1817 New York City d 09/29/1888 probably Koshkonong,Wisconsin wife Emily S. BARTLETT b 07/13/1824 New York City or Sherburne,NY d 08/03/1897 probably Koshkonong,WI m 06/26/1843 Lockport,Will County,Illinois Louise had unusual intellectual and musical gifts. Because of this her parents sent her to special schools in Joliet,Will County,IL and Norwich,Chenango County,NY. She met Samuel in IL. Joliet is only about 20 miles from Plainfield where Sam lived. After graduating Louise taught until she married Sam in 1869. In the spring of 1870 Sam left Plainfield and went to Greeley,CO with members of the “Union Colony”. In the fall of 1870 Louise came to Greeley with the Chicago-Colorado Colony” to join Sam. They lived in Greeley until death and had 5 children there. At first Sam worked in carpentry and other work around town. Then he freighted to Leadville. Then he started farming about 6 miles S.W. of Greeley. Sam became a member of the Greeley Board of Trustees. Then Sam became mayor of Greeley. While Mayor he had many trees planted which now beautify Lincoln Park and the campus of Colorado Teachers College. Sam was a great nature lover,outdoorsman,and frequenter of the mountains. Every year on his birthday until age 80 he went to the mountains and climbed Long’s Peak, one of Colorado’s highest at 14,256 feet. Children of Sam and Louise: Nana Lulu, Mrs Ben C HELLMAN, m 04/02/1898 Robert Jerome, my gf (below) Winifred, Mrs Lincoln H WILDER of Burley,Idaho Lois, Mrs David BAUER of Greeley my grandparents Robert Jerome WRIGHT b 12/15/1883 Greeley,Weld County,Colorado d 02/23/1961 Denver,Arapahoe County,Colorado obit Greeley Daily Tribune 02/25/1961 pg 6 wife Mabel COURTRIGHT b 12/30/1887 Ruthven,Palo Alto County,Iowa d Sterling,Logan County,Colorado m 09/08/1909 Greeley,Colorado. (?) Weld County Genealogical Society marriage book says Sept 7. Their children included my mother Lou Ella WRIGHT, James C. WRIGHT, Robert C. WRIGHT My gf R. J. WRIGHT was a degreed civil engineer. He was a key figure in the development of irrigation in the South Platte valley. He served as an engineer on construction of the North Sterling,Prewitt,and Julesburg reservoir systems. He was an early administrator and coordinator of the North Sterling and Prewitt irrigation systems. He was on the board of the Northern Colorado Water Users Association and one of its first directors. He was on the first board of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.

BURDA, KRATINA, MISCLOVSKY, MOULIS, PORAZIL; posted by Raymond Moulis, Oct 27, 1998 Require information about relatives MOULIS, PORAZIL, KRATINA, MISCLOVSKY and BURDA who emigrated from Bohemia Czech Republic to Godley and Braidwood, Illinois in the late 1880’s.

ROSS; posted by Pat Schuknecht, Oct 27, 1998 Will Co, Il, would very much like to know if there is a biographie in Joliet, on a James ROSS, he move there in 1885 form Canada and lived on 905 Exchange St for over 28 years. He was working for the Ill Steel Company in 1906 at the age of 73. Any history on this steel mill Thank You for your time. Pat

COLEMAN, COLMAN, FRANCIS; posted by Carolee Chapman, Oct 29, 1998 Hi, I’m searching for the family of Florence Viola FRANCIS b. July 22 1853, d. Oct 6th, 1924 in Lockport, Will Co., IL. She was married to Lucius COLEMAN/COLMAN July 3, 1873 in Grundy CO., IL. They had two known children to me, Darius B. and Harry Lucius. Harry had Harry Jr. and Florence. She is my Great Grand Aunt. Thanks.

BARRON, SHUCK; posted by John Shuck, Nov 11, 1998 Looking for information on Annie BARRON. It is possible that the BARRON’s immigrated from England and settled in Will County in 1850 or so. Annie BARRON married John S. SHUCK. Will trade BARRON info.

IJAMS, MITCHELL, WILCOX; posted by Diana Allen, Nov 11, 1998 Looking for Worthy J. WILCOX and family consisting of Lottie Emma, Lottie born in 1868 in Joliet. she had a brother named Tom. This is all I know. She married a J. D. MITCHELL in 1883 in Kansas City, Missouri. Worthy purchased land on 07/27/1868. Any help?

CHRISTENSEN; posted by Bent Jorgensen, Nov 14, 1998 My gg-granduncle, Jes CHRISTENSEN, emigrated about 1880 from the island -Als- in the southern Denmark (former Germany), to Joliet/WillCo together with his 2 adult sons Christian and Peder, and a daughter Annemarie. The 2 sons settled in Joliet as farmers, they bought their own land (160 acres,)and became neighbours; return-address on their letters in the 1880’es and 90’es was “Christensen, Joliet, WillCo, Ill., Box 1913, North America”. Is it possible to point out that location to-day?. Jes died after 1897 in likely Joliet, he was 77 years old in 1897. Peder married twice, he had in 1897 2 girls. Christian had in 1897 2 boys and 2 girls; the youngest child (a boy) was 5, and the eldest child was 12 years old. Any information pertaining this family will be greatly appreciated. Venlig hilsen Bent.

BRENKER, DOESCHER; posted by Mary Hammitt, Nov 15, 1998 Need info on my g-g-grandfather Jacob DOESCHER. Came from Bremen Germany in 1855, finally settling in Crete, Will County. Married Fredricka (JFC) BRENKER in 1871 in Lake County, IN. Died 1882 in Crete, Will Co, Fredrika died shortly thereafter and 5 of the 6 children were placed in an orphanage in Joliet. My g-grandfather William DOESCHER was 12 at that time and had to work off his parents debts. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

BRANTON, RUSSELL; posted by Caren Olsen, Nov 16, 1998 Searching for all RUSSELL’S in Will County before 1865 and after. My G-Grandmother Josephine Amelia RUSSELL b. 15 Sep 1847 New York. Married Thomas BRANTON b. 26 Mar 1845 England. They were married 7 – 4 -1865 in Will County, Illinois. They had two daughter born in Illinois – Mary 1866 & Sarah 1868. In 1870 they moved to Kellogg, Iowa, later to Kansas.

HOOF, PODMORE; posted by Richard Hoof, Nov 25, 1998 Hello all, I’m trying to verify that My GG Grandfather, Enoch HOOF, lived in Joliet, Will Co., IL around the year 1882 and after. My Grandfather, Richard HOOF (Enochs’ son), was said to have been born in Joliet, IL in 1882. Any HOOF or PODMORE family information welcome. Thanks, Richard Hoof [email protected]

DURKIN, OCONNOR, WARD; posted by Linda Stanton, Nov 28, 1998 WARD – IRL>Will Co,IL>Cook Co,IL Seeking parents of James WARD and Mary DURKIN. – James WARD b. 1842 Ireland married Mary DURKIN b. 1852 New York. Children: Thomas Stepehen (b. 1869), Ida M (b1873), Lillian E. (1876), Mary (1887), James (1885), Edmond T (1889) – all born in Illinois. James and Mary moved to Oak Park where James died prior to 1900. The three daughters never married and remained with their mother. The son, Thomas Stephen WARD married Nora Gertrude OCONNOR in Irwin, Illinois in 1895. Children: Arch WARD b. 1896 and Thomas Lloyd WARD b. 1899. Both born in Irwin, Illinois. The Thomas Ward family moved on to Iowa where Thomas died in a railroad accident in 1900 and his wife died in Lake City, Iowa in 1913. Their son Arch became a celebrated sports writer for the Chicago Tribune and son Thomas is the line I follow.

BOGARDUS, SHERMAN; posted by Martha Irwin, Nov 30, 1998 BOGARDUS: Byron Frank b. 1836 NY, married in Lockport, Will, IL ca 1861 to Mary Louise Sherman. Served in the 19thIL Musician’s Band September 1861-March 1862. Left Will County before 1870 and went to Van Buren Co., MI. SHERMAN: Mary Louise b.c. 1840 NY in Will Co. by 1861. Died in Van Buren, MI in 1869. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

CLENNON, CRUISE; posted by Mari Preston, Dec 1, 1998 Interested in the surnames CRUISE and CLENNON c. 1860 – 1900. Said Catherine CRUISE b. 06 July 1873 dau. of Arthur CRUISE and Mary /Unknown/. Said Patrick G. CLENNON m. Catherine CRUISE 1892 at Wilmington.

STURCH, WANNEMACHER; posted by Susan Sincere, Dec 4, 1998 Searching George M. WANNEMACHER married to Nancy STURCH in Will County on 12/26/1887. Will appreciate all responses. Thanks.

BRADLEY, COFFELL, FINNEY, GAWTHROP, HOFFMAN, HOOD, JONES, KEEN, LEHMAN, OKLA, PERRY, PHELPS, SPRINGER, SWIVEL; posted by Joanne Lehman, Dec 5, 1998 Looking for descendants of my great grandfather Nacy (Anassa?) Harrison JONES. Born 1817 in IN? Married to Rachel FINNEY in Parke Co., IN in 1838. Used the name Harrison JONES and possibly Anasa(blurred) on US census. Children by Rachel: Oliver Hazard Perry JONES born 1840, married Kate E. HOOD. Died in CA Joseph Wesley JONES born 1841 married Mary GAWTHROP. Died in OKLA in 1912. Elizabeth A. ‘Polly’ JONES born 1843 married Eban PHELPS. Permelia Catherine JONES born 1846, perhaps in Douglas Co., IL., married Fred SWIVEL.Roert Lewis JONES born 1849, died 1853. Buried in old Oak Hill cemetery, Wilmington, IL., Will County. Sarah ‘Sally’ Jones born 1852 in Will Co, IL. Married George McAFEE. George A. JONES born 1853, died young. Nacy’s first wife, Rachel FINNEY JONES died 21 April 1860. Nacy JONES then married my great-grandmother Margaret G. SPRINGER HOFFMAN, a widow, 11 June 1860 in Will County. They had the following children:Robert Louis JONES born 1861 in Will Co., IL. Married Miss BRADLEY. He died in CA in 1933. Mary Rachel JONES born 1863. Married Harvey KEEN. Lived in Iroquois County.James Harrison JONES born 1864 in Will County. Died in Sheldon, IL

BIRD, BROCK, CLIFTON, DAVENPORT, DEHART, DUDEK, FINNY, JONES, KINSON, LINEBARGER, NEWTON, PERRY, RANDOLPH, SHELLENBERGER, STONE, SWIVAL, TODD, WARD; posted by Margie Glenn, Dec 20, 1998 Does anyone know anything about the family of BIRD in or around Birds Bridge in Troy Twp.? I have BIRD family and do not know where they came from. They are Marion BIRD born on August 14, 1913 married to Helen Winfred DAVENPORT. Thank You

CARUGATI, PITTLAUD, RIN; posted by Gene Smania, Dec 26, 1998 Looking for info on gg grandfather Frank DA RIN,Lockport, Ill 1893-1897? Wife Philomena PITTLAUD DA RIN married 1893 but do not have location. Daughter Julia DA RIN b 1893@Lockport. Moved to Portland–later Oglesby, Illinois by 1900. Also possible relative–Dora DA RIN–married Antonio CARUGATI in Lockport, Ill 24 October 1900, died 27 September 1935/Antonio died 9 June 1938 in Will County, Illinois.

BANK, BEARSE, BUELL, DOUGLAS, LEWIS, SAGE, SCHERMERHORN, SWEET, TYRON; posted by Audrey Peters, Dec 27, 1998 Searching for Descendants of Hosea BUELL who was an early settler of Channahon IL in 1833. I would like to find the old family farm, and cemetery in or near Channahon. Would appreciate any information on the members of this family. Audrey Buell Peters

1 Hosea BUELL 1798 – 1846 b: Westmoreland NY . +Hannah BEARSE 1798 – m: December 27, 1820 2 Norman BUELL1822 – 1846 b: Westmoreland NY 2 Morton BUELL 1824 – 1908 b: Westmoreland NY .. +Elizabeth TYRON 1837 – 1862 b: Channahon IL m: January 01, 1862 . 3 Elizabeth Tyron BUELL 1862 – 1862 b: Channahon IL . 3 Sierra Nevada BUELL 1864 – . 3 Mary Frances BUELL 1866 – . 3 Obed Oland BUELL 1867 – . 3 Florence Amelia BUELL 1870 – 2 George BUELL 1825 – 1912 b: Westmoreland NY .. +Sarah SCHERMERHORN 1831 – 1918 b: Schodoc NY m: April 24, 1851 . 3 Alletta Amanda BUELL 852 – 1883 b: Channahon IL …. +Elizur SAGE 1849 – b: Channahon IL m: September 25, 1896 . 3 Antoinette BUELL 1854 – 1935 b: Channahon IL …. +Abel McCOWAN . 3 Ida BUELL 1855 – 1863 b: Channahon IL . 3 Emma BUELL 1858 – 1919 b: Channahon IL …. +Henry D. LEWIS – 1929 . 3 Frederick BUELL 1860 – 1863 b: Channahon IL . 3 Mary Elizabeth BUELL 1863 – 1865 b: Channahon IL . 3 Roland Elmer BUELL 1872 – 1950 b: Channahon IL …. +Julia BANK 1873 – 1952 m: November 14, 1900 . 3 George BUELL 1875 – b: Channahon IL 2 Hannah BUELL 1829 – b: Westmoreland, NY .. +George TYRON 1805 – b: Berlin VT m: May 19, 1848 . 3 Flora TYRON 1848 – 1851 b: Channahon IL . 3 Leonore TYRON 1852 – b: Channahon IL . 3 Legare TYRON 1855 – 1856 b: Channahon IL . 3 Lillian TYRON 1857 – 1862 b: Channahon IL . 3 Allison TYRON 1860 – 2 Charlotte F. BUELL 1831 – b: Westmoreland NY .. +Lewis Gilbert SWEET 1830 – b: Sheldon VT m: August 31, 1854 . 3 Lewis A. SWEET . 3 Necomis SWEET 1855 – 1937 b: Channahon IL …. +Job Luther . 3 Florence Buell SWEET 1859 – 1861 b: Channahon IL . 3 Gertie SWEET 1863 – . 3 Geniveve SWEET 1869 – 2 Carrie Law BUELL 1837 – b: Channahon IL .. +Charles BEARSE 1832 – b: Westmoreland NY m: May 01, 1861 2 Fitz Roy BUELL 1841 – b: Channahon IL .. +Emily DOUGLAS 1848 – b: Wells Island m: May 23, 1870

BUCHMEIER, GAMER, KAMIN, MAAS, MIESER, STEHR, STIER; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Mr. STEHR and Louise MAAS had 4 daughters who came to America: Wilhelmine (1848-1928) who married in 1868 to Friedrich Wilhelm BUCHMEIER; Friedricka (1852-1932) who married Jacob GAMER (1844-1934); Ernestine (1858-1929) who married August A. KAMIN (1851-1908) and unknown daughter who married Mr. MIESER. Kamin and Gamer families lived in Chicago and Buchmeier families to Fillmore Co., NE.

BUCHMEIER, FIENE, RAUSCHENBERGER, RICHERS, RIECHERS, SCHROEDER, WILLE; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Hans Heinrich RIECHERS (1823-1881) and wife Engel Dorothea WILLE (1822-1872) came to Will Co., IL about 1850 from Hohnhorst, Schaumburg, Germany. Children were: Engel Maria RIECHERS (1848-1924); Conrad (1950-1931) who married Matilde FIENE; Sophia (1853-1927) married Wilhelm SCHROEDER; Lena (1856-1929) married Bernhard RAUSCHENBERGER; Engel Maria Sophia (1858-1928) and Heinrich (1862-1887).

CASSIER, KUHLMANN, OTTE, RIECHERS, ROETTER, ROTTER, SCHROEDER, TEGTMEIER, WARNECKE; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Heinrich Christoph SCHROEDER (1805-1869) and wife Cath. Sophia OTTE (1813-?) came to Will Co., IL with family in 1868 from Schatensen, Wriedel, Germany. Children were: Catharina Dorothea (1834-?) married Mr. WARNECKE; Cath. Margarethe Doro. (1836-1926) married Joh. Heinrich ROTTER; Margarethe (1839-1909) married Wilhelm TEGTMEIER; Johann Heinrich (1841-?) married Marg. Dorothea CASSIER; Christoph Leonhardt (1846-1922) married Elizabeth KUHLMANN; Heinrich Wilhelm (1848-1916) married Sophia RIECHERS; Heinrich Christoph (1852-1920) married Mary.

BUCHMEIER, HEUSING, WECKE, WELLHUSEN; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Wilhelm Heinrich BUCHMEIER (1803-1874) and wife Wilhelmine Fr. Charlotte WELLHUSEN (1811-1886) came to Beecher, Will Co., IL from Deckbergen, Schaumburg, Germany in 1861. Children were: George (1838-1933) married Wilhelmine WECKE); Carl (1840-1923); August (1843-1915) family did not immigrate; Caroline (1850-?); Friederike (1851-1925) married Friedrich HEUSING (1852-1920). George and Carl BUCHMEIER families settled at Jefferson Co., NE. Heusing families settled at Grant Park, Kankakee Co., IL.

BUCHMEIER, MATTHIES, SAATMANN, SIECKMANN, STEHR, STIER; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Christian Ludwig BUCHMEIER (1816-1894) with wife Sophia SIECKMANN (1818-1898) came to Beecher, Will Co., IL from Rolfshagen, Obernkirchen, Germany. Children were: Sophia (1843-1902) married Friedrich MATTHIES (1836-1887); Fr. Wilhelm (1845-1910) married Wilhelmine STIER; and Carl Fr. Christian (1848-1904) married Laura SAATMANN. After brief stay near Beecher, these families settled at Fillmore Co., NE.

AHRENS, BRUNS, OLTROGGE, PIEPENBRINK, RIECHERS, SCHWEER, WILKENING, WILLE; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Johann Conrad WILLE (1789-1838) and wife Engel Maria Sophia OLTROGGE (1794-1846) of Ohndorf/Horsten, Schaumburg, Germany had children who immigrated to Will Co., IL. They are: Engel Maria Sophia (1816-1893) who married HH WILKENING; Engel Dorothea (1822-1872) who married Hans Hnr. RIECHERS; Catharina Maria Sophia (1826-1907) who married John PIEPENBRINK (1826-1900); Friedrich Wilhelm (1828-?) who married Wilhelmine AHRENS; Catharina Engel (1832-1891) who married Wilhelm BRUNS (1828-1895) and Catharina Maria (1835-1909) who married Fr. Conrad SCHWEER (1830-1907).

GEWECKE, RIPPE, ROETTER, ROTTER, SCHROEDER; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Johann Heinrich ROETTER born abt 1840 in Germany and wife Catharina Marg. Doro. SCHROEDER (1836-1926) came to Beecher, Will Co., IL abt 1866. The families later settled in Fillmore Co., NE. Children were: Catharina (1862-1928) who married Heinrich RIPPE (1857-1913); Maria (1864-1872); Henry (1873-1956) married Minnie Maria GEWECKE (1871-1951); and William Henry (187?-1924).

MOST, SCHROEDER, TEGTMEYER; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Wilhelm TEGTMEYER (1842-1921) from Hanover, Germany, son of Friedrich TEGTMEYER married Margarethe SCHROEDER (1839-1909) in 1866 at Beecher, Will Co., IL. Children were: Heinrich C. (1869-1943) married Maria MOST (1873-1948); Wilhelm (1870-1946) married Emma MOST (1875-1950) and Hermann (1876-1889).

EILERS, KUHLMANN, SCHROEDER; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Christoph Leonardt SCHROEDER (1846-1922) from Schatensen, Germany married Elizabeth KUHLMANN (1846-1924), daughter of William G. KUHLMANN in 1868 at Beecher, Will Co., IL. Children were: Henry (born about 1867); Sophia (1870-?); Emma (1871-?); August (1879-1952) who married Bertha (1893-1963); Christoph Friedrich (1881-1963) married Sophia EILERS; Martin (1890-aft 1963) and Hermann (born abt 1877). Leaving Will County in 1903, the family moved to Prairie Co., Arkansas. Martin SCHROEDER moved to Westmont?, near Chicago.

FIENE, GURITZ, KOELLING, MATSON, OHLENDORF, REDEKER, RICHERS, RIECHERS, STADT, STEIBER, WEHRMANN, WILLE; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Conrad RIECHERS (1850-1931) son of HH RIECHERS and Engel Dorothea WILLE of Beecher, Will Co., IL married in 1885 to Matilde FIENE, daughter of Friedrich Fiene and Dorothea REDEKER. Children were: Maria Sophia Caroline (1886-1957) married George STADT (1885-1967); Sophia Dorothea Wilh. (1887-1963) who married Hermann MATSON (1886-1955); Henry (1889-1949) who married Mollie WEHRMANN (1889-1981); Clara (1890-1968) who married Otto H. KOELLING (1889-1962); Wm. Heinrich Friedrich (1892-1945) who married Dorothy GURITZ; Fred (1894-1929) who married Emma WEHRMANN; Conrad Hnr. Fr. (1896-1947) who married Maxina Mathilde OHLENDORF; and Helen Maria Emma who married WW STEIBER.

BROWN, CLARK, WATT; posted by Gail Brown, Jan 2, 1999 Looking for information on family of Jane CLARK and Israel BROWN, who are found on the 1860 census for Homer Twp, Will Co., IL. Their children were Sarah Ann, Thomas, Mary Ann, Robert, Nancy, and Rodney Alexander, all probably born in Welland Co., Ontario, Canada. I have an April, 1883 letter, written by Nancy to her Clark cousins, from Goodings Grove. In it, she mentions the deaths of her mother and husband, her brother Thomas and sister Sarah, her uncles David and Brad CLARK, and her aunt Nancy Clark WATT of Mississippi.

BABCOCK, BURVILLE, CLARK, COOL, HOFFMAN, MINARD, NOBLES; posted by Joan Cool, Jan 4, 1999 Father: Lorenzo D. BURVILLE Birth: Jan 29, 1844 in Hinkley, Ohio Death: Sept. 14, 1918 in Crete, IL Burial: in Mt. Greenwood Parents – Father: Reuben BURVILLE; Mother: Lucretia BABCOCK Marriage: Nov 17, 1870 in IL Mother: Harriet COOL Birth: June 9, 1848 in Batchelors Grove, IL Death: Oct. 5, 1918 in Crete, IL Burial: in Mt. Greenwood Parents – Father: Benjamin COOL; Mother: Jane NOBLES Children: Child No. 1: Annie Jane BURVILLE Birth: August 31, 1871 in Crete Township, IL Death: Burial: Marriage: January 31, 1895 in Crete, IL Spouse: Franklin B. MINARD Child No. 2: Benjamin Reuben BURVILLE Birth: March 23, 1873 in Crete, IL Death: March 11, 1955 in Hutchinson, Minnesota Burial: Marriage: May 9, 1900 in Brownton, Minnesota Spouse: Emma Idella HOFFMAN Child No. 3: Charles Marion BURVILLE Birth: February 9, 1880 in Crete Township, IL Death: March 13, 1921 in Blue Island, IL Burial: in Mt. Greenwood Marriage: Not married Spouse: Child No. 4: Hiram Dean BURVILLE Birth: November 20, 1879 in Crete Township, IL Death: December 16, 1961` Burial: Marriage: October 6, 1906 in Michigan Spouse: Ida Belle CLARK Notes / Documentation:

BURVILLE, COOL, MINARD; posted by Joan Cool, Jan 4, 1999 Father: Franklin B. MINARD Birth: 1870 in Grant Park, IL Death: Burial: Parents – Father: Unknown; Mother: Unknown Marriage: January 31, 1895 in Crete, IL Mother: Annie Jane BURVILLE Birth: August 31, 1871 in Crete Township, IL Death: Burial: Parents – Father: Lorenzo BURVILLE; Mother: Harriet COOL Children: Child No. 1: Marjorie MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 2: Everett MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 3: Merwin MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 4: Helen B. MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 5: Franklin MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 6: Lorenzo MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Notes / Documentation:

ALLEN, BICKNESS, BLUME, CHESTER, DROWN, MAW, MEYER, TALBOTT; posted by Jacey Norton, Jan 18, 1999 Dewitt C. ALLEN and wife Dorcas Ann TALBOTT in Will Co by 1880, in Orland Twnshp; in Joliet by 1900. Dewitt b 1848 in NY or PA, son of John ALLEN and Elizabeth CHESTER. Dorcas b 1846 in England(?). Married 04 Sept 1866 in Joliet, Will Co, but residents of Wauponsee, Grundy Co, IL. First child, my maternal gr grandfather, William Henry ALLEN b Mar 1867 in Grundy Co; mar Sophia Mary MEYER on 28 Mar 1891. She b Nov 1872 in Mason Co, IL, dau of Diedrich MEYER and Anna Sophia Mary BLUME. William and Sophia moved from Joliet to MN about 1905, finally settling in Polk Co, MN, both died there. Other children of Dewitt and Dorcas: Ida Mae (MAW), Edward, Herman, Thomas, Libbie (DROWN) and Clara Jane (BICKNESS). Dorcas died Sept 1880, possibly in Will Co; Dewitt died in 1917, location unknown. Looking for William’s siblings and any lines connecting with this family.

FITZGERALD, SULLIVAN; posted by John Hartmann, Jan 18, 1999 FITZGERALD, Mary Ann (c1822- 1884) Mary Ann Fitzgerald, born c1822 parish of Pallasgrean, Co. Limerick, married 1840 to Thomas SULLIVAN (c1800-1881) in Joliet, Will Co., Illinois By 1841, the couple had moved to Toronto, Ontario. Seeking additional information on Mary Ann FITZGERALD, such as names of parents and siblings. Parents are not listed on marriage record.

CARTER, RUARK; posted by Scott Carter, Jan 22, 1999 When my great grandfather, James Thomas CARTER died in 1935 the Pekin Daily Times listed his brother , William H. CARTER as ling in Joliet, Will County. William was born about 1878 to Andrew M. and Martha RUARK CARTER in Fulton County, IL. Any information be greatly appreciated.

BAERCHECK, HARMES, KARNES, ROBERTSON; posted by Dottie Carque, Jan 29, 1999 Am searching for any BAERCHECK’s. Particularly need info on Dr. Charles M. BAERCHECK and his wife Helena J HARMES. Both died and buried in Joliet. Helena died 28 July 1878 and Charles died 30 March 1895 and buried in St.John Catholic Cemetery, Joliet. Thanks

ELLSAESSER, ZINGREBE; posted by Kathy Burkhardt, Jan 30, 1999 Am looking for information on Johanna ELLSAESSER born Dec 15, 1835 and died in Will county Aught 17, 1882. Her husband was George William ZINGREBE born June 17, 1833 and died Feb. 25, 1907.