Queries 1999

BUCHMEIER, GAMER, KAMIN, MAAS, MIESER, STEHR, STIER; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Mr. STEHR and Louise MAAS had 4 daughters who came to America: Wilhelmine (1848-1928) who married in 1868 to Friedrich Wilhelm BUCHMEIER; Friedricka (1852-1932) who married Jacob GAMER (1844-1934); Ernestine (1858-1929) who married August A. KAMIN (1851-1908) and unknown daughter who married Mr. MIESER. Kamin and Gamer families lived in Chicago and Buchmeier families to Fillmore Co., NE.

BUCHMEIER, FIENE, RAUSCHENBERGER, RICHERS, RIECHERS, SCHROEDER, WILLE; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Hans Heinrich RIECHERS (1823-1881) and wife Engel Dorothea WILLE (1822-1872) came to Will Co., IL about 1850 from Hohnhorst, Schaumburg, Germany. Children were: Engel Maria RIECHERS (1848-1924); Conrad (1950-1931) who married Matilde FIENE; Sophia (1853-1927) married Wilhelm SCHROEDER; Lena (1856-1929) married Bernhard RAUSCHENBERGER; Engel Maria Sophia (1858-1928) and Heinrich (1862-1887).

CASSIER, KUHLMANN, OTTE, RIECHERS, ROETTER, ROTTER, SCHROEDER, TEGTMEIER, WARNECKE; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Heinrich Christoph SCHROEDER (1805-1869) and wife Cath. Sophia OTTE (1813-?) came to Will Co., IL with family in 1868 from Schatensen, Wriedel, Germany. Children were: Catharina Dorothea (1834-?) married Mr. WARNECKE; Cath. Margarethe Doro. (1836-1926) married Joh. Heinrich ROTTER; Margarethe (1839-1909) married Wilhelm TEGTMEIER; Johann Heinrich (1841-?) married Marg. Dorothea CASSIER; Christoph Leonhardt (1846-1922) married Elizabeth KUHLMANN; Heinrich Wilhelm (1848-1916) married Sophia RIECHERS; Heinrich Christoph (1852-1920) married Mary.

BUCHMEIER, HEUSING, WECKE, WELLHUSEN; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Wilhelm Heinrich BUCHMEIER (1803-1874) and wife Wilhelmine Fr. Charlotte WELLHUSEN (1811-1886) came to Beecher, Will Co., IL from Deckbergen, Schaumburg, Germany in 1861. Children were: George (1838-1933) married Wilhelmine WECKE); Carl (1840-1923); August (1843-1915) family did not immigrate; Caroline (1850-?); Friederike (1851-1925) married Friedrich HEUSING (1852-1920). George and Carl BUCHMEIER families settled at Jefferson Co., NE. Heusing families settled at Grant Park, Kankakee Co., IL.

BUCHMEIER, MATTHIES, SAATMANN, SIECKMANN, STEHR, STIER; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Christian Ludwig BUCHMEIER (1816-1894) with wife Sophia SIECKMANN (1818-1898) came to Beecher, Will Co., IL from Rolfshagen, Obernkirchen, Germany. Children were: Sophia (1843-1902) married Friedrich MATTHIES (1836-1887); Fr. Wilhelm (1845-1910) married Wilhelmine STIER; and Carl Fr. Christian (1848-1904) married Laura SAATMANN. After brief stay near Beecher, these families settled at Fillmore Co., NE.

AHRENS, BRUNS, OLTROGGE, PIEPENBRINK, RIECHERS, SCHWEER, WILKENING, WILLE; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Johann Conrad WILLE (1789-1838) and wife Engel Maria Sophia OLTROGGE (1794-1846) of Ohndorf/Horsten, Schaumburg, Germany had children who immigrated to Will Co., IL. They are: Engel Maria Sophia (1816-1893) who married HH WILKENING; Engel Dorothea (1822-1872) who married Hans Hnr. RIECHERS; Catharina Maria Sophia (1826-1907) who married John PIEPENBRINK (1826-1900); Friedrich Wilhelm (1828-?) who married Wilhelmine AHRENS; Catharina Engel (1832-1891) who married Wilhelm BRUNS (1828-1895) and Catharina Maria (1835-1909) who married Fr. Conrad SCHWEER (1830-1907).

GEWECKE, RIPPE, ROETTER, ROTTER, SCHROEDER; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Johann Heinrich ROETTER born abt 1840 in Germany and wife Catharina Marg. Doro. SCHROEDER (1836-1926) came to Beecher, Will Co., IL abt 1866. The families later settled in Fillmore Co., NE. Children were: Catharina (1862-1928) who married Heinrich RIPPE (1857-1913); Maria (1864-1872); Henry (1873-1956) married Minnie Maria GEWECKE (1871-1951); and William Henry (187?-1924).

MOST, SCHROEDER, TEGTMEYER; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Wilhelm TEGTMEYER (1842-1921) from Hanover, Germany, son of Friedrich TEGTMEYER married Margarethe SCHROEDER (1839-1909) in 1866 at Beecher, Will Co., IL. Children were: Heinrich C. (1869-1943) married Maria MOST (1873-1948); Wilhelm (1870-1946) married Emma MOST (1875-1950) and Hermann (1876-1889).

EILERS, KUHLMANN, SCHROEDER; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Christoph Leonardt SCHROEDER (1846-1922) from Schatensen, Germany married Elizabeth KUHLMANN (1846-1924), daughter of William G. KUHLMANN in 1868 at Beecher, Will Co., IL. Children were: Henry (born about 1867); Sophia (1870-?); Emma (1871-?); August (1879-1952) who married Bertha (1893-1963); Christoph Friedrich (1881-1963) married Sophia EILERS; Martin (1890-aft 1963) and Hermann (born abt 1877). Leaving Will County in 1903, the family moved to Prairie Co., Arkansas. Martin SCHROEDER moved to Westmont?, near Chicago.

FIENE, GURITZ, KOELLING, MATSON, OHLENDORF, REDEKER, RICHERS, RIECHERS, STADT, STEIBER, WEHRMANN, WILLE; posted by Karen Rowe, Jan 1, 1999 Conrad RIECHERS (1850-1931) son of HH RIECHERS and Engel Dorothea WILLE of Beecher, Will Co., IL married in 1885 to Matilde FIENE, daughter of Friedrich Fiene and Dorothea REDEKER. Children were: Maria Sophia Caroline (1886-1957) married George STADT (1885-1967); Sophia Dorothea Wilh. (1887-1963) who married Hermann MATSON (1886-1955); Henry (1889-1949) who married Mollie WEHRMANN (1889-1981); Clara (1890-1968) who married Otto H. KOELLING (1889-1962); Wm. Heinrich Friedrich (1892-1945) who married Dorothy GURITZ; Fred (1894-1929) who married Emma WEHRMANN; Conrad Hnr. Fr. (1896-1947) who married Maxina Mathilde OHLENDORF; and Helen Maria Emma who married WW STEIBER.

BROWN, CLARK, WATT; posted by Gail Brown, Jan 2, 1999 Looking for information on family of Jane CLARK and Israel BROWN, who are found on the 1860 census for Homer Twp, Will Co., IL. Their children were Sarah Ann, Thomas, Mary Ann, Robert, Nancy, and Rodney Alexander, all probably born in Welland Co., Ontario, Canada. I have an April, 1883 letter, written by Nancy to her Clark cousins, from Goodings Grove. In it, she mentions the deaths of her mother and husband, her brother Thomas and sister Sarah, her uncles David and Brad CLARK, and her aunt Nancy Clark WATT of Mississippi.

BABCOCK, BURVILLE, CLARK, COOL, HOFFMAN, MINARD, NOBLES; posted by Joan Cool, Jan 4, 1999 Father: Lorenzo D. BURVILLE Birth: Jan 29, 1844 in Hinkley, Ohio Death: Sept. 14, 1918 in Crete, IL Burial: in Mt. Greenwood Parents – Father: Reuben BURVILLE; Mother: Lucretia BABCOCK Marriage: Nov 17, 1870 in IL Mother: Harriet COOL Birth: June 9, 1848 in Batchelors Grove, IL Death: Oct. 5, 1918 in Crete, IL Burial: in Mt. Greenwood Parents – Father: Benjamin COOL; Mother: Jane NOBLES Children: Child No. 1: Annie Jane BURVILLE Birth: August 31, 1871 in Crete Township, IL Death: Burial: Marriage: January 31, 1895 in Crete, IL Spouse: Franklin B. MINARD Child No. 2: Benjamin Reuben BURVILLE Birth: March 23, 1873 in Crete, IL Death: March 11, 1955 in Hutchinson, Minnesota Burial: Marriage: May 9, 1900 in Brownton, Minnesota Spouse: Emma Idella HOFFMAN Child No. 3: Charles Marion BURVILLE Birth: February 9, 1880 in Crete Township, IL Death: March 13, 1921 in Blue Island, IL Burial: in Mt. Greenwood Marriage: Not married Spouse: Child No. 4: Hiram Dean BURVILLE Birth: November 20, 1879 in Crete Township, IL Death: December 16, 1961` Burial: Marriage: October 6, 1906 in Michigan Spouse: Ida Belle CLARK Notes / Documentation:

BURVILLE, COOL, MINARD; posted by Joan Cool, Jan 4, 1999 Father: Franklin B. MINARD Birth: 1870 in Grant Park, IL Death: Burial: Parents – Father: Unknown; Mother: Unknown Marriage: January 31, 1895 in Crete, IL Mother: Annie Jane BURVILLE Birth: August 31, 1871 in Crete Township, IL Death: Burial: Parents – Father: Lorenzo BURVILLE; Mother: Harriet COOL Children: Child No. 1: Marjorie MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 2: Everett MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 3: Merwin MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 4: Helen B. MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 5: Franklin MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 6: Lorenzo MINARD Birth: Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Notes / Documentation:

ALLEN, BICKNESS, BLUME, CHESTER, DROWN, MAW, MEYER, TALBOTT; posted by Jacey Norton, Jan 18, 1999 Dewitt C. ALLEN and wife Dorcas Ann TALBOTT in Will Co by 1880, in Orland Twnshp; in Joliet by 1900. Dewitt b 1848 in NY or PA, son of John ALLEN and Elizabeth CHESTER. Dorcas b 1846 in England(?). Married 04 Sept 1866 in Joliet, Will Co, but residents of Wauponsee, Grundy Co, IL. First child, my maternal gr grandfather, William Henry ALLEN b Mar 1867 in Grundy Co; mar Sophia Mary MEYER on 28 Mar 1891. She b Nov 1872 in Mason Co, IL, dau of Diedrich MEYER and Anna Sophia Mary BLUME. William and Sophia moved from Joliet to MN about 1905, finally settling in Polk Co, MN, both died there. Other children of Dewitt and Dorcas: Ida Mae (MAW), Edward, Herman, Thomas, Libbie (DROWN) and Clara Jane (BICKNESS). Dorcas died Sept 1880, possibly in Will Co; Dewitt died in 1917, location unknown. Looking for William’s siblings and any lines connecting with this family.

FITZGERALD, SULLIVAN; posted by John Hartmann, Jan 18, 1999 FITZGERALD, Mary Ann (c1822- 1884) Mary Ann Fitzgerald, born c1822 parish of Pallasgrean, Co. Limerick, married 1840 to Thomas SULLIVAN (c1800-1881) in Joliet, Will Co., Illinois By 1841, the couple had moved to Toronto, Ontario. Seeking additional information on Mary Ann FITZGERALD, such as names of parents and siblings. Parents are not listed on marriage record.

CARTER, RUARK; posted by Scott Carter, Jan 22, 1999 When my great grandfather, James Thomas CARTER died in 1935 the Pekin Daily Times listed his brother , William H. CARTER as ling in Joliet, Will County. William was born about 1878 to Andrew M. and Martha RUARK CARTER in Fulton County, IL. Any information be greatly appreciated.

BAERCHECK, HARMES, KARNES, ROBERTSON; posted by Dottie Carque, Jan 29, 1999 Am searching for any BAERCHECK’s. Particularly need info on Dr. Charles M. BAERCHECK and his wife Helena J HARMES. Both died and buried in Joliet. Helena died 28 July 1878 and Charles died 30 March 1895 and buried in St.John Catholic Cemetery, Joliet. Thanks

ELLSAESSER, ZINGREBE; posted by Kathy Burkhardt, Jan 30, 1999 Am looking for information on Johanna ELLSAESSER born Dec 15, 1835 and died in Will county Aught 17, 1882. Her husband was George William ZINGREBE born June 17, 1833 and died Feb. 25, 1907.

BURD, HEALY, LEONARD; posted by Maria Dillon, Feb 1, 1999 I am researching the George William BURD Family. He was born about 1840 in New Hampshire. About 1855-1860 he married Maria Burd LEONARD. She had 3 children by a prior marriage. Maria, Susan and John. She had two or three children by her second Marriage to George Wm. BURD, a son George Wm. BURD Jr. and a daughter Nellie who married Timothy HEALY about 1895.

DRAKE; posted by Dorcas Beaver, Feb 6, 1999 Joel DRAKE was listed in the 1860 census for Will County, Illinois – Lake Creek Twp. Does anyone have information about this person? My Joel DRAKE lived in Butler County, Ohio and then in Morgan County, Indiana. Could the Joel DRAKE in the 1860 census be the same? Thanks. Dorcas Beaver

GABEL, HOMMERDING; posted by Judy Swan, Feb 12, 1999 Looking for information on origins of Nicholas HOMMERDING and Anna GABEL who were married in Will County in 1863. Anna died in 1880; unknown when Nicholas died. Some of their children ended up in Iowa.

HEFTER, HUNT; posted by Tom Hefter, Feb 15, 1999 George and Addie HEFTER + children Richard, Fred, Thomas: Any information on Addie (HUNT)(b ca. 1872 Ill) and George HEFTER (b 1859 ME)in Joliet during ca. 1900 would be greatly appreciated. Thet had at least three children while there: Richard, Frederick and Thomas b. Sep 1902. The 1900 census listed the name as “Heafter”, Addie’s name as “Eda”, Fred’s name as “Fread” etc. That’s the only record or data I’ve obtained so far. George is my grandfather and Thomas is my father. Thanks, Tom Hefter

CHRISTIANSEN, GUENTHER, GUETHER, WILKINS; posted by Rita Slivinski, Feb 22, 1999 In search on of any information pertaining to the above surnames. Family lived mainly in Green Garden Township.

BASKERVILLE, FITZPATRICK, KEILY, TUCKER; posted by Millie Tucker, Feb 22, 1999 I would like to hear from anyone that has information on Mary Ann BASKERVILLE. Died around 1898, buried Wilmington, IL

BIRKETT, KROHN, MOTTINGER, NEWSOME, VARLEY, WHIPPLE; posted by Patricia L. Varley, Feb 26, 1999 researching the Thomas and Mary (Newsome) VARLEY. Thomas born in Yorkshire England, Wilberfoss–late 1700’s. He came to America about 1850. Interested in anyone researching this family will share all information. Pat

BARDWELL, CHURCH, SUTLIFF; posted by Janice Oakley, Mar 3, 1999 Would like to contact any descendants of Silas Beeman SUTLIFF, born 1813 NY, died 20 July 1854 in Joliet, Will Co.,Illinois. Silas was an owner and captain of canal boats in Joliet. He married Almira BARDWELL in Lorain Co., Ohio in 1837 and they had 2 children: Anna SUTLIFF born abt 1838 and married a Mr. CHURCH; George SUTLIFF born abt 1840 and died in the Civil War.

KINSELLA, SALMON; posted by Louise K. Mikovec, Mar 12, 1999 My grt-grandfather was born somewhere in Ill.(possibly Will. Cty. in 1861. His name was John T. KINSELLA. His fater’s name was William & mother’s was Bridget SALMON. i believe he had at least 2 brothers, James & Thomas (I think), that came with him to Omaha Ne. for a time about 1890 or so. I would appreciate any info. at all.

DILLON, SCOBELL; posted by Mary Gibson, Apr 1, 1999 I would like to find out information on Johanna DILLON, born 07/10/1859 in Joliet and died 04/26/1937; burried in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery. she was the mother of Peter Dillon and Catherine Dillon. Peter Dillon was born 03/10/1886 and died 07/23/1948; he was burried in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Catherine Dillon, I need information on, she is sister to Peter and her birthdate should be close to his. She married Harry SCOBELL, they moved to Coal City and after he died she moved to Witt, Illinois. Any information about this family would be appreciated.

BUNTE, LUEKEN, SCHULTZ; posted by Maricela Amezcua, Apr 3, 1999 Friedrich BUNTE came to the U.S. around 1863-64. He married Wilhelmine SCHULTZ on May 14, 1871 by Rev. Lossner at St. Paul’s in Beecher, Il. They had one son named Heinrich BUNTE who was born on March 7, 1872. Mr. BUNTE unfortunately died July 18, 1874. Henry BUNTE married Mary Christine LUEKEN on March 9, 1898 in Peotone, Will Co. Il.at her parents home. They had 6 children- one of which is my grandfather Edwin BUNTE.

CARPENTER, COLE, HOLDEN; posted by Dell Kasuk, Apr 3, 1999 CARPENTER, Joseph born about 1830 in Canada, married to Susan HOLDEN, b. abot 1831 in Vermont. Susan and Joseph may have lived for a short time in New York where their daughter, Susan was born abt. 1847. Their other children were Louisa, Joseph, Levi, Louis and Laidennia all born in Illinois. In 1860. Joseph and Susan lived in the north end of Section 4 in Green Garden Twp of Will County, Illinois. Susan’s parents were Abel E. HOLDEN and Amy COLE, her brother was Dexter HOLDEN of Lockport. Susan was mentioned in her father’s will in 1883, but have no knowledge of her after that date. Am looking for additional information on Susan and/or her children.

BERGERA, DORSEY, GAVICAN, GAVIGAN; posted by Tom Reed, Apr 5, 1999 I am working on a history of the DORSEY & GAVICAN families of Wilmington, Will Co., IL. Specifically, I am looking for these lost family members (1) Michael DORSEY (b. ca. 1850 Washingto Co. NY) left Wilmington for Chicago ca. 1880. Later said to have moved to Texas (2) Murtaugh DORSEY (b. ca 1852 Washington Co., NY) married a woman from Kankakee and said to have moved to Chicago (3) Any information on James GAVIGAN (. b. unk d. unk) who was said to have served in the Spanish-American War In return, I have fairly complete family history and lineage of James DORSEY (b. 1869 d. 1939) Wilmington, Will Co., IL and his wife Madeline Lauretta (Emma) (BERGERA) including James’ parents and grand patents. Can trace GAVICAN family back to County Longford, Ireland and DORSEY family to County Tipperary North Riding (probable)

DWYER, KEIGHER, WALSH; posted by Michael A. McGowan, Apr 7, 1999 The Will County Illinois 1860 census lists John McGowan as 38 yrs of age and Margaret Ann his wife as 34. This backs up St. Patrick’s cemetery (Joliet) data for John and Margaret, roughly, he was born in 1821 and she in 1824. John and Margaret were married February 23rd 1851 in Joliet, Illinois. (1851 is as far back as I can get on this family) From the Illinois marriage certificate for their son, Alexander G. McGowan and Ellen WALSH, we’ve got Margaret’s maiden as McGowan. We took this as evidence of what had been family lore that a McGowan married a McGowan. Which means that I have two families of McGowans to untangle in the Joliet, Illinois area. The census and marriage license both list the birthplaces of John and Margaret McGowan (my gg grandparents) as Ireland. We’ve also learned the children’s names from one of six deeds used to settle the estate of John and Margaret Ann. I don’t have a middle initial for John. One family story suggests John may have come over with his siblings and/or parents and first settled in Wisconsin (Pontiac) I have no evidence of this, and could not find any reference to a Pontiac, Wisconsin. I’ve no idea of what year. Most if not all the McGowans I know and have been able to document are descendants of four brothers that moved from Illinois to the Fonda, Iowa area around 1907. Fonda is in the Northwest part of the state. These brothers were Michael F. b. 1854, John Edward b. 1858, known as Edward, Alexander Gabriel b. 1863, known as A.G., and Luke Aloysius b. 1871. All of these men are buried in the Fonda, Iowa cemetery in Pocahontas County. One sister also moved to Iowa, Harriet, b.1860. She and her husband Phillip Murphy are also listed as living in Pocahontas County Iowa in 1907. We believe Harriet had been married to a man in Illinois named Thomas McGrath and was widowed with two daughters. Phillip was her second husband. What we do know is that the McGowans who moved to Iowa are five of at least ten children of John and Margaret who resided in Manhattan or Wilton Center, Illinois in Will County. The names of the other Children are William, b. 1852, known when a young man as “Billy”, Kathryn L. b. 1865, (known as Kate) wife of Frank DWYER, Henry b. 186?, all of whom remained in Will County, Illinois and Ellen, b. 186?, wife of John KEIGHER, of nearby Kankakee, Co. Illinois. Of these siblings we know little more than their names. Billy is credited with starting the campaign that incorporated Manhattan, Illinois so that he could legally get a liquor license and open a saloon. The land deed we have, records them as the nine surviving children of John and Margaret in 1907 when their estate was settled. We are interested in but do not know the name of a fourth daughter who died of burns and injuries suffered when her clothing caught fire as a child. Hopefully we can find some evidence that will help us learn of what’s be come of that part of our family that remained in Illinois, and where the family came from in Ireland. Margaret died in 1875, and I suspect then, that the estate was settled following John’s death in 1907. Anyone who may know of this family I would appreciate a reply, if you prefer, please e-mail me directly. Thank you in advance for any effort and assistance.

GORANSON, MAGNUSON; posted by Merle Blasjo, Apr 14, 1999 Bessie GORANSON, daughter of David Fabian GORANSON and Amanda GORANSON (nee MAGNUSON), born 8/11/1901 in Joliet, Will County.

DUMKE, PEARSON; posted by Twila Dumke Yednock, Apr 16, 1999 Searching for info on grandparents Henry DUMKE and Emma PEARSON DUMKE. He worked in a large greenhouse as a grower. Came from NY to Joliet, Will Co, IL. She immigrated in 1903 from Sweden, worked as housekeeper. Possible for large house,(historical site) near Richards St. May have lived with brother August PEARSON. Marriage date?

ANDREWS, FLEMING; posted by Marguerite Jewel, Apr 18, 1999 I am looking for the surname of ANDREWS in Will Co Ill.The Family was in Crete township in 1880 John and Mary ANDREWS and 8 childern.John,Joeseph,Selia,William,Matilda,Eliza,James,Lotte Thank you

NORTON; posted by Kay Norton Smalley, May 2, 1999 Hiram NORTON. I am looking for descendants of Hiram NORTON. He lived in Lockport, Will Co., from about 1838 until his death in 1875. He had the following children: Lemuel Dickinson, Samuel Warner, Harriet, Charles Almond, John Lyman, and Mary by his second wife, Rhoda Kingsley Warner. He had three sons by his third wife Elizabeth Safier: James, Edward and George. John Lyman NORTON spent his entire life in Lockport. I do not know what happened to any of the others. Any assistance would be appreciated!

BAIRD, COLE, FERO, FULLER, JURGENSEN, LEWIS, ROSCOE, WALDO; posted by Kathy Schaefer, May 11, 1999 Seeking information on the David A. ROSCOE family who moved from Oneida County, NY to Will County, IL abt. 1868. The family resided first in Peotone and than later in Crete. David ROSCOE was b. 1823 NY; m. 1854 NY to Mary Crosby FERO; d. 1884, NE) Their children were: Nancy ROSCOE (b.1855,NY; m. 1875 John A. BAIRD Peotone; d. 1913 Peotone, IL) Martha A. ROSCOE (b. 1857,NY; d. 1875 Peotone) William Harlow ROSCOE (b. 1859 NY; m. 1882 Lena M. JURGENSEN; d. 1947, NE) Sherman Issac ROSCOE (b. 1862 NY; m. 1883 Martha A.C. FULLER; d. 1948, IA) George C. ROSCOE (b. 1864 NY; m. ?? Mary C. Boggs; d. 1952 NE) Franklin A. ROSCOE (b. 1866 NY m. ?? Anna Robinson; d. ??) Erwin Ward ROSCOE (b. 1868 Peotone; d 1886 Peotone) Bertrus Francis ROSCOE (b. 1870 Peotone; m. 1891 Sarah Elizabeth WALDO NE; d. 1957 IA) Edward Wright ROSCOE (b. 1874 Peotone; m. 1897 Inez G. COLE; d. ??? Charles Doyle ROSCOE (b. 1876 Peotone; m. 1898 Edna Mae LEWIS (married in NE but made first home in Crete, IL); d. 1962 WA. Any information appreciated. Would be interested in corresponding with anyone else researching this family.

BARTLETT, BAUER, CAMPBELL, COURTRIGHT, DAR, ELDRIDGE, HELLMAN, RAMEY, WILDER, WRIGHT; posted by Paul Ramey, May 13, 1999 Can anyone help me find parents of Samuel B WRIGHT below? ————————————————— ancestry of Paul RAMEY Jr revision of 11-14-98 ancestry of my gf Robert Jerome WRIGHT mother’s great grandparents William CAMPBELL b 10/8/1817 New York City d 9/29/1888 probably Koshkonong,WI wife Emily S. BARTLETT b 7/13/1824 New York City or Sherburne,NY d 8/3/1897 probably Koshkonong,WI m 6/26/1843 Lockport,Will County,IL parents of Marie (or Maxie?) Louise CAMPBELL b 1845 mother’s grandparents Samuel B WRIGHT b 10/5/1843 Plainfield,Will County,IL d 12/23/1928 Greeley,Weld County,CO age 85 obit: Greeley Tribune,Monday 12/24/1928 pg 1 wife Marie Louise CAMPBELL DAR national number 64860 b 9/17/1845 Koshkonong,WI d 03/23/1930 Greeley,CO obit: Greeley Tribune,Monday 03/24/1930 pg 1 m 5/27/1869 parents of Robert Jerome WRIGHT, mother’s father Louise had unusual intellectual and musical gifts. Because of this her parents sent her to special schools in Joliet, Illinois and Norwich,Chenango County, NY. After graduating she taught until she married Samuel in 1869. The S. B. Wrights were early pioneers in Greeley, Weld County, Colorado. In spring of 1870 Sam went to Greeley with the “Union Colony”. In the fall 1870 Louise went to Greeley with the “Chicago-Colorado” colony to join Sam. They lived in Greeley until death and had 5 children there. Sam was a farmer. He became a member of the Greeley Board of Trustees. Then he became Mayor of Greeley. While Mayor Sam had many trees planted which now beautify Lincoln Park and the local college campus. Sam was a great nature lover and frequenter of the mountains. On his bday every year to age 80 he climbed Long’s Peak one of Colorado’s highest at 14,256 ft. children of Sam and Louise: Nana Lulu, Mrs Ben C HELLMAN, m 04/02/1898 Robert Jerome WRIGHT, my gf Winifred Campbell WRIGHT, Mrs Lincoln H WILDER of Burley,Idaho Lois, Mrs David BAUER of Greeley,CO Sam’s obit says both his parents were born in New York City. We dont know their names or anything about them. mother’s parents Robert Jerome WRIGHT b 12/15/1883 in Greeley,Weld County,Colorado d 2/23/1961 in Denver,Arapahoe County,Colorado obit Greeley Daily Tribune 02/25/1961 pg 6 wife Mabel COURTRIGHT b 12/30/1887 in Ruthven,Palo Alto County,Iowa d in Sterling,Logan County,Colorado m 9/8/1909 in Greeley,Weld County,Colorado (Sept 7 in Weld County Genealogy Society marriage book) children: my mother James C WRIGHT of Denver & Golden,CO Robert C WRIGHT of Billings,Montana R. J. WRIGHT was a degreed civil engineer. He was a key figure in the development of irrigation in the South Platte valley. He served as engineer on construction of North Sterling, Prewitt, and Julesburg reservoir systems. He was an early administrator and coordinator of the North Sterling and Prewitt irrigation systems. He was on the board of the Northern CO Water Users Association and one of its 1st directors. He was on the 1st board of the Northern CO Water Conservancy District. parents of Mabel COURTRIGHT were James Henry COURTRIGHT and wife Ella May ELDRIDGE both born in Iowa and married in Iowa 11/28/1882. We think they went to Greeley in 1890. In 1915 they moved to Kimball,NE. We think Mabel lived in Greeley from about age 3 until she married Robert and they moved to Sterling,CO. my parents Dr Paul Maynard RAMEY b 8/21/1910 in Sterling,Logan,Colorado d 1981 in Fort Worth,Tarrant,Texas wife DAR national number 406808 b: 9/19/1913 in Sterling,Logan,Colorado d: 1953 in Boston, MA m: 1935 ? in Sterling,Logan,Colorado ———————————————————- also researching ancestors of surnames Bartlett, Campbell, Courtright, Eldridge, Holden, Newton, Ramey

DONOVAN, DOYLE, EVANS, GIRARD, MEAD, PISUT, VALEK; posted by Jack Doyle, May 14, 1999 I am looking for information about these families from Will County: DOYLE, DONOVAN, EVANS, GIRARD, VALEK, MEAD, and PISUT. Most are from Joliet.

GUTHRIE; posted by Susan Norton, May 15, 1999 Will County Edna GUTHRIE died Dec 1966, born 2-20-1883 Trying to find out if 1 looking for. Mine: Edna Page Davis GUTHRIE, born 1883 New Lexington, Ohio, married to Thomas GUTHRIE. Also, looking for birth record Jack Leroy GUTHRIE, born 10-1-1921 Cook Co., adopted by Guthries. Sent to Cook Co., said no record there of birth. Thanks.

KINGSLEY, NORTON, WARNER; posted by Kay Norton Smalley, May 16, 1999 Samuel and Maria WARNER were living in Homer township, Will Co. Illinois in 1840. I suspect that Samuel, at least, died here before 1850. Can anyone tell me what cemeteries I should look in with just this information? Samuel was also related to Rhoda KINGSLEY who married Hiram NORTON and died in the Lockport area in about 1843. Any information on any of these individuals would be greatly appreciated.

RICE; posted by Joan Reed, June 4, 1999 I am looking for any information pertaining to Madison RICE. He is listed on the 1850 census of Crete, Will Co., Ill. I am trying to connect him to my Madison RICE who was in Gainsville, Cooke Co., Tx. in 1870. He would have been born about 1834 in Ill. His wife was named Elizabeth ?. They had at least the following children: Eliza, Mary, Henry C., Abbe A., and George. The children were all born in Tx. Any information about Madison and his parents, siblings, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joan

RYBOLT; posted by Mick Rybolt, June 9, 1999 Looking for information on my grandfather, Homer Henry RYBOLT who served as principal in the town of Crete, Illinois (Will County) in the mid to late 1920s in an old schoolhouse which burnt down before 1930. He had four daughters, Cleo, Faith, Beatrice, Dorothy and had one son named James. I believe they all may have attended the school too….

DARR, SOWERS; posted by Karen Zach, June 10, 1999 Lewis SOWERS and Lear DARR came to Fairmont, Will County, IL sometime after marrying in Parke County, Indiana Feb 7, 1856. Their known children were: David, Elijah, Sarah E, Mary P and America. Lewis is my ancestors brother and would like to correspond with his descendants.

BUELL, SCHERMERHORN, WILLARD; posted by Audrey Peters, June 15, 1999 WILLARD in Channahon,Will Co,IL. I would like to contact members of this family. I am trying to ascertain the relationships of early WILLARD’s buried in the “original plot” of Willard Grove Cemetery. Who were the parents,siblings, and grandchildren of Reuben WILLARD born in NY and moved to Channahon about 1835? 1 Reuben WILLARD . +Mary SCHERMERHORN 1820 – …2 Cornelius WILLARD 1837 – 1906 Civil War Vet …2 Elizabeth WILLARD 1839 – …2 Josephine WILLARD 1840 – 1901 …….+Norton BUELL 1824 – 1908 …2 William A. WILLARD 1847 – 1912 Civil War Vet …2 Tharion? WILLARD 1852 –

PERADOTTI, PERONA; posted by P. Carrington, June 16, 1999 Looking for relatives of Andrew Bernard PERONA born in or around Braidwood,in Will County, Illinois. Son of Johanna PERADOTTI and John PERONA.

CANTWELL, FOGARTY; posted by Sheila Brockman, June 20, 1999 I am seeking information about Edward and Catherine FOGARTY. They are buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Joliet, IL. Edward was born 1801 and died in 1888, Catherine was born in 1803 and died in 1881. They are the parents of Bridget FOGARTY CANTWELL. She was born in 1837, married Patrick CANTWELL and had seven children – Elizabeth, James, Thomas, Mary, Edward, John and Michael. They lived in Minooka, but Bridget is also buried in St. Patrick’s, Joliet. If anyone if researching this line, please contact me. Also, it anyone knows where information about the people buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery can be gained, please let me know! Thank you,

BURNS, MCMANAMAN; posted by Debbie Byrne, June 21, 1999 Looking for information on Bridgett MCMANAMAN and husband Thomas BURNS. They were married in Will Co., January 16, 1854. Bridgett is buried at St. James Sag Bridge cemetary, in Lemont, IL. She died February 23, 1855 at the age of 20 years and 1 month. They were married by a traveling priest, Michael O’Donnell, from St. Dennis Church, Lockport.

DITTMER, HASSELBRING, HEIDEMANN; posted by Susan Bezjian, June 21, 1999 Around 1870, a mill near Beecher, on property owned, to the best of my knowledge by Herman Ehlers, was operated by Henry DITTMERand Henry HEIDEMANN. Henry Heidemann was my great-grandfather, and Henry Dittmer was his step-brother. I am interested in learning as much as I can about this mill, and locating a picture of the mill is such a photo exists. I am also attempting to locate records of the marriage of the parents of these men, William Heidemann and Marie Dittmer HASSELBRINGHeidemann. William Heidemann came to Will County in 1859. I am told that she came, as a widow, in 1857, with three children. Henry D and Henry H moved back to Will County as young adults to operate this mill. Please share with me any information you have about this family. Thank you!

DUBRAVEC; posted by Richard Brunson, June 25, 1999 Will County – George DUBRAVEC – Looking for obituary information. Died August 3, 1954 in Illinois State Prison Joliet IL. Lived in Lockport IL according to death certificate. Name and address of newspaper please.

NISSEN, SCHEER, SNYDER, VAN DER; posted by Patty Carsella, June 29, 1999 Mitchell & Louise (SCHEER) VAN_DER John & Anna (SNYDER) SCHEER NISSEN I have recently moved into one of Frankfort’s older homes (which is a town in will county). I have been trying to research it’s age and the people who lived here. I am also interested in finding out if it has any “historical importance”. So far I have determined the house was built in 1889.

MORRIS; posted by Fred Morris, July 3, 1999 Looking for any information on J MORRIS and parents/family in Will County. J was born in Wilmington in 1855, and I think his parents names were Joseph and Catherine.

SPRAGUE, TORREY; posted by Ralph Sprague, July 3, 1999 Searching information on Horace E. SPRAGUE born Lockport, Will County, 1823 and his wife Nancy Emily TORREY, born Lockport, Will County, 1833.

RAYMOND, ROBINSON; posted by Harold Balter, July 5, 1999 I am searching for information on John RAYMOND and his wife Louisa F. RAYMOND they lived in Will County in 1850. Their daughter Harriet RAYMOND was married to James O. ROBINSON in Chicago July 17,1854 I would like any and all information that I can get on the RAYMOND family. Thanks so much for your time Harold

KURTH, MACHER; posted by Lisa Frasier, July 6, 1999 I am looking for any information on my grandfather and his family. His name was Adolph Adam Frederick MACHER, Jr. He was born Feb. 7, 1906 to Adolph MACHER, Sr. and Rosa KURTH. I understand that they lived in Joliet, Illinois. He died on December 11, 1954 in Wisconsin, but was buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Joliet. We have never had any further contact from them. Since both of my grandparents are now deceased, I would like to find out whatever information I can. He did have one son, who was born in Joliet in 1948, Frederick Owen MACHER. Any help would be appreciated. Lisa Frasier

EICHBICHLER, LEDIEU, MCKANNA, RANDOLPH; posted by Lydia Granda, July 7, 1999 researching these families in Will County.

WHITEMAN; posted by Bud Whiteman, July 10, 1999 birth of arthur WHITEMAN in joliet not sure of date .between years 1918 and 1921

RAYMOND, ROBINSON; posted by Laurie Woolbright, July 11, 1999 ROBINSON , RAYMOND families John RAYMOND & his wife Lousia lived in Will County daughter Harriet married James O.Robinson would like any info on the Raymond family, including other children , ect. James ROBINSON & Harriet RAYMOND were married at Chicago in 1854. children include: Emily Robinson born in Will Co Elizabeth Robinson Jennie Robinson (twin) born in Cook County 1866 Robert James Robinson (twin) ” near Lemont James C. Robinson Martha Robinson born in Kansas Lucinda Robinson ” the Robinson family lived near Lemont, Illinois. It is said James was a sailor. Any info appriciated. thanks.

COCKLE, FELL, GAWTHROP, JONES, OUTLAW, PEPPER; posted by Bill Gawthrop, July 11, 1999 GAWTHROP

JONES: Laura (1866-1883), Amos Wesley (1870 – ?), Oscar Cludy (1873-?), Christina Bell (1875-?) Nacy Harrison (1817 – 1876)

PEPPER: William (1825-1911)




All of Will County during and following the Civil War.

posted by Russ Czaplewski, July 17, 1999 Seek info on Will County churches. When was Holy Cross Catholic and St. Thaddeus church founded at Joliet? Were there a number of Polish families in these congregations, or others in the area?

HAUSER, HOUSER, JAG, JAKE, JAQUES, LAYMAN, LEHMAN, SCHUESSLER, SCHUSSLER, SEITZ, YACK; posted by Patrick A. Yack, July 18, 1999 I am searching for YACK, JAG, JAKE, JAQUES, SEITZ, SCHUESSLER or SCHUSSLER LEHMAN or LAYMAN, HOUSER or HAUSER. My great great grandparents were among the early settlers of Will County, coming there in the early 1830s. My great grand father, Simon Yack, owned and operated a restaurant and barber Shop at the turn of the century in Joliet. My great, great grandfather’s name was Michael. His wife’s name was Theresa. Michael died sometime in the early 1850s. They were Catholics and among the early parishners of St. Patricks. They later were members of St. Johns. They had a number of children, including a John, Peter, Susan, Mary, Matilda and Simon. Any help would be appreciated because I am stuck

CLYDE, HANSEL, STICHLER, STICKLER; posted by Martha Clyde, July 21, 1999 Looking for leads on the CLYDE, HANSEL, STICHLER,(STICKLER)family, some of the CLYDE family is buried in Plainfield, Will Co., IL. Looking for any lead on Isaac CLYDE who may have left IL in the early 1900’s. Not much info on the Thomas HANSEL/Catherine STICHLER line. Thanx!

DRAUDEN, GASPER, KAYSER, KORT, MYERS, RALSTIN, RAUSCH; posted by Georgann Mefferd, Aug 1, 1999 Looking for information on Peter RAUSCH b. July 11, 1832 in Prussia. Moved to Plainfield, Will Co., IL. Wife: Katherine (Katy) MYERS. Moved to Wilson Co., KS mid 1870’s. Had sister Elizabeth RAUSCH m. DRAUDEN. That family stayed in Will County. Peter died October 11, 1894 in Wilson Co., KS. Katie died August 30, 1914 in Chanute, Neosho Co., KS. Peter/Katy’s children: Mary Elizabeth m. John GASPER Edward M. b. August 31, 1866 Will Co. d. March 19, 1949 in Neosho Co., KS John W. b. June 3, 1869 Will Co., d. March 11, 1940 in Ks. m. Katie KORT in Neosho Co., KS Michael Peter b. April 2, 1870 in Plainfield, Will Co. d. March 17, 1949 in Wilson Co., Ks. m. Lucy Elizabeth KAYSER. Albert Joseph b. September 7, 1873 in Plainfield, Will Co. d. 1939 in Thayer, Neosho Co., KS m. Mabel Francis Jones. Clara M. b. ca 1875 m. D.T. RALSTIN.

REDDEN; posted by Al Martin, Aug 1, 1999 Peter J REDDEN father, George REDDEN son, of Elwood,Will co. I would like any decendents of these REDDEN’s to contact me.

JOHNSON; posted by Jeff Johnson, Aug 3, 1999 Searching for more information on Millard Filmore JOHNSON, born jul 7 1852 in Beecher, Will Co., Ill. His fathers name was Exion or Erion according to his death certif but was Aaron according to faimily history. He had at least two siblings, two brothers named Michael and Louis. Look forward to hearing from anyone with additional info on Millard or Aaron.

COPE, LUND, WALLMARTTE; posted by Joy Mulholland, Aug 4, 1999 Looking for any information on Henry COPE b.12-13-1843 d.1-23-1915 in Will County. He married Lottie WALLMARTTE(sp?)m.7-6-1865.They Lottie Alice COPE 5-11-1866d.5-27-1928.She was a High School Principle in Joliet. Never married. My GGrandfather was Henry Lindley COPE b.5-5-1871 d.9-25-1940 m.6-20-1905 to Mary Isabelle LUND. They had 4-5 children my Grandfather being Richard COPE Sr.b.10-20-1915 in Will County d.1-1985 in Florida. Any information will be appreciated.

HENSEL; posted by Linda Matthews, Aug 4, 1999 Does anyone know whether the Joliet State Prison has prisoner records back to 1902? I have a cousin Charles Arthur HENSEL who was convicted and sentenced to life in Joliet for murdering his wife in Bureau County, IL. I know he was in prison in 1903 but was out and going to family reunions starting in 1911. Would like to find out when he was released and why? Thanks for any help or advice. Linda

CHASE, FAHS, GLOSS, KERR, SCHMIDT, SCHRYER, TOBIAS, WILLARD, WINSLOW; posted by Glorianne Fahs, Aug 8, 1999 Tobias FAHS, born 02 September 1811, Graceham, Frederick, MD, died January 1900, Peotone, Will, IL; married 03 April 1833, Frederick Co., MD, to Araminta WILLARD, born 22 September 1812, Frederick Co., MD, died November 1900, Peotone, Will, IL. Children were: Harriet Septimia born 18 October 1833 (married Christian SCHRYER), James Abraham born 28 November 1835 (married Ruth Eliza WINSLOW), Victoria Elizabeth born 08 November 1837 (married August CHASE), Julia Catherine born 13 November 1839 (married John Summerfield GLOSS), Amelia E. born 08 November 1841, Maria C. born 14 March 1844 (married Joseph J. TOBIAS), Arnold R. born 10 September 1846, David Wesley born 18 March 1850 (married Jennie Matilda KERR), Cornelius L. born 21 March 1853 (married Mary A. SCHMIDT). Can anyone fill me in on marriage dates for these people? Also, I would like to hear from descendants.

LYNSKEY, LYNSKY, WELLS; posted by David Buzzek, Aug 8, 1999 Looking for information on Mary Catherine LYNSKY Or LYNSKEY, who became adopted daughter or guardian of William and Annie WELLS of Braidwood and Chicago.

FORD, MCVICAR, MILLEKAN; posted by Jan McNeill, Aug 13, 1999 I am looking for anyone from the James B. MILLEKAN family who married Elizabeth MCVICAR Nov. 22, 1881 in Joliet, Will County. Also Francis FORD and Mary MCVICAR family. I have photos to share.

HUNSLER, SCHIRREY; posted by Dan Buehler, Aug 15, 1999 I am looking for information on SCHIRREY and HUNSLER between 1881 and 1888. I know that Anna HUNSLER married Anthony Schirrey on 2 Dec 1882 in Braidwood and that an infant Schirrey died in 1884.

SUTER, SUTTER; posted by Ruth Ann Miller, Aug 15, 1999 Looking for Mary SUTER or SUTTER and her 4 daughters. According to my ggrandfather’s civil war papers she and her daughters were put in the county poor farm as they didn’t have any man to earn for them. Mary was partially deaf and dumb as was her daughter Mary. Mary was born 1807 in Bargen, Switz. She and her husband and 6 children came to Will county in July of 1852. Christian SUTER died in Aug. or Sep. Jacob Baumgartner tried to help the widow. He and his brother buried the father. Mary’s daughters were Anna b 1840, Mary b 1835, Elizabeth b 1844 and Margaret b 1847. Margaret makes it to MN about 1875 or so. We never hear about the remaining three daughter’s and only a Mary SUTER (possibly one daughter as the age is right) is on the Troy Poor House census in 1860. On the civil war pension papers it said that Mary SUTER (the mother) died in 1871 in the poor farm. Any help you could give me would sure be appreciated.

BATES, BOYD, DONNELLY; posted by Pat Morris, Aug 16, 1999 I am looking for information on John William Grant BOYD, born July 4, 1870 in Braidwood, Will Co., Illinois. His father was James L. BOYD and his mother was Mary DONNELLY. John married Evaline BATES of Wayne Co., Iowa on March 19, 1891. Any information on this BOYD family of Braidwood, Will Co., Illinois would be appreciated.

RANDOLPH; posted by Richard A Randolph, Aug 16, 1999 My grandfather – Clarence Lewis Randolph of Wilmington, Illinois, Will county, died Jan.10, 1923, I believe he is buried in Star Grove cemetery but cannot confirm this as there is no inscription on some of the stones. Perhaps he didn’t have have a stone? Could anyone please confirm his burial site and location. Thank you

BARON; posted by Yvonne Johnson, Aug 20, 1999 Would like to correspond with anyone related to or researching the BARON family of Will County, IL

FORD, MCVICAR, MILLIKAN; posted by Jan McNeill, Aug 24, 1999 Looking for people with info on Francis Marion FORD and his wife Mary MCVICAR m. July 30, 1881 in Joliet, Will County, IL.

MCVICAR, MILLIKAN; posted by Jan McNeill, Aug 24, 1999 Looking for info on James B. MILLIKAN and wife Elizabeth MCVICAR m. on Nov. 22, 1881 in Joliet, Will County, IL.

ASHTON; posted by Kari Sabrie, Aug 28, 1999 Any information on Thomas ASHTON Family, born in Will, Co., IL abt. 1860-1890.

WRIGHT; posted by Paul Ramey, Aug 29, 1999 Looking for anyone who can help me find identity of parents of my g-gf Samuel B WRIGHT b in Plainfield, Will County, Il about 1843 I think. Or find any info about them. We don’t even know their names. Thanks.

FITZPATRICK, HALLIGAN, WARD; posted by Karen Virkkala, Sep 4, 1999 Looking for information on two sisters…Eliza WARD and Catherine WARD…Eliza married Daniel FITZPATRICK in 1852 and Catherine married Stephen HALLIGAN in 1853. Both marriages took place at St. Dennis Church, Lockport, Will County. Thanks, KarenV

SALENA, SCHEFFLER; posted by Nancy Robbins, Sep 7, 1999 Looking for information on the family of Mrs Joseph SALENA. I am told she is the aunt of the Michel SCHEFFLER family who came to Will Co. in the early 1860’s. The story is that she was a aunt and sent money for their passage to America. Thank you for your time.

HEALY; posted by Pat Speakes, Sep 15, 1999 Cornelius Charles HEALY Joliet Illinois

JOHNSON; posted by Reba Gale, Sep 24, 1999 I would like to exchanges information on any JOHNSON families living in Will Co 1850 census 1860 and even 1870. Miles JOHNSON, Aaron JOHNSON, David JOHNSON, Millard Fillmore JOHNSON, Clay JOHNSON Thanks in advance Reba Johnson Gale

HENNINGS; posted by Karmen Johnstone, Oct 2, 1999 I am searching for information about my great-grandfather, Frank HENNINGS. He was born in Wilmington, in Will County, December 9 1857. I think his family was from Denmark. The other children in his family were, Catherine, Dory, Mary, John, George, Willie and Fred. John and Catherine HENNINGS were their parents. John fought in the Civil War. I’d appreciate any help I can get on researching this HENNINGS family. Thanks! Karmen Johnstone [email protected]

BUTLER, DICKSON; posted by John Andrews, Oct 6, 1999 Searching for any descendents of Andrew C. BUTLER who lived in Lockport, Will County. Andrew (we believe) immigrated from Abbeyshrule, County Longford, Ireland. He has three known childred born in the U.S. named Harry (Harold?), Annie, and Andrew. After the death of his wife, Andrew C. Butler returned to Ireland (we believe without his U.S. born children) and married a woman with the surname of DICKSON. From that marriage we know of one son named Dickson BUTLER or J. Dickson BUTLER.

Searching for any and all descendents of Andrew C. Butler. Your relatives in U.S. & Ireland are anxious to find all of you!!!

FRANK, SHEARER; posted by Jane Cart, Oct 8, 1999 Seeking information on siblings Ida Mae FRANK b. 1865 and William (or Willie/Billie) FRANK b. 1867. William was living in Will County with Andrew SHEARER family in 1880 census. (Listed as apprentice to farmer and attending school) Parents were born in Germany. I believe Ida and William were orphaned at an early age. I do not know their parents names.

DREW, FURMAN, OSBORNE; posted by Nancy Reitzler, Oct 8, 1999 My father, grandfather, grandmother, and Great grandfather all lived and died in Channahon, Will County, Illinois. They are buried in Will County Cemetery. I am searching for DREW, OSBORNE, FURMAN.

BAKER, MULCAHEY; posted by Marcia Stedman, Oct 10, 1999 I am looking for information on John Jay BAKER, married to Anna MULCAHEY. They had 6 children Olive, Jay, Leo, Marcel, Marion and Virginia. John died in 1934 and is probably buried in Joliet, Will Co.

CANFIELD, CAUFIELD, FALLON, POWERS; posted by Bette Kirchgatter, Oct 14, 1999 Looking for Luke POWERS, born Ireland, married Ellen FALLON/CANFIELD/CAUFIELD April 5, 1856 by Fr. P. Farrelly, Catholic Clergy; in Ill(Joliet, Minooka or Kendall Co). He was burried in Will Co, not sure if these children were born there?? Children William (1851/7), john, Thomas, Catherine, Margaret, James (b. 1839), Mary Ellen, Bridget and Lawrence. Thank you for any help.

DOUGHERTY, LYMAN; posted by Bette Kirchgatter, Oct 14, 1999 Looking for Dominick DOUGHERTY b. 1815 in Irel, m. Alice LYMAN b. 1816, Roscommer, England on May 14, 1841 in Will Co, Ill; children Mary Ann 1842, Martha 1843, Ellen 1845, Dominick 1847, Agnes 1849, Martha 1850 (second daughter with name) Thomas 1852, Rosa, 1855, John 1858. Dominick had bro’s Dennis, Thomas,and Peter. Any help appreciated.

MUNCH; posted by Torun S. Soknes, Oct 15, 1999 In connection with a thesis on Norwegian-American female physicians, I have to check out every student with a name that sounds even remotely Norwegian.

I am hoping that someone might be able to establish the origin (i.e. her parents’ and/or grandparents’ native country) of one Louise Lucy MUNCH for me. She was probably born in Joliet, Will County, around 1867-68. She graduated from the Northwestern University Woman’s Medical College in 1901. She died in Chicago September 4 1958. Any info is highly appreciated!

ELLIOT, ELLIOTT, HOLMES, MARCY, STOLP; posted by Holly Tamer, Oct 16, 1999 James Edward STOLP born ?1862 in Will,Ill siblings? married C-Katherine ELLIOT(T)? in Ill? her fathers first name?

Thomas STOLP married Eliza Ann HOLMES 7- 25-1847 in Will, Ill,other marriages? his parents Peter STOLP & Lois MARCY ?

Any Stolp information of this period,Thank you

McCHEYNE; posted by Bill Mutch, Oct 22, 1999 Sarah MCCHEYNE was reported to be born in Joliet on 17 Jun 1893. Her parents Samuel and Margaret were simply passing through but stopped to visit Sarah’s Aunt Agnes MCCHEYNE (Married name unknown !!). I would like to find Sarah’s birth record to see if there was a reference to a residence the was possibly the residience of Agnes. This is a tough request! I know.

KELLY, ROACH, RYAN, SINNOTT; posted by Ed Dolan, Oct 22, 1999 RYAN/ROACH: James RYAN mar. Anastasia ROACH 10 Aug. 1856, in Joliet. Lived there and in Braidwood. Had children: Mary and Moses (twins), John, Eliza, William D. (became secretary of United Mine Workers union, in late 19th cent.) and Catherine. William D. mar. Alice Theresa KELLY, 30 Nov. 1882, in Will Co. Alice: dau. of Thomas Kelly and Catherine SINNOTT. Thomas is buried in the Old Catholic Cemetery in Wilmington.

COSTELLO, EBERHART; posted by Connie Putnam, Oct 28, 1999 Mary Costello[Costilo] married Frank Eberhardt [Eberhart]in Will County 30 Dec 1880. At last I have a county to focus on!! The Costello parents [Daniel and Mary] came from Ireland; the Eberhart family was from Germany by way of New York. My direct line is William James Costello born in 1857 and who moved on to Iowa. His sister & her family and his mother are living in Iowa, Hampton, Franklin County by 1900. His father must have died. So I’d like to know about their Illinois experience, prior to moving back to research Ireland. Any others interested in these families?

ALCOX; posted by Billie Lee Rammelsberg, Oct 31, 1999 Looking for marriage records of either/or Stella “Winifred” ALCOX & Wilma ALCOX, where living in Harvey, Illinois in 1936, when their grandmother died. Their mother was Stella M. (Nelson) ALCOX, who must have remarried after her husband, Guy Ralph ALCOX was killed in an auto accident in 1921 in Polk Co., Iowa. Thanks, Billie Lee Rammelsberg P. O. Box 13 Blairstown, Iowa 52209-0013

BECKWITH, BORDEN, FRAZER, PIERSON; posted by W. Charlene Conklin, Oct 31, 1999 Family history records Sophremia Malvina FRAZER b Jan. 1849 in Wesley, IL, daughter of John FRAZER d 1868 Wesley, IL and Phobe S. BORDEN. IL Marriage site, lists Sophronia M. FRAZER m Alpheus W. PIERSON in Will Co. Jan. 24, 1872 and John FRAZER m Pheebe S. BECKWITH Nov. 16, 1847 in Will Co. Was there at one time a town Wesley in Will Co. or is this reference to the township? Any information about these families will be greatly appreciated.

FELLER, SEIBER, WILLMENG, WILLMING; posted by Dwyne Patrick, Nov 6, 1999 I am seeking information about Elizabeth Seiber FELLER born 13-01-1815 in Napierville (then Edwards County; now DuPage) IL. She married Bernard WILLMING/WILLMENG and died in Lockport, Will, Co., IL in 1887. I am looking for her parents/siblings and ancestors. Thanks in advance

BAKER, BARLOW, BAUCH, BAUMGARTNER, BENNETT, CHRISTIANSEN, FINK, GEUTHER, HANSEN, HARNACK, HERBST, LUHRING, MARTI, NIRLAND, SCHMIDT, SCHMUHL, SCHOOP, STEINBERG, WILKINS, ZECHLIN; posted by Rita Slivinski, Nov 7, 1999 Looking for any information pertaining to above surnames. Family lived mainly in Frankfurt, Will County, Illinois. Some moved to Manhattan, Green Garden, and Joliet.

BAUCH, BAUMGARTNER, BENNETT, FINK, GEUTHER, MARTI, NIRLAND, SCHMUHL, ZECHLIN; posted by Rita Slivinski, Nov 7, 1999 Looking for any information pertaining to above surnames. Ancestors lived mainly in Frankfurt, Will County, Illinois.

RANKIN, SHENK; posted by Matt Shenk, Nov 7, 1999 I am looking for information on Joseph SHENK and his wife Ellen RANKIN. They lived in Will County, IL and are buried in Oakwood cemetery in Custer Township.

KNAPP, McGOVNEY; posted by Mary Jane McGovney Czap, Nov 15, 1999 Looking for information on Nancy Crockett MCGOVNEY (b. 1829)and her husband,Warren KNAPP (b. about 1827). They were married in Will Co.,IL in 1850. Thanks.

GOULD, WARNER; posted by Carrol Warner, Nov 17, 1999 Asa P. WARNER, b 2 Dec 1833 in Mallery, Canada, married Eliza GOULD, b 15 Jun 1838, in Wilmington, Will County, IL. I am interested in any information about their parents.

DURKEE, GRAY, JENKS, MECHAM, NELSON; posted by Kathryn Young, Nov 17, 1999 Father: John NELSON Birth: ca1786 in Pennsylvania Death: May 1850 in Wilton, Will, Illinois Burial: Parents – Father: Unknown; Mother: Unknown Marriage: ca1815 in Ohio ? Mother: Elizabeth GRAY Birth: ca1792 in Wheeling, West Virginia Death: 1852 in Will County, Illinois Burial: Parents – Father: Unknown; Mother: Unknown Children: Child No. 1: McDonald NELSON Birth: ca1817 in Ohio ? Death: Bef. 1820 in Ohio Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 2: William T. NELSON Birth: 9 January 1818 in Butler County, Ohio Death: 11 December 1903 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois Burial: 13 December 1903 in Oakwood Cem., Wilmington, Illinois Marriage: 22 October 1848 in Shelby County, Illinois Spouse: Celia Annette DURKEE Child No. 3: Esther Jane NELSON Birth: ca1820 in Ohio Death: Aft. 1870 Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 4: Elizabeth NELSON Birth: ca1821 in Ohio Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 5: Sarah NELSON Birth: ca1822 in Ohio Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 6: Nancy NELSON Birth: ca1823 in Ohio Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 7: Samuel G. NELSON Birth: 8 May 1827 in Winchester, Randolph, Indiana Death: 1895 in Will County, Illinois Burial: 1895 in Sec. 3, Wilton Center Cem., Manhattan, Will, Illinois Marriage: 2 December 1852 in Will County, Illinois Spouse: No. 1, Abigail MECHAM Child No. 8: Mary A. NELSON Birth: ca1829 in Indiana Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 9: Daniel Mc. NELSON Birth: May 1831 in Montgomery County, Indiana Death: 1900 in Blue Island, Illinois Burial: in Sec. 3., Wilton Center Cem., Manhattan, Illinois Marriage: 24 September 1857 in Will County, Illinois Spouse: Emeline JENKS Notes / Documentation: Samuel G. Nelson m2. Sarah A. Thomas. Information from, Census; Will Co. History, 1878; Portrait & Bio. Album of Will Co., 1890; Cemetery records & photos from personal visit; Newspapers articles; Plat maps & Atlas; various Indiana Histories; Biographical Directory of the Indiana General Assembly, 1980; Mortality Schedule 1850 for Will County; War of 1812 Roster; Will & Probate records; Marriage & Death records; Will/Grundy Genealogical Society research; Land records (Ohio & Indiana); Masonic records; Obits; Joliet City Directory and advertisements; Manuscript collection of the Hon. William H. English, (Indiana Historical Society); personal letters. Notes: Would like to hear from those who are connected or descendants of this family. Does anyone have information on the girls of this family? Will share what I have. Thank you in advance. May the journey of your research be filled with joy – inbetween the bumps, Kay

DURKEE, FRINK, GRAY, HESTER, NELSON, RANKIN, SCROGGINS, WHITE; posted by Kathryn Young, Nov 18, 1999 Father: William T. NELSON Birth: 9 Janurary 1818 in Butler County, Ohio Death: 11 December 1903 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois Burial: 13 December 1903 in Oakwood Cem., Wilmington, Illinois Parents – Father: John NELSON; Mother: Elizabeth GRAY Marriage: 22 October 1848 in Shelby County, Illinois Mother: Celia Annette DURKEE Birth: 15 February 1825 in Indiana Death: 8 December 1888 in Wilmington, Will, Illinois Burial: in Oakwood Cem., Wilmington, Illinois Parents – Father: David Ferris DURKEE; Mother: Freelove FRINK Children: Child No. 1: James W. NELSON Birth: ca August 1844 in Illinois (adopted Per Obit Of Wm. T.) Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Delphine Child No. 2: Mary Freelove NELSON Birth: 20 May 1854 in Wilton, Will, Illinois Death: 20 September 1922 in Normal, McLean, Illinois Burial: 24 September 1922 in Wiley Cem., Colfax, Illinois Marriage: 12 October 1881 in Florence, Will, Illinois Spouse: George HESTER Child No. 3: Sarah Annette (Nettie) NELSON Birth: 20 September 1855 in Wilmington, Will, Illinois Death: 29 July 1930 in Sunnyside, Yakima, Washington (visiting Family) Burial: in Oakwood Cem., Wilmington, Illinois Marriage: 25 December 1876 in Will County, Illinois Spouse: Daniel McIntosh WHITE Child No. 4: Kate G. NELSON Birth: 26 January 1859 in Will County, Illinois Death: 8 December 1887 in Wilmington, Will, Illinois Burial: in Oakwood Cem., Wilmington, Illinois Marriage: 6 September 1882 in Will County, Illinois Spouse: Donald RANKIN Child No. 5: William F. NELSON Birth: ca1861 in Will County, Illinois Death: Burial: Marriage: Spouse: Child No. 6: Thomas M. NELSON Birth: 12 June 1865 in Will County, Illinois Death: 19 March 1890 in Will County, Illinois Burial: in Oakwood Cem., Wilmington, Illinois Marriage: 21 September 1887 in Kankakee County, Illinois Spouse: Edith M. SCROGGINS Notes / Documentation: Information from, Census; Will County Histories; Cemetery records, photos and personal visit; Plat books and Atlas; Will of William T. Nelson; Newspaper articles; Masonic records; vital records; Will/Grundy Genealogical Society research; Joliet City Directories; Civil War records; Necrology report of Will County; Durkee Society; Ohio and Indiana records and personal letters. Note: There is suppose to be a 50 year Diary of William T. NELSON 1818-1903, would love to find it. Also – artifacts of father, John NELSON from War of 1812 were in possession of his family. Does anyone know of the “Nelson Apple” gown by the Nelson family at their Wilmington Nursery? Would like to hear from any descendant of this family and will share what I have. Thank you in advance. Happy searching, Kay

BUCK, WOODWARD; posted by Susie Martin-Rott, Nov 25, 1999 Seeking information on Jonas D. WOODWARD who married Roxy A. BUCK on 02 Aug 1863 in Will Co IL (license #1588). Jonas’ father owned a newspaper in Marshall Co IL and Jonas was a newspaperman of some sort. Any information greatly appreciated on Roxy or Jonas, children, etc.

HOAGLAND, ROONEY; posted by John Ambrose Rooney, Nov 30, 1999 ROONEY in Will Co.

DAILY, MARSHALL; posted by Alan A Sandercott, Nov 30, 1999 Researching Myron N MARSHALL and Harriet N DAILY married in Will County, Ill in Dec 1860. Any info greatly appreciated.

MITCHELL, MURPHY; posted by John Mitchell, Dec 7, 1999 I’m looking for information on William Thomas MURPHY b. 1875 in Ohio, d. 24 July 1941 in Frankfort, Will Co., Illinois, m. Pernola MITCHELL 11 Aug 1895. She was born 12 July 1875 in Harrison, Union Co., Arkansas, and died 18 Dec, 1956. The children of William and Pernola are: Nellie Verla, b. Nov 16, 1897 Harry Lester, b. 12Feb 1900 Edith Helen, b. Apr 1908 Edna Ruth, b. 21 Feb 1910

VANVLEET, VANVLIET; posted by Clarice J. Phillips, Dec 8, 1999 Looking for Benjamin VanVleet (Vleit) who moved from Kane county to Will county,IL after 1836. Want to know of other family members.

MARX, PRUSZ, ROHWEDDER; posted by Kathie Groll, Dec 9, 1999 Researching ancestors and descendents of my great-grandfather Joachim ROHWEDDER, born 1849 in Schleswig, Holstein, Germany. Siblings – Detlef Heinrich, Mary (PRUSZ), and Wilhnelm Frederick. Joachim immigrated to the U.S. and Blue Island, Cook County, IL in 1870. He married Auguste MARX in 1874. In 1880 he moved to Joliet, Will County, IL. I’m trying to fill in the blanks on the Rohwedder family tree.

BERNER, ROHWEDDER; posted by Kathie Groll, Dec 9, 1999 Searching for descendents of Emil F. ROHWEDDER, born Joliet, Will County, IL in 1882. Wife Ellen, children Edward, Arthur, Richard. Emil was a brother to my grandmother Anna ROHWEDDER BERNER. I’m trying to fill in the blanks on the ROHWEDDER family tree.

CALOIS, SCOTT; posted by Genevieve Bell, Dec 11, 1999 Would be most grateful if someone could look up the name CALOIS in the 1860 census (page number is #110)? The name appears as the middle name of my grandfather Charles CALOIS SCOTT b. 1866 Madison Co. TN. An index to the 1860 census lists a Reny (probably Rene) CALOIS, in Troy, Will Co. Illinois. That is the only reference to the name CALOIS that I have found. It would be most helpful to have names of family members from the census and other pertinent information.

CLOW, HOOTS, WILLIAMS; posted by Marie Pittman, Dec 15, 1999 Seeking info on Thomas CLOW b. ca 1859 in Fayette or Marion Co IL to William CLOW and Malissa WILLIAMS. Thomas married Callie Unknown. The family moved to Joliet, Will County, IL where he was wardon of the prison in/or near Joliet ca. late 1800s. Thomas had older sister Nancy Jane CLOW b. 1857 and younger brother, Johnson b. 1860. Their Mother, Malissa died & William CLOW married Mary Ann HOOTS. William and Mary Ann had several children. Look forward to any info on this family.

JOHNSON, TAYLOR; posted by Reba Gale, Dec 18, 1999 looking for records of Aaron JOHNSON who lived in Will Co in 1860. He was married to an Elizabeth TAYLOR and Sarah A TAYLOR in Edgar Co Ill. In the 1860 census his wife is Jeanette. Would appreciate knowing when and where Sarah TAYLOR JOHNSON died and is buried. Also any of her children.

FOX, FUCHS; posted by Mike Fox, Dec 20, 1999 Looking for Appolonia FUCHS and her children. I believe she moved to the Joliet or Mokena area around 1875. She would have had the following children with her in 1875 and they would have been the following ages at that time; William FUCHS/FOX 19, Peter FUCHS/FOX 18, Barbara FUCHS/FOX 17, John FUCHS/FOX 14, Matilda FUCHS/FOX 10, Christina FUCHS/FOX 7

DART, HYATT, NIVER; posted by Carla White, Dec 27, 1999 Seeking info on my grgrgrandfather, Andrew Jackson NIVER. He moved to Will county, IL in 1842. There he was married 3 times; first to Emily DART, then to her sister Mary Ann DART; the last one, Amanda HYATT, was my grgrgrandmother. They were married on 20 Sept 1857. They later moved to Coffey county, KS.

I would like to correspond with anyone who can share/exchange information on this family. One of his children, George NIVER, remained in Will county. I have quite a bit on the descendants in KS; would appreciate more on the relatives who stayed in IL, as well as copies of marriage record(s), especially the one for Andrew & Amanda.

Also would like information on Amanda’s family; her father was Isiah HYATT, her mother was Emma ???. She had several younger siblings; I do not know their names or what happened to them. Thank you.

MINNICK, WREN; posted by Robert Minnick, Dec 30, 1999 John Minnick,Helen Minnick,Geraldine Minnick, Edward Wren