Queries 2001

PARKS; posted by Brenda Reiter, Jan 7, 2001 Looking for information on great uncle Clarence Henry PARKS known as Hank. Father was Willian Henry PARKS. He was brother to my grandfather Clinton Ogden PARKS. Clarence was born in Joliet in 1902 and lived in the area for 18-20 years? Lost him after that. Was told he had married at one time and fathered two children. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SCHUTTER, SOMMERS; posted by Lori Graff, Jan 7, 2001 Looking for family and death information for Ben SCHUTTER. Ben was born abt. 1878 in Vanderburgh Co., IN, the son of Anton SCHUTTER and Gertrude SOMMERS. I have found him living in Joliet, Will County, IL in 1939.

EVANS; posted by Thomas Evans, Jan 8, 2001 Looking for information on EVANS. John born Wales 1842 died Joliet 1910. Wife Ann born Wales 1843 died Joliet 1914. Migrated to Pa. around 1867. Children William, John, Thomas.Came to Joliet, Will County around 1896. John and Thomas worked at Phoenix Horseshoe. Son John believed to have worked at Joliet steel mill. John, Ann, Thomas all buried at Oakwood Cemetery Cass St. Joliet, Will County Il. I am looking for any information conserning this family. Includeing any and all relatives. Or any family still in the area.

MAGILL; posted by Scotty Roberge, Jan 12, 2001 Alexander W MAGILL owned land in Will co. IL in 1834. Also he bought land in Winnebago co in 1843. If you recognize this MAGILL family please contact me and we can exchange information.

VINSON, WOODCOCK; posted by Aryl-Jeanne Reed, Jan 13, 2001 Joseph VINSON and Mariah (WOODCOCK) VINSON are in the 1880 Census at Joliet, and I believe they died there about 1888-89 and 1882-83 respectively. Would like to confirm this.

JORGENSEN, JORGENSON, JURGENSEN, MAY, ROSCOE; posted by Laura Mattingly, Jan 13, 2001 Looking for information on a JORGENSEN (JORGENSON, JURGENSEN) family with a daughter Lena, born in 1858 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Father’s name possibly Allin or close to that. From Lena’s obit, her father remarried and she was survived by a half-sister, Bertha (married name Bentall). The family lived in Peotone, IL from about 1865 to around 1880. Lena married William H. ROSCOE on MAY 4, 1882 in Gage County, Nebraska. Any information is greatly appreciated!

NOWMAN; posted by Ken Linnum, Jan 17, 2001 Reseaching, NOWMAN, in Will, Grundy and Coles — Mary NOWMAN, died 10-27-1890 in Greenfield Twnsp. Grundy Co.,- – but was buried in Will Co. on 10-31-1890, according to the Death Register. The place of burial is listed as “Ibe Senet”. The undertaker was Harry Eldred of Gardner, Ill. and the certifying Physician was J. B. Jaxis of Gardner. My problem is , where, in Will Co. is “Ibe Senet”??? Mary had prior connections with Joliet and maybe the Homer area. “Ibe Senet” is written longhand. The Ibe seems to be clear as well as the Se and the t, but the other letters are questionable, assuming they were spelled correctly. Any help much appreciated.. Ken Linnum

BOSTJANCIC, GERL; posted by Alan Bostjancic, Jan 24, 2001 My Grandfather was Joseph Paul BOSTJANCIC, my grandmother was Johanna BOSTJANCIC (nee, GERL) and lived at 821 Otis Ave. Rockdale, Illinois. I have deaths certificates on both of them and would like any and all other information you might have. Thank you Alan Bostjancic

ROYCE, THOMAS; posted by Barbara Snyder, Jan 25, 2001 Looking for Mary Maria THOMAS b. NY 1818. Married Orlin ROYCE in Will Co., IL 1837. Her brother, A.S. Thomas lived in Joliet, Will Co., IL in 1864.

KRAKER; posted by Debbie Ashline, Jan 26, 2001 I am looking for any descendants of the KRAKER family from Joliet, Illinois.

HOEFKE, MILLER, MOLTHAN; posted by Paula Goodwin, Jan 27, 2001 Looking for information about Deitrich HOEFKE, who married Dorothea MILLER in 1870. Lived in Green Gardens, Will County. Had 2 children I believe, Ludwig HOEFKE, and Matilda Elizabeth HOEFKE, who married Henry MOLTHAN. Can anyone help?

DICE, MCCLASKEY; posted by Joan Cook, Jan 30, 2001 Amos DICE Kate MCCLASKEY Married in Will Co. on 11/23/1865

COTTON, MILLER; posted by Denise Pagel Moskovitz, Jan 31, 2001 Can someone check the birth indexes for Monee for a Ann (Hannah, Hinda, Helen) MILLER born August or Sept 1900 in Monee. Parents: Joseph Henry MILLER and Celia (Franzelia) COTTON. religion: Jewish approx. 9th child born to these parents. Thanks!

MERROW; posted by Helen Estes, Feb 2, 2001 Cemetery, Stateville: I need the birth and death dates for a Leon MERROW who died at the prison in Joliet. I would imagine that he is buried in this cemetery. Any help will be appreciated.

BROWN, DAVIS, KOSTELEC, STEFANICH, TRUMP, WALKER; posted by Vickie Tallent, Feb 7, 2001 I am looking for any info on the Guardian Angels Home on Buell Ave in Joliet, Will Co, IL. Several ancestors were listed as ‘inmates’ in this orphanage in the 1920 US Census. Researching in Illinois: KOSTELEC, STEFANICH, TRUMP, DAVIS, WALKER, BROWN.

posted by Liz Manvell, Feb 9, 2001 I recently visited your ILGenWeb site to research some Civil War soldiers. About 15 years ago, as a teacher in Canastota, NY, a student of mine casually brought in a collection of original Civil War era letters found in their barn. I could not believe what I was holding in my hand. They were a precious treasure and I asked her if I could make copies of them. I did and recently, while watching the Ken Burn’s Civil War series, I took to pouring over them as I had not done before to figure out who was who and how they all fit into the puzzle. I was amazed and thrilled at what I was able to piece together. The correspondences revolved around two brothers, Van R. STRONG who was in the 46th IL Vol from Plainfield, and Otis D. Strong who lived in Town of Eaton, NY and was in the 169th NYSV and is buried in the Town of Eaton cemetery, and their cousins, Charles W. MITCHELL(15th IL) and Daniel W. MITCHELL(95th IL US INF). I have copies of 11 handwritten letters from Van R. Strong to his mother, sister, and brother Otis spanning from 1860 to 1865. I compared them to the history of the 46th IL and was amazed at how accurate and rich a picture they presented. I was even able to figure out that Van was a POW from May 25, 1863 till around October 12, 1863, with part of that time spent on parole in the Benton Barracks, St. Louis. One piece of information I have not yet been able to find is regarding the “New House of Refuge,” the hospital where Van says he recovered from ague and other ailments from April to July of 1862 after the battles of Donelson and Shiloh. I also have copies of letters from Otis Strong, who fought at Petersburg, their sister Lydia Ann Strong of Joliet, cousin Charles Mitchell of Coral, and his brother John who went to CA in search of gold in 1859. Reading these letters and learning about the lives of these families was a powerful experience for me. I submitted them to Celia Snyder of the IL GEN WEB but would like to find out more about the Mitchell and Strong families. They seem to have lived in or near Joliet. Can you help me? One more thing – the surprising final piece of the puzzle was that all four men were mustered out at the end of the war.

RUTHENBECK; posted by Daryl A. Sapkaroski, Feb 9, 2001 Looking for information on my grandfather Carl C. RUTHENBECK, who lived and was buried in Joliet, Ill. He worked for the EJ & E Railroad he died in December of 1960. Also, My grandmother Mildred Arlene RUTHENBECK lived and died in Joliet, Ill. I can’t find out any thing on them. She died I believe on March 14, 1968.

PETTYS, RICH; posted by Bill Jonas, Feb 11, 2001 I am searching for information on the family of Warren PETTYS (b cir 1841) and his spouse Laura Olivia (RICH) PETTYS (b 1844). Warren PETTYS was born in Will County and died there on 23 Oct 1869. He married Laura Olivia (RICH) PETTYS in Will County on 23 Mar 1864 in Manhattan. They Had two children: William PETTYS and Mary Louise PETTYS. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Bill.

DARMODY, NOLAN; posted by Jane Andrew, Feb 14, 2001 Searching for information on John NOLAN and Ann DARMODY – NOLAN that lived in the Peotone, Will County, Illinois area from the 1860’s to the 1880’s. They had three daughters, Mary Ann, Nanno, and Margaret Nolan. Margaret is our great-grandmother. Any information on the NOLAN or DARMODY families would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jane Andrew

HAHN; posted by Eryka Garbutt, Feb 17, 2001 Gustav HAHN married at St John Evangelical Luthern Church to Bertha Scheiwe where is Gustav Burried and when and where was he born.Gusatv Hahn boen 1874-1894 to Wilhelm hahn and Emile Schroeder boen in Stettin Pommern germany was my ggguncle and is proving very elusive, can anyone help with info or where i might look.

BERGAN; posted by Marilyn Doremus, Feb 18, 2001 I am looking for the BERGAN family. I know that a martin BERGAN lived in Manhattan but feel there were other brothers and sisters in Manhattan

HEINEMANN; posted by Linda Magley, Feb 18, 2001 1860 Crete, Will Co. IL Census, HEINEMANN, Wm, age 23 Farmer Caroline, age 21 his wife Ernst son, 6/12 Adolph age 64, father to Wm Caroline 59, mother to Wm. Looking for data on Adolph, a Glazer, who later moved in with son Bernard, a tin smith, still in Crete, Will Co. 1870 census he is not there in 1880, so he must have died by then, but Caroline his wife is still with Bernard. Looking for cemetery records/info, Thank you so much! Linda

CAMP; posted by Heather Carr,Feb 20, 2001 CAMP family in the 1850 Will County, Illinois census – William and Mary, both aged 37 and from Switzerland, are listed in 1850 with eight children: Eliza, John, Caroline, Frederick, Charles H., Marilyn, Josephine, and an unnamed male child. I am trying to find out more about this family. Where did they go next? Did Mary die and William remarry? Any help is appreciated.

HOMEIER, ROST; posted by Nancy Robbins, Feb 21, 2001 The HOMEIER family came to Will Co in 1854, Dorothea was 17. In 1856 a Katharine Dorothea HOMEIER married a Henry ROST. The bride was over 18. I can not find my Dorothea, she never moved on to Minnesota with the family. This bride sounds so close, Dorothea’s mother was Anne Katharine Dorothea. The family always had several names. I am hoping someone will place Henry ROST and maybe I can discover if she is our aunt.

COTTON, MILLER; posted by Denise Pagel Moskovitz, Feb 27, 2001 Can someone check the birth indexes for Monee for an Ann (Hannah, Hinda, Helen) MILLER born August or Sept 1900 in Monee. Parents: Joseph Henry MILLER and Celia (Franzelia) COTTON. Religion: Jewish. Approx. 9th child born to these parents. Thanks!

MASON; posted by Jeanne Sollazzo, Feb 28, 2001 MASON, Richard & Laura MASON, Rufus & Lettie Anna, MASON, Julia , Beulah, Emma, Geneva, Blanche & Anna, Jessie Delia MASON. I am looking for information on any of the above. They lived in and around Will County, Illinois until 1877. Richard & Laura & Rufus MASON came from Connecticut to around the Will County area, date ?. Rufus & Lettie MASON were married in Will County March 15, 1864. I know that Jessie Delia MASON dob: Oct 16, 1868 and Julia/Beulah was 1872. On the names Julia & Beulah, I believe this to being the same person. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you!

BISSETT, MCELVAIN, PALMER, PRICE, WEIS; posted by Miki Price, Feb 28, 2001 PRICE, Joseph H. C. born 1869 died 1930 burried joliet, il. married to Jane BISSETT, born 1869 died 1927 burried Joliet,Il. had four children that we know of 1 Joseph PRICE born 02-10-1897 died 06-25-1965 burried Joliet,Il. married Clara K. PALMER 03-15-1927 they had one son four daughters son Walter J. PRICE born 11-25-1927 he married Delores I. MCELVAIN 08-05-1949 they had one daughter and three sons, son Jeffrey S. PRICE born 10-23-1957 married Andree M. WEIS 08-26-1978 they have as of 06-2000 5 boys 4 girls 2 John PRICE burried oaklawn cem. in Joliet 3 Huey C. PRICE born 1904 died 1980 4 Gean C. PRICE born 1907 died 1913

BRANDT, HIRT, YOUNKER; posted by Pat Shaw, Mar 1, 2001 Currently looking for any info on the BRANDT (Jacob and Anna) and YOUNKER surnames from the Peotone area and the HIRT (Jakob and Anna YOUNKER HIRT) surname from Joliet area. All from Will County.

KUCHLE, KUOKLE; posted by Nancy Robbins, Mar 1, 2001 Rev. KUOKLE/KUCHLE In 1856 John George or George KUOKLE/KUCHLE was a Lutheran minister in Will Co. Is it possible that someone might know where his church was located?

ROSE; posted by Fred Rose, Mar 3, 2001 Alonzo ROSE lived between lockport & joliet. enlisted in 20th il infantry-co i 1861. would like any further info you can provide.

ADAMS, BECKER, BLACK, BRASSELL, BREWER, CARUSO, CLEMENTS, DAVIS, GALLAHER, GOLLIHER, GREEN, INGELS, LANE, MURRAY, REDDICK, ROBERSON, ROGERS, VINCENT, WARDELL, WILSON; posted by Judi Rogers Gilker, Mar 3, 2001 Mrs. Lester ROBERSON lived Mokena, Will Co. IL. She was the daughter of Charles E. and Elizabeth BLACK WARDELL. Lineage below. Charles E. WARDELL was born March 20, 1889 in Schuyler Co. IL., a son of William and Judith INGELS WARDELL. He married Elizabeth BLACK on April 21, 1909 in Rushville, Schuyler Co IL. Elizabeth was the daughter of John D. and Solena ADAMS BLACK (Solena was previously married to Henry David GOLLIHER of Rushville and had 2 sons Buford & William J. GOLLIHER) Charles E. WARDELL died July 5, 1943 in Beardstown, Cass Co. IL., where he lived most of his life. His wife, Elizabeth died Jan 31, 1971 also in Beardstown. Known children of Charles & Elizabeth WARDELL were: 1) C. Leslie (lived Beardstown, IL., Fulton, IL., & Pickstown, SD.); 2) William T. (lived Owling Mills, Maryland, & McAlester, OK. William was in a Master Sgt. in the US army & served in Africa in 1943); 3)Vera 1910-1996 married William F. BECKER (lived Beardstown, IL.); 4) Lucille married Lester ROBERSON (lived Rock Island, IL.,Chicago, Cook Co. IL. & Mokena, Will Co. IL. Then married CARUSO & lived Peoria, AZ.); Thelma married James VINCENT and lived South Bend, IN., & Beardstown, IL.) Charles E. WARDELL had the following known brothers and sisters: 1)Thomas (lived Galesburg, Knox Co.IL.); 2) James (lived Macomb, McDonough, Co IL & Camden, Schuyler Co. IL); 3)Frank (lived Bushnell, McDonough Co IL.); 4)Gusta Feb 11, 1884-July 1973 married Herman GREEN (lived Beardstown, IL.); 5)Julia Oct 5, 1892-Oct 29, 1959 married Carl GREEN (lived Rushville, IL.); 6) Bertha married Joe DAVIS(lived Astoria, Fulton Co IL.); Katheryn married CLEMENTS (lived Bushnell,McDonough Co, IL.) I am attempting to connect my GG grandfather, John M. WARDELL (alias John M. ROGERS) born abt. 1839 possibly in Syracuse, Onondaga Co, NY and died possibly abt. 1878 in Natchez, Adams Co, Miss. He became a Sgt.Major in the Civil War, serving from Aug. 1861 to May 1862 with Company G 2nd New Mexico Inf. He married Elizabeth Caroline GOLLIHER on May 15, 1862 in Hannibal, Marion Co, Mo. (They divorced in Quincy, IL in 1874.) His wife was the daughter of Patrick & Elizabeth MURRAY GALLAHER. John & Elizabeth known children carried the ROGERS surname. Their known children were: 1) Hester “Hattie” Maranda 1863-1927 married John William BREWER (lived Hannibal, Mo, Quincy, Adams Co, IL & Los Angeles CA); 2)Olivia born abt. 1866; 3)George Buhler 1867-1899 married Lula Rebecca REDDICK (lived Burton, Adams Co IL, Quincy, IL, & Hannibal, Mo.); 4)Elizabeth 1871-1944 married William BRASSELL, William Ivory LANE, & Wesley WILSON (lived Quincy, IL, Hannibal, Mo, Davenport, Scott Co. Iowa)

ROSE; posted by Fred Rose, Mar 4, 2001 i would like any info available on alonzo ROSE.mr. ROSE live in will county ill, had 1 son, william, entered u.s. army in 1861. any info would be appreciated. thanks, fred

SHERRILL; posted by Rebecca Thomas, Mar 4, 2001 Looking for information related to the SHERRILL family. Dating around 1957 -1959. Looking for biological parents. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Last know addy was 676 Meeker avenue in Joliet. That was 1958-59. Thank you:)

KLOCKSIEBEN; posted by Richard Zimmerman, Mar 5, 2001 Looking for information on the Wilhelm KLOCKSIEBEN family. According to 1920 US Census his family lived in Beecher, IL

NICHOLS; posted by Thomas Evans, Mar 6, 2001 Looking for any information on Alfred NICHOLS and wife Josephine. Alfred died Joliet 1928, wife joliet 1934. both buried Oakwood Cemetery Joliet Will County.

EVANS; posted by Thomas Evans, Mar 6, 2001 looking for information on even EVANS. appears in the 1910 census of joliet will county. he is belived to be a brother of john Evans

ANDREWS, CAGWIN, WICKES; posted by Hal Bern, Mar 7, 2001 Looking for descendants of Daniel B. CAGWIN who lived near Elwood, Will Co., IL in 1860-1870 – thought to be the uncle of Lulu ANDREWS. Lulu was the wife of Nelson G. WICKES

DILL, SCALF; posted by Vicki Dalton, Mar 8, 2001 I am searching for any information pertaining to my grandparents. Both of them were living in Joliet, Will Co., IL when they died. The names are Elmer DILL and Vera Violet SCALF.

KURTH; posted by Jill Kurth, Mar 8, 2001 inquiring on information regarding Amos KURTH – born in joliet, illinois, i believe, father of Glenn louis kurth Sr. born 5/24/1898 and died 1/3/63 – amos’s wife’s name was christine who died at an early age – thank you – they lived in wilmington, illinois in will county

FOSTER; posted by Glen Taylor, Mar 9, 2001 Searching for information on Elizabeth FOSTER b. Yorkshire, England wife of William FOSTER b. Yorkshire,England. Believe Elizabeth buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Wilmington. I cannot seem to find much information about Oakwood Cemetery or even if she is in fact buried there. Elizabeth FOSTER d. 07 July 1893. Any information about the cemetery would be welcome. A photo would be great. Her grave would be brilliant. Thanks in advance.

NEAL, NEIL, ONEAL, ONEIL, THOMAS; posted by Pati Miller, Mar 9, 2001 I’m am looking for any information about a Harry or Henry O’NEAL or ONEAL or ONEIL or O’NEIL that married a Sarah THOMAS in Will County on Feb. 22, 1882. One piece of information that I have says Henry ONEIL marrying Sarah THOMAS on 2/2/82 in Will County, Illinois, and another that says Harry O’NEAL marrying Sara THOMAS about 1881, in Illinois. They also had at least 3 children born in Illinois, Margaret b.Nov.1882, Mary b.August 6,1884 and Sarah b. August 5. 1887. I also believe that he had a brother with him, Patrick that had a son Patrick b. Jan. 1882 in Illinois. Henry/Harry may have had other brothers in the area.

MCGREGOR; posted by Dorothy Riegel, Mar 10, 2001 MCGREGOR I am seeking information on the John and Margaret McGREGOR family. Before 1860 they lived at Lockport and he worked on the I & M Canal. I have reason to believe they may be buried in Lockport even tho’ they were living in Kankakee county. I would apprreciate any information that anyone may have on this family. Thank you.

DAVIS; posted by Larry Davis, Mar 10, 2001 I am interested in contacting persons related to or having knowledge of William Deloss DAVIS who was born in Oneida County, New York and whose family, including a brother George Washington Davis, moved to Will County during the 1800’s. I believe they were farmers near Plainfield.

JARMUTH; posted by David Jarmuth, Mar 11, 2001 I am looking for information on the family of Heinrich JARMUTH. He came over to Will County in 1882 with his brother Johann JARMUTH and, as far as I can tell, his two daughters (Friedricke JARMUTH and Sophia JARMUTH) got married in Will County. I would really like to know where in Will County and any other information that anybody might be able to find. Thank you in advance for any help.

TESKE, WILKENING; posted by Sue Luebchow, Mar 12, 2001 Searching for information on Johann Heinrich Welhelm WILKENING family. He was born-02 Jan 1873. Baptized – 16 Feb 1873 at St John’s Ev. Lutheran Church, Eagle Lake/Beecher, Washington township, Will County, IL. Father: Heinrich WILKENING, Mother: Christine TESKE. Found baptismal certificate in safe at Tomah WI. Christine TESKE was/is husband’s Great-Grandmother.

MILLER, STRITTMATER; posted by Sheila Miller Cobb, Mar 14, 2001 Looking for information on an Arthur MILLER that was born about 1896/1897 in Joliet, Will County. He was my paternal grandfather, but that is all the information I have on him. The family may have moved to Wisconsin sometime because that is where he met my grandmother, Martha STRITTMATER. Martha and Arthur lived in Rockford and had 6 children. Arthur left the family in the early 1940’s, possibly to a sister in the LaCrosse, Wisconsin area.

KLUM, KLUMM; posted by Pat Hart Klum, Mar 16, 2001 KLUM / KLUMM / KLUMP–Looking for links to William/George/Henry in Will County, IL.

VIGNERI, VIGNERIT, VIGNERY; posted by Amanda Vignery, Mar 17, 2001 VIGNERY (VIGNERI, VIGNERIT), Will County, IL 1870’s

Siblings, Charles, Olivier, Gustave, Victoria and Rosalie all came to the U.S. from Belgium and settled in Illinois. First, Will County, then Grundy County. Gustave Vignery, Jr., was married in LaSalle County. His sister, Mary Vignery, was adopted and went to Michigan with her new family prior to 1900. Gustave (Sr’s) brother’s and sister’s left Illinois and homesteaded in Cloud County, Kansas, where they remained. Looking for all family connections.

WINTERS; posted by Richard Brannan, Mar 19, 2001 I’m seeking information on the WINTERS family. Daniel C. WINTERS m. Ru in 1872 in Joliet, Will Co., IL. They had two children born 7/14/1873 a Roy Lorenzo WINTERS and Mabel C. WINTERS b. 1875 both were born in Joliet, Will Co., IL.

Roy left Will Co. and went ot Or. where he married Lillen Cole in 1897. Roy had 8 children and settled in the Bend Or., area.

JAHN, ROHMER; posted by Gerri Witte, Mar 24, 2001 Happy to exchange data on the JAHN family. Lillian & Frederick JAHN were born in the late 1800’s in Will Co. Their parents were Henry & Appollonia “Abbie” (ROHMER) JAHN.

BERTA; posted by Cyndi Berta, Mar 24, 2001 Anything pertaining to thier occupation,births deaths, marriage and children. Joseph and Marie are my Great Grandparents on my fathers (William P. BERTA) mothers side. My Aunt RoseMary stated that there are some Pastore’s still living in Coal City. Is Braidwood in Grundy or Will County?

COYNE, LYONS; posted by Kay Kordik, Mar 25, 2001 Searching for info re John COYNE (my ggf) son of James or John Coyne and Ann Connally (Connely) Coyne, b. Sept. 4, 1858 at Lockport, Will County, IL, married Ellen LYONS b. Nov.2, 1862, Odell, IL,at Lockport, IL Aug. 14, 1884 or 1888. James (John) COYNE came from Ireland and setttled in Joliet. One family story is that he owned the land that the IL State Prison now occupies. If there are Coynes in the area who could give me any info, I would be hapy to share what I have.

MCINTYRE; posted by Mary McIntyre, Mar 29, 2001 Searching for a James D. MCINTYRE, possible son of Duncan McIntyre, probably brother to Donald Daniel McIntyre of Madison,Indiana – circa 1815 to 1880. Believed to have resided in Will County, Ellwood, Illinois around 1860 to 1880. Thanks

BAILEY, KING, MARSHALL; posted by Jeanine Goldsmith, Mar 30, 2001 Looking for obituary or burial site of Elizabeth BAILEY KING,m. Marshall KING in 1830, Will County, listed in 1850 census of Will County. MARSHALL emigrated to Texas with most of children(8), married again in 1859 in Texas.

DOWNS, KING; posted by Jeanine Goldsmith, Mar 30, 2001 Searching for Daniel KING, son of Cornelius KING. Daniel b. about 1784, in Ky or Va, m. Rebecca DOWNS in 1803 in Ky. Part of family moved to Indiana, then split off to Will Co., Illinois- many children, among them Jeremiah, Sarah, Elizabeth.

Could this be the father of Andrew, Marshall, & Samuel?

KENNEDY, MCCORMICK; posted by Kay Wilder, Mar 31, 2001 I’m looking for information on a Mrs. M. J. MCCORMICK who lived on Orchard St., Frankfort, Will County.about 1890- 1900. She was related to Michael and James KENNEDY of Chicago. This is one of those needles that I’m searching for. Any help would be appreciated.

GROJEAN; posted by Alicia Forshage, Apr 1, 2001 Looking for record of Constance (Constantine) GROJEAN, Sr., Joliet, Illinois. Born circa 1800. Some evidence he was in records of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Had several children who lived in both Stark County, OH and MO. Purported to be from France, area unknown.

BALL, MCLANE; posted by Loretta Hilbert, Apr 8, 2001 Am searching for additional information on Edward MCLANE who is listed on the 1870 Will Co, IL Census. 1870 Census, Will County, New Lenox twp Edward MCLANE 55 born in Ireland Elizabeth 55 born in England John BALL 26 Canada. John BALL is my ancestor and I suspect that Elizabeth is his mother, but I need more info on this family to know for sure. John names his first son Edward and first daughter Elizabeth. Anyone have additional information on these people? Thanks! Loretta

BUCK, CARDWELL, CRISSY, GREEN, MCKAY, NICHOLSON, PORTER, READ, REYNOLDS, RICHARDSON, WOODWARD; posted by Susie Martin-Rott, Apr 8, 2001 Can anyone help with this group? Primary interest is in the WOODWARD surname, which hops into the READ family twice. and in Roxcey Ann GREEN.

Descendants of Lewis READ 1 Lewis READ b: 12 Jun 1788 d: 11 Sep 1840 . +Roxcey Celinda RICHARDSON m: 13 Dec 1807 …. 2 Isaac Heatherington READ b: 03 Oct 1808 …. 2 Anna Eliza READ aka: Anna Eliza READ b: 27 Jan 1810 in North Gage, NY d: 20 Nov 1892 in Joliet, Will, IL Burial: Zarley Cemetery, Joliet, Will, IL …….. +Joseph PORTER m: 11 Jun 1829 in NY …. *2nd Husband of Anna Eliza READ: …….. +Chester Storr WOODWARD b: 08 Nov 1804 in near West Point, Orange, NY m: 05 May 1845 in Victoria, Lake, IL d: 23 Oct 1873 in Henry, Marshall, IL Burial: Old Henry Cemetery, Henry, Marshall Co, IL ………. 3 Francis R. WOODWARD b: 15 Apr 1846 in Kendall, IL d: 11 Sep 1846 in Henry, Marshall, IL …. *3rd Husband of Anna Eliza READ: …….. +George H. REYNOLDS b: 10 Oct 1799 m: 13 Sep 1879 d: 01 Apr 1892 …. 2 Catherine MCKAY Read b: 07 Feb 1812 in North Gage, NY d: 26 Jun 1900 in Joliet, Will, IL Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Joliet, Will, IL …….. +John GREEN b: 02 Aug 1806 in Bethany NY d: 02 Apr 1892 in Will Co, IL Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Joliet, Will, IL ………. 3 Alphonso GREEN d: in Infancy ………. 3 Roxcey Ann GREEN b: 26 Jan 1835 in Cattaraugus Co, NY d: 1918 in Joliet, Will, IL Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Joliet, Will, IL ………….. +Timothy D. BUCK b: 01 Jan 1829 in Van Buren NY m: 16 Aug 1854 in Will Co IL d: 1862 ……………. 4 Jessie Euretta BUCK b: 12 Dec 1856 ……………….. +Sidney Rood CRISSY b: 25 Sep 1853 in Saline MI m: 24 May 1877 ………………….. 5 Infant Daughter CRISSY b: 25 Feb 1878 d: 25 Feb 1878 ………………….. 5 Myron Sidney CRISSY b: 07 Jan 1879 in Delhi ………………….. 5 Winifred Ray CRISSY b: 16 Oct 1880 in Delhi d: 05 Mar 1902 in Oskaloosa IA Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Joliet, Will, IL ………………….. 5 Dana Harold CRISSY b: 09 Dec 1883 in Bay City ……………. 4 Catherine Effie BUCK b: 17 Jul 1859 ………. *2nd Husband of Roxcey Ann GREEN: ………….. +Jonas Dodge WOODWARD b: 14 Mar 1836 in Lyme, Jefferson, NY m: 02 Aug 1863 in Will Co IL d: 13 Mar 1908 in Henry, Marshall, IL Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Joliet, Will, IL ……………. 4 Chester Francis WOODWARD b: 15 Sep 1865 d: 10 May 1866 in Joliet, Will, IL ……………. 4 Coral Roxcena WOODWARD b: 10 Jul 1867 ……………….. +Albert Clinton NICHOLSON m: 15 Apr 1903 ……………. 4 John Arthur WOODWARD b: 10 Sep 1870 d: 10 Jul 1896 in Joliet, Will, IL Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Joliet, Will, IL ……………. 4 Leon Earnest WOODWARD b: 18 Jan 1873 in Henry, Marshall, IL ……………….. +Ida Belle CARDWELL b: 18 Nov 1877 m: 16 Jan 1900 in Braidwood, Will, IL ………………….. 5 Gertrude Irene WOODWARD b: 19 Jan 1900 ………………….. 5 Francis Arthur WOODWARD b: 16 Jan 1903 d: Abt. 01 May 1904 ………………….. 5 Naomi WOODWARD b: 10 Apr 1905 ………………….. 5 Dorothy Roxcey WOODWARD b: 02 Aug 1908 ………………….. 5 Jessie Coral WOODWARD b: 16 Aug 1910 ………. 3 Lewis Lorenzo Green d: in Infancy ………. 3 Burdette GREEN d: in Infancy ………. 3 Mary Euretta GREEN b: 17 Feb 1843 d: Mar 1901 …. 2 Lewis READ b: 16 Apr 1814 …. 2 Roxcena READ b: 17 Oct 1819 …. 2 Francis Asbury READ b: 26 Feb 1822

SCHLOCKERMANN, SLOCKERMAN; posted by Eric Middendorf, Apr 13, 2001 Looking for information on the SCHLOCKERMANN (SLOCKERMAN) family who are known to have resided in Joliet from 1908 to 1942. Ida, also known as Edith, was my father’s aunt. Her husband and son were bother named Fred (Friedrich).

DUNN; posted by Bonnie Farmer, Apr 16, 2001 I am looking for my gg-grandfather John DUNN b:Ireland d:1935 possibly cook,will,or kankakee counties. Son Louis N DUNN and John DUNN jr.Any information greatly appricated. Thanks.

FRITZ; posted by Grace Burgert, Apr 16, 2001 Need information on Frederick FRITZ, born April 25, 1834 in Germany. Civil War Vet.Later guard at state penitentiary at Joliet. Farmed in Will County, Illinois. Left for Nebraska in 1890. Married Johanna Magdanela Hacke. Looking for siblings, parents of his.

BERTRAND; posted by Roberta Tuler, Apr 17, 2001 I am researching Francois (Frank) and Catherine BERTRAND who immigrated to the United States from Belgium in about 1870. They lived in Illinois until Francois died in 1878. I believe he died in Braidwood in Will County although it is spelled Bredwood in the WFT. If anyone has access to cemetery or death records, I would really appreciate your checking.

HINE, MOORE; posted by C. Leblanc, Apr 18, 2001 Aurena MOORE died in Will Co. 1843-Sept 1845. Maiden name HINE. Possibly died of cholera. Looking for further info, cemetery, etc… have other family info (Indiana).

BOYNTON, GRAVES, ROSE; posted by Susan Fletcher, Apr 22, 2001 Need info on the following. Anna Elizabeth GRAVES born 1876, Wilton Center, Will, IL. Parents of Anna were William H. GRAVES & Sarah E. ROSE I believe, & they had 2 other daughters. Anna married Clarence BOYNTON in 1901, Wilton Center & had the following children Arlene, Elva Mae (1905), Infant daughter that died 2 days after birth (1903). Thank You.

BOYNTON, GRAVES; posted by Susan Fletcher, Apr 22, 2001 Need info on the following. Clarence BOYNTON born around 1855. Married Anna Elizabeth GRAVES in 1901 Wilton Center, Will, IL. Anna was born 1876 at Wilton Center. Children were Arlene, Elva Mae (1905), Infant daughter that died 2 days after birth (1903). Parents of Anna were William H. Graves & Sarah E. Rose I believe, & had 2 other daughters. Thank You.

KOLFSKY, STROMBECK; posted by Jerri Strombeck, Apr 22, 2001 STROMBECK – KOLFSKY, married 1899 in Will County. I am looking for the KOLFSKY family, name may have been changed upon arrival.

ALLEN, BECK, BURDICK, GAINES, GEDDES; posted by Joanne Beck, Apr 23, 2001 I am looking for any information on the George BECK,John Geddes BECK, John GEDDES, Ambrose Lincoln GAINES, Amos BURDICK families who lived in Lockport area in late 1800’S. I am particularly seeking info on A.L.GAINES’ wife, Mary ALLEN. Most of them came from the Albany area of New York. My husband is a descendant of George Beck, a trombone player who came from England and supposedly played with Sousa.

MCGREGOR, SCOTT; posted by Dorothy Riegel, Apr 23, 2001 MCGREGOR I am looking for the graves of John and Margaret (SCOTT) MCGREGOR and their son, Charles. I think they are buried in a Catholic Cemetery at Lockport. They would have died in the last half of the 1800’s. I would appreciate any information anyone would have on that family. Thank you.

BROWN, HINES, MAXWELL, PASSON; posted by Mary K. George, Apr 24, 2001 Searching for information on Elmer MAXWELL who is the son of Benjamin F. MAXWELL and Hannah BROWN. His wife, Pearl PASSON MAXWELL, died at age 37 years on July 28, 1941 Joliet, Will Co., IL. She was the fond mother of Clifford J., Elmer L., and Robert J. MAXWELL and sister of Mrs. Clyde HINES of Chicago, IL Burial at Oakwood Cemetery. Any information on this MAXWELL family will be greatly appreciated. Will be happy to share. Thank you.

GOODFELLOW, HAMPTON, HOWELL, NEVIUS, WILKES; posted by Priscilla Howell Elliot, Apr 26, 2001 RE: HOWELL, GOODFELLOW, WILKES: New Jersey/NewYork > Illinois > Indiana My g g grandfather, Elias HOWELL, was b 1833 in NJ. Elias HOWELLÂ’S family moved to Will Co., Illinois. Hattie GOODFELLOW was b. in NY 1844 to Cornelius and Elizabeth GOODFELLOW. They moved to Meekan, IL. Elias HOWELL, and Harriet (Hattie) GOODFELLOW m. April, 1865, Joliet, Will Co. IL. Elias and Hattie moved to Pulaski Co., IN then to Monticello, White Co., IN. Hattie d. in 1913 in Monticello; Elias d. in 1921 in Monticello. Hattie was m. first to Thomas WILKES. Thomas and Hattie had two dtrs. Elias and Hattie had ten children. A family tree was published showing my Elias as being the son of Richard HOWELL and Sarah NEVIUS. Unfortunately, I have not been able to contact the author. The author shows this line going back to William HOWELL and Anne Eyre HAMPTON. Can anyone: 1. Make a match with my Elias HOWELL or Hattie GOODFELLOW? 2. Confirm or deny that Richard HOWELL and Sarah NEVIUS are the parents of Elias Howell, born 1833 in NJ? 3. Offer any other information on HOWELL OR GOODFELLOW? Many, many thanks and regards.

MURPHY, RUNDLE; posted by James Murphy, Apr 28, 2001 Does anyone know who the parents of James MURPHY were? He was born in Weseley, Will Co.IL.on 2 Feb.1846 and married Mary J. RUNDLE, 1867 in Kankakee, IL. He moved to Missouri between 1867 and 1873. He enlisted in 1862 in the Civil War in IL.,I think in Kankakee, Co.A 100th.111Vol. Was discharged in 1865. Appreciate any info.

RODGERS, WHEELER; posted by David Rodgers, May 3, 2001 Looking for descendents of Thomas RODGERS of Will County. Thomas settled in Jackson Township around 1855 and he died in Joliet in 1895. He had seven children, two of them were sons: Norman RODGERS, my great grandfather, and Harper RODGERS, my great Uncle. I have good information on descendents of Norman RODGERS, but nothing on descendents of Harper. Harper RODGERS had at least 6 sons, Albert, Frank, Walter, Charles, Alvin, Russell, and perhaps others. Harper married Augusta WHEELER. Harper died in Rockdale, IL in 1918. Thomas RODGERS other children were: Mary RODGERS b1843; Eudora RODGERS, b1847; Malinda RODGERS b1848; Lydia RODGERS b1849; Festina RODGERS b1856.

BRACKMAN, FOUGHEL, KORN, MESSENGER, MEYER, SEIL, SHAW, VOGEL, WILCOX; posted by Joan Meyer, May 5, 2001 I am looking for any information on John and Ann Bennett. They were sister and brother-in law to my grandfather. They lived in Ill. and so did my grandfather Herman Henry MEYER.[ He came from Nahrendorf and Oldendorf- Hannover. He was born in 1881. He was a union member at the Gillispie coal mines. He left Ill. before 19o9 to buy land in Watonwan county in Mn. There he married Anna Wilhelmine SEIL. KORN could be her name somewhere else. Herman may have had two brothers there as well. Lewis or Louis MEYER and a Hermann MEYER, They may have changed the spelling to some other way of meyer. From Prussia. Dwight WILCOX a manager of the mines is the souce of my fathers name. A man-J.E. SHAW and K or H. MESSENGER were personal vouchers in the naturalization of August Friedrich Wilhelm SEIL in the county of Will in Ill. This was dated sept 1880. He may have left about 1887. He married Ann VOGEL or FOUGHEL in Greene county Iowa in 1888. Wilhelm’s father and mother were Henry and Mary. Henry was a brickmaker. She was a BRACKMAN before marriage. They came from Hannover. I would appreciate any information on any of these people. I have ages and places of birth.

TURNER; posted by Linda Eastman, May 7, 2001 Riley J. TURNER born 1835 in Ill. may have lived in Will Co.

posted by John Whalen, May 7, 2001 Curious about a cemetery called Mount Olivet located in Braidwood. Is this the same cemetery refered to in the cemetery index as in Reed township and also known as Rosewood?

CAMPBELL, RITCHIE; posted by Dorothy Riegel, May 12, 2001 I am seeking information about Mary CAMPBELL who married Alexander RITCHIE on Jul. 17, 1861 in Will county.

HOWARD, SWEET, WATSON; posted by Loren Michael, May 14, 2001 Looking for information on SWEET family of Lake and Geauga Co., OH intermarried in Will and Lasalle Co. with WATSON family from New Castle. PA. during 1860’s and 1880’s. The family moved to Western Springs, Cook Co., IL about 1890. See Family Sheet Another member of the Watson family, Dr. William WATSON, continued to live in Will Co. he was cited in an obituary from 1923 as living in Chebanse, IL Additionally seeking information on John Kennedy HOWARD, b. 1840 Jefferson Co., Ny and d. 1882 in Odell, Livingston, IL. He was a carpenter and public hall owner in Odell. As a Captain in the Illinois Militia he was sent to Braidwood, IL during the nine-month miners’ strike.

JACKSON, SHORT; posted by Maureen Solomon, May 21, 2001 I am looking for Mary SHORT who lived in Plainfield , Will County, ca. 1864. Parents were John and Levina JACKSON SHORT. Had brothers and sisters Hiram, Lemuel and Frances elsewhere in IL. Family came from NC.

SCHULTZ; posted by Rick Audette, May 22, 2001 Looking for any information (parents, census, land, etc.) on my grandfather (mother’s side), Fred Max SCHULTZ, born 30 May 1884, in Joliet (Will County), Illinois. Appreciate any lookups, info. Rick Audette

BERNER, ROHWEDDER; posted by Kathie Groll, May 22, 2001 Searching for descendents of Emil F. ROHWEDDER, born Joliet, Will County, IL in 1882. Wife Ellen, children Edward, Arthur, Richard. Emil was a brother to my grandmother Anna ROHWEDDER BERNER. I’m trying to fill in the blanks on the

MARX, ROHWEDDER; posted by Kathie Groll, May 22, 2001 Seeking information on Joachim ROHWEDDER family. Joachim (1849-1932), wife Auguste MARX ROHWEDDER (1854-1929), children Henry (1874-1918), Anna Dorothea (1877-1954), Augusta Margretha (1879-1960), and Emil F. (1882- 1936). Lived in Joliet, Will County, IL from 1880. Associated with St. Peters Lutheran Church, Joliet, IL. Is anyone else researching this family?

BARTON, CANTLON, PLANT, RAUWORTH, ROBINSON; posted by Nancy Brandon, May 24, 2001 My family of ROBINSON begins with Charles ROBINSON and Helen/Ellen Cantlon of Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, England. It is believed they immigrated to America in 1849 since they show up on Lockport Census in 1850. They moved by 1854 to Wilton Center, Will County, IL. There children were: 1. William ROBINSON who was born in 1840 and married Alice RAUWORTH. 2. Robert ROBINSON who was born 1842 and married Mary PLANT 3. Joseph ROBINSON who was born prior to 9-1845 and who served in Civil War where he died. 4. Charles ROBINSON who was born 1845 or 1846 and died September 25, 1863 5. Emma ROBINSON who was born in 1846/47 and married James BARTON. 6. Hannah ROBINSON who was born about March 1847 and married Samuel RAUWORTH. I am interested in all information regarding this family and related families. I am willing to share what I presently have. Nan Robinson Brandon

WEESE; posted by Mary Ellen Justice, May 25, 2001 Will County- WEESE,Julius, died crossing Joliet Street,hit by a car 11/1917/a bros.Arthur killed in auto accident.Has anyone ever run across any info pertaing to these names? Julis Weese worked for the city of Joliet as a Street sweepers in 1917.His son, Julius owned the Weese Printing Company. I have info on my side threw Julius but their were brothers and families and my cousins. Thank You, Mary Ellen nee Van Ham

LAPSLEY, PEDEN; posted by Carole Anderson, June 2, 2001 Looking for evidence of PEDENs and LAPSLEYs in and around Joliet,Will County, Illinois. Martha LAPSLEY PEDEN died in Joliet, Will County, Illinois, c. 1855.

Hiram PEDEN and Martha LAPSLEY were married circa 1828-29 in southwestern Pennsylvania, and had their first child, Samuel L. in Ohio in 1829. Hiram apparently came to Natrona, East Deer Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania soon thereafter. After the 1850 census was taken, he left the area and took his family west. His wife, Martha LAPSLEY PEDEN, died in Joliet, Will County, Illinois, c. 1855. He probably returned to the Pittsburgh area from Joliet, Illinois by 1860, and was definitely back in Pittsburgh by 1870.

BEDFORD, DREW; posted by Nancy Reitzler, June 7, 2001 I am seeking information on the burial place and date of John L. DREW b. abt 1820 Springfield, Essex, NJ. He married Mary C. BEDFORD in 1841 in Springfield, Essex, NJ. Their children were Isaac b. 1841, John Louis b. 1842, Francis M. (Frank) b. abt. 1846, Albert b. 1850 –all born in NJ and Adela b. abt. 1865 in Channahon, Will County, IL. About 1851 the family moved from New Jersey to Illinois and settled in Channahon. John L. DREW’s brothers, Jacob Millard and David moved with them to Illinois. In 1857 John L. DREW bought 7 graves in Willard Grove Cemetery. His wife, Mary died in 1892 and is buried in one of the graves. His granddaughter is buried in another. The entry for John L. is penciled in and says: “1896?”. There is some question as to whether he is buried there or not. This is what I am trying to find out. I have checked with Will, Grundy and Kendall counties and no one has a record but then I do not have an exact date. Please do not confuse his son, John Louis who died in 1905 – and is also buried there. Thanks.

CODRINGTON, LORD; posted by Chris Codrington, June 7, 2001 LORD Family, Manhattan vicinity 1845- 1865 Charles Payne Lord, wife France Elisabeth CODRINGTON(Fannie Eliza) moved to this area from plantations on Jamaica B.W.I. Lord was a lawyer with mercantile interests. Word is they had a farm in the area, but I am trying to learn something of his actual activities for he would not have moved to Will County to “farm”(unless it was something on a plantation style basis). Apochryphal tale from family states he was into “gun running” for the South during the Civil War. Though that could be true, suspect merchant activities with both sides or some involvement with an Express Company doing so.(Such as Adams Express or Southern Express(part of Adams till war) Would appreciate any references to these two or look-ups at local library or from local resource books unavalailable to me.

HERRING, MARTENS; posted by Ginger East, June 8, 2001 I am looking for information on the ancestors of William Edward “Bill” MARTENS b. 12-19-1946. His father’s name was Maurice Edward MARTENS and his mother’s name was Eva HERRING. The parents’ last known residence was Joliet, Will Co., Illinois and we think that is where William was born. If anyone has any information I would love to hear from you. Anything you may have no matter how small would be appreciated. As yet this is all we have been able to locate. Thank you.

JUNKER, YONKER, YOUNKER; posted by Randall W. Younker, June 9, 2001 Looking for information on Ben YOUNKER/YONKER of Elwood, Will Co. He moved to Elwood about 1887 and was still living there in 1941 when his brother John Younker died in neighboring Grundy County. I believe Ben died in Will County and is buried at or near Elwood. Ben’s father was Nicholas JUNKER/YOUNKER who immigrated to northern Illinois from Switzerland about 1857. Ben’s father Nicholas and mother Anna died shortly after 1860. Ben and his brothers were raised by neighbors and other family members. Besides a brother John, Ben had a brother Nicholas and another brother, Fred.

LUEDERS; posted by Marcia Watkins, June 14, 2001 Searching for information about Dietrich Louis LUEDERS who immigrated from Germany in 1898 and was in Will Co. for a couple of years before moving to NE.

CARDWELL, DIX, GLENN, ONDERISIN, SALMAN, SHADDA, TOMASTICK, WOODWARD; posted by Lisa Wheeles, June 15, 2001 I am looking for several names in the Will Co area. I believe all or most are buried in cemeteries around Will CO. They include: WOODWARD, CARDWELL, SALMAN, SHADDA, ONDERISIN, TOMASTICK, GLENN, and DIX. If any of these names are familiar, please let me know. Ernest WOODWARD married Ida Belle CARDWELL. Brayton SALMAN married Naomi Francis WOODWARD, Ernest and Ida’s daughter. Brayton’s parents are Elizabeth SHADDA and William SALMAN. Lloyd GLENN married Helen ONDERISIN. Helen’s parents are Helen TOMASTICK and Michael ONDERISIN

WICKE; posted by Linda Corey, June 18, 2001

BROWN, ROACH, ROACHE; posted by Debra Hellebust, June 18, 2001 I am looking for information on Patrick (ROACH) ROACHE, born 1856 (Mary-2nd wife?, b.1864,Michael, b.1882, Rodger b.1884, Katie b.1886, Jennie b.1888, adopted son or daughter Lattie? 1887?) They are listed on the 1900 census. Lived at one time in the Manhatten, Florence, and maybe Wilton Center areas. Jennie married William G. BROWN (1907-1910). Any information on the family would be of great help.

KUCERA, SEVICK; posted by Lana Daniel, June 20, 2001 I am searching for any information on the family of Frank KUCERA, his wife Marie (SEVICK) and son Vaclav (James or Jim),according to their verbal records they lived in Braidwood (Will Co.) IL between 1872-1879. Frank worked in the coal mines. Vaclav was born in 1861 so he would have been 11 and of school age. Another child Mary may have been with them at that time. Any information on State or local census, voting records, school records, town directories etc. during that period of time would be helpful and very much appreciated. This family was of Bohemian decent and Catholic religion so records pertaining to these groups would be helpful also. Thank you for any assistance you might be able to give.

BERGERA, DORSEY, GAVIGAN, MARTIN, VACCA; posted by Tom Reed, June 21, 2001 RE My 1999 Query: I am still searching for Michael & Murtagh DORSEY and their descendants. Michael & Murtagh were brothers of RIchard and Thoams Dorsey, who owned a saloon in Wilmington from 1868 to 1886. Richard was also a livestock auctioneer. Their business was located one block south of the Chicago & Alton R. R. Station on Kankakee St. Thomas DORSEY m. Bridget GAVIGAN, dau of James GAVIGAN & Mary (MARTIN) of Wilmington Twp. in 1868. Thomas DORSEY d. 1873 in Wilmington of lung fever. Thomas & Bridget Dorsey had one child, my grand- father, James M. DORSEY (1869-1939). Thomas’s older brother, Richard DORSEY, m. Bridget Gavigan in 1876. They had Frank, John & Kathleen (twins) Mary and William, all b. in Wilmington bef. 1886. Am also researching my BERGERA & VACCA ancestors from Braidwood. Any info would be appreciated.

ARTHUR, LEASON, SCHAU; posted by Barbara Prescott, June 22, 2001 I am looking for a birth record of my grandfather who was born in Elwood,Will Co.IL. according to his obit. His name was ARTHUR J. SCHAU. His father was Christian J. SCHAU, and his mother was Anna Marie LEASON (sp?) He was born 12 June, 1885. I would be most happy for any information on this family. Barbara

CROCKER, GAST, PECK, STRUBLE, STRUPLE; posted by Vern Peterson, June 23, 2001 I am looking for information on a William Crocker and his wife. Family history has her name as Elizabeth. William had 2 sons, William CROCKER and George C. CROCKER. The 1880 Census of Clay County, Kansas, Republican Township has William CROCKER age 52 (born in England), Mary age 33 (born Illinois), William age 3 (born Illinois) and George age 1 (born Illinois). Family history has George born in 1880. The Illinois Statewide Marriage index has a Mary STRUBLE that married a William CROCKER in Will County on August 25, 1875. After the death of William CROCKER about 1883 in Kansas I believe his wife and children returned to Will County. His wife may have remarried. Any information on the Mary STRUBLE would be welcome to see if this might be the correct marriage record.

HAYNES, TOMES; posted by Curt Broschk, June 25, 2001 Seeking information for John TOMES born 24 Oct 1841 in Warwickshire County. Came to Cleveland, Ohio area as a child with his parents. His last known address was Joliet, Illinois, Will County. Can you help find this missing ancestor? Please contact Curt Broschk at broschk[email protected] John was the son of John TOMES and Maria HAYNES.

HOPPING, MARTIN; posted by Shelia Towell, July 2, 2001 I am looking for Thomas T. HOPPING and Amy MARTIN. ch. Jennie, Ada, and Henry Curtis. I find these people in Will County before 1870. Any info would be loved! Shelia Towell

GRAY; posted by Dorothy Riegel, July 3, 2001 Could someone tell me where the GRAY school was? I think it was just east and south of Custer Park but I am not sure. Thank you for your help.

HAYNES, TOMES; posted by Curt Broschk, July 3, 2001 Seeking information for John TOMES born 24 Oct 1841 in Warwickshire Co., England. He was son of John TOMES and Maria HAYNES. Came to America as a child with his parents. Lived in Cleveland, Ohio. (Strongsville).His last known address was Joliet, Illinois.

DUNBAR, WATKINS; posted by Frances Stachour, July 18, 2001 Looking for John WATKINS (b. 1791, VA) and wife Ann (DUNBAR) WATKINS (b. 1800, KY) who moved to Will Co in late 1830’s/early 1840’s. Had 9 children. John died 1846, buried IN. I need names of children. This John WATKINS is apparently not related to John and Henry WATKINS from Will Co. Necrology Reports. Thanks, Fran in MN

DZIUNDZIEK, WIELGOS; posted by Linda Atkinson, July 19, 2001 Looking to find descendants of my grgrandfather’s brother in order to complete a family group sheet, and possibly learn more about the family as a whole: Peter WIELGOS(Z) b ~1877 m Michalina DZIUNDZIEK b ~1875 1 Mar 1897, St. Adalbert’s Catholic Church in Chgo I know that they had a son Joseph b 1904. I have this family in Cook Co in the 1920 census. Family oral hx places Pete and Michalina in Will County,Joliet?? in ~1935. Peter’s known family consists of following: Frank and Eva nee PRE(D)TKO 1849-1922, parents Michael 1872-1947, brother Adam 1878-1938, brother Anton b abt 1884, brother Frank, b 1892, brother. Family came from Kurijanki, Suwalki, Poland 1892-1901 See Family Photo Album, Linda, Family of Frank and Eva WIELGOS for a possible photo of Peter and Micalina. My dad seems to think that they may have lived on Broadway. Was there a Polish church in Joliet in mid 1930s?

FOX, MORSE; posted by John Morse, July 22, 2001 I”m tring to get information on John MORSE & Julia FOX would have possibly lived in will county between the years of 1865 and 1880 if you can find any information on this family I will be thankful thank you

WHITSON; posted by Elizabeth Fee-Dubois, July 25, 2001 Looking for information on: Charles E. WHITSON b. 1869 in Will County, Ill. married Dorothy Schroder b. 1874 in Will County, Ill. Thank you kindly.

ROACH, WILLEAMS; posted by Debra Hellebust, July 25, 2001 Kate ROACH married Everett WILLEAMS in Will County, they had three daughters, Rita, born 1906, Mary,born 1907, Ursula, born 1909. Looking for families of these daughters.

KAPPELL; posted by Gavin Schmitt, July 27, 2001 Hello, I am looking for KAPPELL in Plainfield. Specifically, the birth certificates of Walter (b. June 4, 1864) and Jacob (b. July 25, 1870). Michael, Lena, Laura, Katherine, and Barbara should also exist. If anyone could find these birth certificates, or any record of their existence in some local directory or historical book, I would be forever grateful. Also, perhaps baptismal records – they were Catholic. Thank you,

CAMPBELL; posted by Allison Rasmussen, July 27, 2001 i have just begun to do research on my father’s family and am without any living relatives that can help with names, dates, etc. i would love to find information about my great, great, great grandfather. i don’t have a first name, but the last name is CAMPBELL. we believe he came from scotland and have been told he owned a tavern/inn called Campbell’s silver dollar inn in joliet, will co. is there anyone with information on this tavern/inn that can give me a place to start? your help is much appreciated.

JOHNSON, SOUTHERN; posted by Marcie Pope, July 29, 2001 SOUTHERN septimus d. 5-23-1914 joliet, ill. can’t locate, wife martha JOHNSON d.3-19-1919 joliet,ill.

CLARENCE, GOFF, KYES, MORGAN, MURPHY; posted by Eugene Carter, Aug 2, 2001 We are searching for further information about: John (Jack) Patrick MURPHY (born about 1859 in Willington, England)who married ( believed in Illinois) Mary Ann McCLARANCE or CLARENCE (born about 1861 in Brandon, England. This couple lived near Braceville, possibly Will County at the time the twins were born May 19, 1887. The twins were Nellie (MURPHY – MORGAN – GOFF) & Mary (MURPHY – KYES). Nellie died in Calif. & Mary in Farmington, Illinois. We know what happened to the twins, but not the parents or the twins siblings–Vera, Clarence and John Henry. John Henry was born May 12,1895 and at the age of 48 yrs. decided he needed a birth certificate and visited upon his aunt Helen MURPHY ( whom lived at Pontiac, IL ) in 1943 to verify his birth place and date. The MURPHY family is believed to be Catholic.

JONES, KALLAI, RAPACH, VIETORIS; posted by Diane Larson, Aug 5, 2001 I am looking for any information on the name KALLAI, VIETORIS, RAPACH,JONES Emma and Robert. They were from the Will County area. Thank you.

GRAVY; posted by Joseph R. Bosone, Aug 7, 2001 I am trying to get information on my grandfather, Isidore GRAVY. He lived in Joliet, Will Co., IL in the early 1920’s. Are there city directories that might list him? He came to this country from Pironchamps, Hainaut, Belgium (he was born in Gilly, Hainaut, Belgium). He later moved to Bearcreek, Carbon Co., MT, where he worked in the coal mines. Is there an IL State Census that might list him in the 1910 and or 1920 censuses? He came to the USA in the early 1900’s but I believe that he lived in OH or PA prior to going to IL. Any information that anyone in the area of Joliet might have concerning his history in Joliet will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

DWIGHT, POORE; posted by Carol Andersen, Aug 11, 2001 Seeking information for parents of Charlotte DWIGHT of Will County, Ill., when she married Anderson POORE on 5 Jan 1843.

HAINES, RIORDAN, TELFER; posted by Ed Locker, Aug 13, 2001 HAINES, TELFER, Marie Ada Haines, daughter of John G. HAINES and Elizabeth (TELFER), born in Joliet in September 1903, died as Marie RIORDAN in January 1953 in Joliet, buried in Mt. Olivet, Wilmington. Looking for HAINES & TELFER connections.

NICHOLAS; posted by Barbara Nicholas, Aug 18, 2001 Nicholas NICHOLAS coal miner in 1880 census for the city of Braidwood in Reed Twsp in Will county, Illinois. Looking for other information; where buried? any records for sale after 1880 he is in the land records for purchasing land in 1878. He had a brother Thomas Nicholas in Reed Twsp also.

BELANDER, HUTTON, OLSEN, PETERSEN; posted by Beth Bradberry, Aug 21, 2001 Algot Olaf BELANDER, buried in Lockport Cemetery, with Vera Louise (HUTTON) BELANDER at corner of 7th and 6th streets, across from Milne Grove School. Want to know if there is any information on parents of Algot BELANDER (Andrew BELANDER and Christine OLSEN). Surname of Andrew BELANDER was PETERSEN before immigrating from Sweden. Any and all information would be appreciated. Thanks.

RIORDAN; posted by Kathy Farley, Aug 24, 2001 looking for information on my grandfater Patrick RIORDAN, married to Elizabeth and lived in Joliet, Will Co, Ill. He was born 4/27/1885 in Durham England

ADDIS, HOLMES, KIBLER, RAMEY, SKOGLUND; posted by Randy And Sandy Ramey, Aug 24, 2001 I am looking for information on the following: RAMEY, Clifford (murdered by Efie KIBLER and Charlie KIBLER in 1939,in Manhattan, IL, Will County), Charlie KIBLER, Efie KIBLER, Austin RAMEY, George ADDIS, Nellie HOLMES, Lorena SKOGLUND. Trying to obtain history on Ramey family for my children and to find out how much Indian and what tribe, is in my children’s bloodline.

DOHSE, DOSSE; posted by James Roberts, Aug 25, 2001 Looking for any information on 3great grandfather Peter H DOHSE or DOSSE family members. He joined 100th Infantry in Washington Township Will County in August 1862 and was killed two years later in Chattenooga Tenn. His occupation was a farmer, born in Germany.

CAPLE, THATCHER; posted by Nancy Felton, Aug 29, 2001 Clint THATCHER m CAPLE in Indiana and may have moved to Will CO.IL with his family late 1800 early 1900. Any info on this family appreciated. Nancy

SCHROEDER, SWANSON; posted by Jacqueline Lutes Thomas, Aug 30, 2001 I am researching my family tree and need any info William & Caroline SCHROEDER from Joliet, and the parents of Elmer Emanuel,Culla, Esther (married a Fellman) & Robert SWANSON also from the Joliet area. Culla and Robert may have moved to the Oregon or Minnesota area. Please send any info on a family connection. Thank You,

RIORDEN; posted by Karen Mohr, Aug 31, 2001 any information about relatives michael and julia RIORDEN who farmed in will county around 1870

BISHUP, HAGLER, PACE, SIMPSON, WADDELL; posted by Pam Waddell, Sep 1, 2001 Looking for any WADDELL, PACE, SIMPSON, BISHUP, HAGLER information for Will Co., IL. Would like to hear from anyone doing research in this area.

KATZENBERG, STELLWAGON; posted by Bruce Hausmann, Sep 4, 2001 Seeking information about the family of William and Louise Stellwagon found in 1880 Green Garden Twp, Will Co, IL. Relationship to Andrew Katzenberg of same houshold.

DWYER, LINDBERG, NOLAN; posted by Mary Ellen Justice, Sep 6, 2001 Emil LINDBERG married Bridget DWYER in Joliet on 6/6/1894. Bridget was the sister of Ellen DWYER who married Patrick NOLAN. Bridget lived across the street from Ellen & Patrick on Bloulder Ave., Joliet, Il. I would appreciate any info pertaining to Emil & Bridget.

FOX; posted by Gwen Elliott, Sep 7, 2001 FOX,William,Elisha,Walter,Frank,Harry,Mabel. Of Joliet Ill. Any info.

BAUMGARTEN, HAMILTON, SCHULTZ; posted by Teresa Morris, Sep 7, 2001 Looking for family info on Robert W HAMILTON married Elizabeth BAUMGARTEN thier childern where Elise, Gertie, Kate, Mable, Gladys, Milred, Pearl,Robert W Hamilton Jr. Robert W HAMILTON Jr married Gertude SCHULTZ thier chilren where Lois, Jeanne ,Shirley all of Lockport, Will Co,Ill

CONRAD, MOTZER; posted by Pat Littell, Sep 8, 2001 Seeking all info on MOTZER and CONRAD families of Peotone, Will County, area. I have cemetery records and dates, looking for more family history from 1860’s to late 1800’s.

SNOAD; posted by Barbara Lewis, Sep 9, 2001 Charles SNOAD b 1809 in Kent, Charles, my great great grandfather, immigrated from the Romney Marsh area of Kent in about 1839-40. He first went to Tioga County PA, then to Will County –first Plainfield and then Joliet. He was married to Mary Ann in Kent. I am unclear about all the children, but think they were Charles, Mary Ann, Louisa, Ellen, Catherine (my great grandmother Kate). Was there also an Eliza who married Henry Logan? Was there an Olive? Kate married Edward Payson Savage, but where? And where did they live? Did Edward P Savage marry Belle Nobles first? What happened? And Louisa married Jonathan McDonald. Did Louisa have children? Where are they? Where did Charles Jr go after he left New Lennox? What became of Mary Ann and Ellen? If Eliza, a principal in Joliet, is not part of the family, where did she come from. I just visited her grave in CO. I know about Henry Snoad and his family, he is brother to Charles. Did Charles also go by George? I also know that Ruth Snoad, widow of Thomas and mother of Charles Snoad who died in the Civil War, lived in Joliet. Had a daughter Anna/Margaret. I traced her to Missouri. As the reader can see, I am so anxious for information. Thanks

SAVAGE, SNOAD; posted by Barbara Lewis, Sep 9, 2001 I am trying to learn more about: 1. Richard SAVAGE, (1875-1841) a Baptist minister who lived in Granville, NY, but was born in Middletown, CT, son of Amos Savage. 2. Edward SAVAGE, (1816- 1863) a Baptist minister who probably was born in Granville, NY, and lived and preached in Joliet, IL Son of Richard. Children: Fred, Linnalus, Sarah Eliz, Sarah Louise, and Edward Payson SAVAGE. Married to Sarah Fuller about whom I know nothing. 2. Edward Payson SAVAGE (1844-?) a Baptist minister who probably was born in Joliet, IL and who probably died in St. Paul, MN. Son of Edward (#2). My g grandmother, Kate (probably Catherine) SNOAD married Edward Payson SAVAGE. They had six children, Linnalus, Nellie, LuluMae, Kittie Pearl, George Fuller and my grandfather, Edward SNOAD Savage. I am anxious to pick up threads of what happened to these people and perhaps, if I am lucky, to find a living relative.

LINEBARGER, LINEBARGERS, SNOAD; posted by Barbara Lewis, Sep 9, 2001 My great aunt Mary SNOAD married Oliver LINEBARGER in Will County probably in the 1850s. I know a few things about the SNOAD family, but nothing of the LINEBARGERS other than that they were a well-respected family in Joliet. I am hopeful that perhpas one of the descendents might have more information about Mary and Oliver. Thanks.

SNOAD, WEEKS; posted by Barbara Lewis, Sep 9, 2001 My notes show that Clara SNOAD married Fred WEEKS in Cook County 1891. I think that Clara was the granddaughter of Charles and Mary Ann SNOAD and daughter of Charles SNOAD, Jr of New Lennox. Would like to know lots more. Wonder if there are any living relatives still around Will County. Thanks.

GOOD, SCHULTZ; posted by Rick Audette, Sep 13, 2001 Looking for family info on my grandfather, Fred M. SCHULTZ, b. 30 May 1883. Joliet, (Will County) IL. Parents: Fred SCHULTZ & Anna GOOD. Brothers/Sisters: Reinehard, Richard, Edwin, Ida, Martha and Grace. Appreciate any info that you can provide.

FOLLEN; posted by Doug Follen, Sep 17, 2001 I am looking for any information on my family by the of John and Bridget FOLLEN in Will Co. from 1857 to 1920. Any children if possible.

JENKINS; posted by Karen Crenshaw, Sep 21, 2001 What is the birthdate and parental information for Josie (Josephine?) A JENKINS born in Joliet, 187_?

BOWEN, MCNEILL; posted by Elise Adams Overmire, Sep 21, 2001 I’m wondering if someone would mind helping me locate an obituary for Josephine (nee MCNEILL) BOWEN (Born Sept 1903). She died in April 1985 in Joliet, Will County, IL., unfortunately I don’t have the specific date. Her husband was Joseph BOWEN. I would also love to hear from any descendents out there! Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks. –Elise in MN.

MERGLER, WESTFALL, WESTPHAL; posted by Rachel Gaede, Sep 22, 2001 I am researching my father’s family name of WESTFALL/WESTPHAL. His grandfather was a Charles WESTFALL who died while living in Joliet, IL. It is unknown if he was buried there or if his wife Katherine MERGLER WESTFALL was buried with him. My father’s uncle who was Charles brother kept the origanial spelling of the name WESTPHAL.This brother was born in 1907 and died in 1998 in CA. Charles and Katherine had 6 children, Marie, Bruce, Sherman, Stanford, Myron and Gloria. Bruce was born in NJ in 1906, died in 1983 AZ, and we know Sherman was born in 1912 in Knox, Indiana and died in MI. Any help on this family would be great.

EDDY, HAZEN; posted by Rebecca Tsuji, Sep 25, 2001 Looking for any information on Mary Elizabeth EDDY or her EDDY family. She was born in Joliet, Illinois on May 04, 1852 and died in Cass Lake, Minnesota on June 10, 1948. I don’t know her parents names or if she had siblings. She married ? HAZEN and lived in Minnesota. They moved to Montana, where he ran a funeral home, and at some point she left Mr. Hazen and moved back to Minnesota with her two daughters, Nellie and Cora. Any infomration would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

BOEHL, LANCASTER, MONTY, TUCKER, YANDO; posted by Christa Tucker, Sep 25, 2001 Have picture of descendants of Noah YANDO Sr. and wife Olive MONTY YANDO Picture was taken c. 1908 at home of Ezra and Emma YANDO in Monee, Will Co. House hit by tornado at later date. Includes following persons: Ophelia YANDO and husband Obediah LANCASTER and son Donald LANCASTER; Dora YANDO and husband Irwin McGruder and daughter Rovilla; Noah YANDO Jr. and wife Winifred ?; Rosa YANDO; Mary (Regina) YANDO BOEHL, wife of Augustus BOEHL; Agnes YANDO TUCKER husband Thomas Edgar Tucker and children: Maybelle (later Wright), Rainard, Thomas, Viola (later Manor), and Agnes (later Clinton); Ezra Yando and wife Emma (?) and son Vitas; Edgar YANDO and wife Molly (?) and daughter Vera. Noah YANDO, Sr. and Olive MONTY Will glady copy or email picture to descendants in exchange for information. Have extensive MONTY info. Very little YANDO info. on people in picture. Agnes Yando TUCKER is my g-grandmother.

BLUME, BUFFUM, DUCLOSE, GARLAND, HASKINS, JAEGER, LASCHE, LUNZ, MATTHIAS, MILLER, NEULING, NEWLING, OPEL, PFUHL, PORTER, ROHE, STEPHANS, WASSMAN; posted by Sandra Hultquist, Sep 30, 2001 Looking for information on any of the following: Franz (Frank) LASCHE (1831-1894) immigrated from Germany 1871 with wife Ida (1834-before 1880), son Franz Max (1858-1937), daughter Rosa (1864- after 1941), son Ernst “Sam” (1869-1930), son Alfred (1868-?), daughter Ida Sarah, (1858-1918). Franz is listed in Crete, Will Co. on 1880 federal census with Alfred. Daughters Rosa & Ida are in other homes in Crete. Ernst & Franz Max are on their way to Oregon. Rosa m: Edgar PORTER 20 Aug 1901 in Joliet. They had the following children: Mae, Lester, gladys, Carlyle, Edith. This family lived in Peotone. Alfred moved to Pa & married Veronica PFUHL. Ernst m: Emily HASKINS in Oregon. Franz (Frank) Max m: Sarah BUFFUM in Oregon. Ida Sarah m: Bernhard JAEGER 3 Jan 1880 in Chicago. They moved to Crete by 1900 & had the following children, all raised in Crete: Anna (1880-1975) m: Edward LUNZ & Henry WASSMAN, Clara Ida (1881-1968) m: Charles NEULING/NEWLING, Marie (1883-1962) m: John MILLER, Sohpia (1884-1938) m: Henry BLUME, Fred/Fritz (1886-1935, Margareta (1887-1973) m: Jack STEPHANS, Helene (1889-1935) m: Jarry GARLAND, Elise “Dietz” (1890-after 1940) m: Fred OPEL, Otto (1891-1958) m: Hilda MATTHIAS & Johanna “Joe” (1894-1986) m: Reed DUCLOSE & Fred B. ROHE.

Franz (Frank) LASCHE, Ida LASCHE, Bernhard JAEGER, Ida LASCHE JAEGER are all buried in Crete. Any help appreciated.

MCCREARY; posted by Shari McCreary Price, Oct 1, 2001 I am searching for relatives of Joseph and Melissa Kelly MCCREARY of Joliet,IL, Will County circa 1878. I know nothing about them except they had a son, my great grandfather, Joseph W. McCreary b. 02/07/1878. I do believe that the family moved to PA at a later date as Joseph W. McCreary eventually married a Minnie Cearfoss of Edinburg, PA. Together they had 8 living children and 1 son named Charles that died at the age of 10 months. They lived in the Hillsville, PA area until their later years. They both died in Struthers, OH and are buried at the Lowellville, OH cemetary.

BROOKS, HOLT, WARNER; posted by Mary Brooks Gilmore, Oct 5, 2001 My earlier BROOKS query has my old email address, that address is now changed, many ancestors buried in “Brooks Cemetery, Homer Township, Will County, IL. Would welcome anyone doing research on the family of Benjamin and Anna WARNER Brooks and/or their son Enos whose wife was Emmeline HOLT. Emmeline’s sister married Enos’ brother William P. Brooks, her name was Caroline Holt, so am interested in the Warner and Holt lines too. Thank You,

MAYER, ROCKETT; posted by Bridgette O’Connor, Oct 11, 2001 I am researching my family tree for information for a Humanities course at Butler University. I am looking for information on James ROCKETT, born in 1899 in Italy. He lived in Chicago before moving to Bolingbrook, Illinois, and then Joliet, Illinois. His wife’s name was Kay MAYER.

posted by Maricela Amezcua, Oct 20, 2001 Has any heard of Losner’s German Lutheran Church in Wash. School House Dist. no.5 and no.9.? Since the pastor for St.Paul’s Lutheran Church was Herman Lossner (in 1870’s), I’m wondering if there was a school house nearby that used his name? Ted Cash (coordinator for Will Co. web site) thought that there was a school house where the old St. John’s Lutheran church was located (near Eagle Lake- about 1 1/2 miles from present location). I’m trying to see if school records would exist anywhere at this time.If anyone has any information, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

COTTON; posted by Holms S. (hal) Young, Oct 21, 2001 Researching the COTTON Family in Will, Grundy, and Kankakee Counties, as well as Nebraska and New York.

KELLY, MCCRARY, MCCREARY; posted by Shari McCreary Price, Oct 24, 2001 I am looking for any link to Joseph and Melissa KELLY McCREARY/McCRARY of Joliet, Will Co., IL in 1878. My g grandfather Joseph W. McCreary was born on 02/07/1878 in Joliet, IL. He had a brother Charles and 2 unknown sisters.

BROPHY, OBRIEN; posted by Dan Schram, Oct 25, 2001 Seeking information on Anna OBRIEN, b.02-22-1892 in Lockport, Will Co., IL. Married Edward BROPHY on 10-24- 1914.

HALLORAN, MAHER; posted by Gary McKelvey, Oct 29, 2001 I am doing research of the Patrick and Catherine (MAHER) HALLORAN family. The siblings include Michael, John, Will, Edward and others. Many members of the family moved on the Minnesota/Iowa in the 1880s. The lived in or near Wilmington.

ALLHANDS, DEWEY, SWEET, WILSON; posted by Harold Wilson, Oct 29, 2001 i am searching for info regarding Charles A. SWEET and Nellie ALLHANDS, who were married in Will County Feb. 4, 1896. Also, her parents, Christian ALLHANDS and Josephine WILSON, and her grandparents, Lemuel WILSON and Frances Jane DEWEY. If you have any knowledge regarding these individual, please let me know. Thanks

BERGERA, DORSEY, GAVIGAN, MARTIN; posted by Tom Reed, Oct 31, 2001 I am still researching the following Will County families: James DORSEY & Emma BERGERA Richard DORSEY & Bridget GAVIGAN Thomas M. DORSEY & Bridget GAVIGAN James GAVIGAN & Mary MARTIN

MCCREERY, VANRIPER; posted by Shari McCreary Price, Nov 5, 2001 I am interested in finding out any information about a Joseph MCCREERY Family of Plainsfield Twp, Will Co., IL. He is shown in an 1850 Census as being married to Abigail (VANRIPER). In the 1850 Census he is shown as 40 years old and being born in NY. Abigail is shown as being 38 years old and being born in NJ. Their children are Joseph 18 b. NY, Mary J. 16 b. Canada, Martha A. 13 b. Canada, Joseph 11 b. NY, Lucy 7 b. NY, Charles H. 5 b. IL, Isabel 2 b. IL and Emily 7 1/2 mths b. IL. I am especially interested in their son Joseph.

KELLY, MCCREARY, MCCREERY; posted by Shari McCreary Price, Nov 5, 2001 I am looking for any link to Joseph and Melissa KELLY MCCREERY/MCCREARY of Joliet, Will Co., IL in 1878. My g grandfather was Joseph W. MCCREARY born 02/07/1878 in Joliet, Will Co., IL. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

TAYLOR; posted by Pat Albright Vieira, Nov 10, 2001 I am looking for information regarding Robert TAYLOR who is my uncle and was a Plainfield policeman for many years.

ASHTON, DAGNELL; posted by Kari Sabrie, Nov 16, 2001 Looking for information regarding the ASHTON family. Thomas ASHTON (b. 1785-1788, England), (second?) wife: Jane DAGNELL (b. 1780, England). Children: Joseph (unsure), born England, Thomas Jr. (b. 1820 Canada), Joshua (unsure). Thomas Jr. married Marion (Unknown) and children were: Daniel (b. 1843, Vermont), Sidney (b. July 17, 1851, Vermont), Myron (b. September 17, 1853), Jane (b. 1855, Vermont), and Caroline (b. 1857, IL). Daniel served in the 39th Infantry, Co. A for Will County in the civil war. Have lots more to share, thanks!

MARIJA, OVEN, OWEN, ZORA, ZORE; posted by Barbara Zora, Nov 19, 2001 I am looking for info. on Gregor OVEN, who lived in Joliet in 1900 on Chicago Street. His daughter, MARIJA OVEN, (later spelled OWEN) came to the U.S. to Joliet in 1900 to be with him. Within 2 years of 1900 Marija married Joseph ZORE(later spelled ZORA). I need any info. like birthdays, parents names, and birthplace. Thank you.

EGAN, ROBINSON; posted by Jim Allen, Nov 19, 2001 Am looking for info on my gg- grandmother, Jane EGAN, who married James ROBINSON of Blue Island, IL in 1867. A Jane EGAN shows up in the 1850 Illinois Census in Will County, Joliet Township. Does anyone have any further family info concerning this Will County Jane EGAN or know if she indeed became the wife of James ROBINSON? Thanks for any assistance!

RUTHENBECK, WALLER; posted by Daryl A. Ruthenbeck, Nov 20, 2001 I’m emailing you about my grandparents thery most of their lives in Joliet, Ill. My grandfather worked for the EJ&E Railroad. But, I can’t find any information on them. Their names were Carl C. RUTHENBECK and my grandmothers maiden name was Mildred Arlene WALLER. If you have any information on them I would appreciate it. I’m doing a family tree. Thank you

THOMAS; posted by Peggy Thomas, Nov 26, 2001 Looking for information about the parents of Daniel Edward THOMAS born August 14th 1875 in Braidwood Ill, his siblings were, George (Wilke), David, John, Sara and Jane.

HOGLEN; posted by Donald Detwiler, Nov 28, 2001 The 1887 Joliet city directory shows George W. HOGLEN as the proprietor of the Hotel Royal on the SW corner of Washington and Chicago. Would like to know how long he was in Joliet and if he was married, his wife’s name. Trying to determine his relationship to a George W. HOGLEN who was in Des Moines, IA from 1860 through 1880. Thanks in advance.

RIORDEN; posted by Karen Mohr, Nov 29, 2001 Would like to know dates of birth and death for Michael and Julia RIORDEN, living in Wilton Township in 1960-1980. Both are buried in a Catholic Cemetery in Wilton.

DAVIS, JACKSON, KENTFIELD; posted by Sharon Haskin Galitz, Dec 1, 2001 I’m looking for descendants of Aaron DAVIS, Jr. born 28 October 1788 Belchertown, Massachusetts married 1814 Rebecca JACKSON. Their children, probably all born Belchertown:

Miriam born 1816 – 1 May

Henry S. born 1818 – 10 December

Eliza born 1819 – 11 April (year wrong?)

Estes born 1827 – 27 May m. Hulda KENTFIELD 2 January 1850 in Crete, Will Co., Illinois

George born about 1833

Benjamin born about 1835 m. Alma KEN(T)FIELD 7 December 1856 Crete, Will Co., Illinois

Miriam and Eliza may have been married before the rest of the family moved to Illinois between 1835-1839.

Henry S. DAVIS was found in Crete records in 1849, but 1850 census has several Henry DAVIS’ in Will County and I have not figured out which is Henry S.

Did Henry, Estes, George and Benjamin have children? They would be my distant cousins.

CESAR, PFEIFER; posted by Mike Cesar, Dec 2, 2001 Looking for info on ggrandparents Steven and Antonia CESAR, Antonia’s maiden name was PFEIFER. They were married Sept 3 1901 in Joliet, Will Co. They had four children: Steven or Edward, Agnes, Albert and Michael. Michael was my grandfather. I know who Antonia’s parents were but can’t find Steven’s.(Stefan)is the spelling on his naturalization-dated Nov 5 1900. any information would be helpful.

BARRETT, HALEY, KENNEDY, QUIGLEY, SHAY; posted by Thomas Klover, Dec 4, 2001 I’m searching for information on the KENNEDY’S from Florence Township, Will Co, Illinois. John & Catherine came from Ireland in the mid 1850’s. They were the parents of Thomas (Margaret HALEY), James (Margaret BARRETT), Margaret (John QUIGLEY), & John (Catherine SHAY). Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

ANDERSON, SYNOLD; posted by Steven Marshall, Dec 6, 2001 Edward SYNOLD, born approx., 1880 in (believe Niles,Michigan) moved to Joliet (Will County) and married an Alfreida ANDERSON. They had a daughter Emma in 1904. No other information to be had on Edward, though I believe they may have moved to Wilmington (Will County) later. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Steven

BESCHERNER, CAMPHAUSEN; posted by Myles Taylor, Dec 11, 2001 I am looking for information on the CAMPHAUSEN family which lived in Joliet from the 1880’s through teh early 1900’s. Gustav CAMPHAUSEN, who m. Emma BESCHERNER in 1881, was an interpreter at the prison and d. 1902. Children born in Joliet were Gustav (c. 1882), Wilhelm (c. 1883) and Freidrich Heinrich (1889).

GOLIGHTLY, MURPHY; posted by Dan Gallagher, Dec 20, 2001 I am trying to research my grandfather’s family. His name was John Francis MURPHY, and he was born in Braidwood Illinois. His family owned a small coal mine in the area. He married Grace GOLIGHTLY from Pope County Ill. I am told his father John Francis is buried in Wilmington Ill. I would appreciate any information that would help in my search.

TRAD; posted by Michael J. Trad, Dec 21, 2001 Michael TRAD – Will County/Lockport area 1910-1932

CARTER; posted by Curt Grissom, Dec 23, 2001 Seeking info of era 1870-1900 on James and Nancy Jane CARTER. Also for Charles and Mariah West and daughter Hattie as well as her niece,Dottie.

MINARD, SMITH; posted by Joan Cool, Dec 26, 2001 Looking for info on Mr. SMITH (born abt. 1895) who married Harriet Louise MINARD (born abt. 1896 and died in 1927). They had a daughter Estelle SMITH. Harriet is buried in Crete Cemetery in Lot 39.

KINGS; posted by Marla Todd, Dec 30, 2001 I’m looking for information about Beatrice KINGS born 1899. She died in Lockport, IL in 1973.

I’m also looking for information about her son Francis Joseph KINGS born 1930-33.

I’m also trying to find out what Beatrice’s maiden name was, as well as the name of her husband and other children.