Queries 2006

posted by Jim Gillis, Jan 2, 2006 I discovered that an ancestor I am researching may have been an inmate at a prison in Will County (JOLIET?), IL in the 1910 census. The name was Claude Bailey and I am trying to find information on Claude L. Bailey who married Hazel Gillis on 4 July 1909 probably in Danville, Vermilion, IL. They had one daughter Helen Louise Bailey. I have no further information on him, except that I believe he was born in Chicago, IL and probably died there. He was still living in Chicago in 1969 when Hazel died. I have no parents, birth, death dates on him. Because there is little mention of him in the family and Hazel changed her name back to Gillis this may be an indication that this Claude Bailey in the 1910 census of Will County may be the Claude Bailey I am searching for. Is there someone I can write to get this inmates record, I am sure it must still be on file somewhere in the system. Jim Gillis

KUEHNE; posted by Cathy Sorrells, Jan 5, 2006 searching for information on Charles and Catherine KUEHNE of Joliet, Illinois. Charles owned a butcher shop until his death in 1928

KALLIS; posted by Ted Powell, Jan 6, 2006 I am looking for help in locating a relative. Frank KALLIS Born 1826 Bohemia and Died 12-25-1880 and buried in Will county I believe I am at a loss to find out where this grandfather is buried. Everyone else seems to have moved to South dakota. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. ted powell

BINNING; posted by Betty Nees, Jan 8, 2006 I am looking for any information on Stephen and Ellen BINNING in Joilet, Will County, IL in the 1860 Federal Census. His son John BINNING was born there in 4/1860. Stephen may have been Naturalized there. They arrived in NY from Liverpool, England in 1853.

BELL, THOMASON, TROTTER; posted by Bettie Wheat, Jan 9, 2006 I am needing help in getting the right info for the TROTTER, THOMASON -BELL families that were in Lockport, Ill. also Havana, Il.

KALLIS, NELSON, SELINGER; posted by Kathy Wells, Jan 12, 2006 Im looking for the KALLIS family who lived in Wilmington and Braidwood. Frank KALLIS was born in Nosalov, Bohemia as was his wife Elizabeth SELINGER KALLIS. Frank was a bartender in Wilmington or Braidwood. They raised 11 kids in IL. One daughter was Emma KALLIS. Emma never married she was a cook at hotel in Braidwood located in downtown. Elizabeth KALLIS NELSON married Henry NELSON. Henry drove a beer wagon and delivered to the bars. Frank and Elizabeth KALLIS were Catholic. How can I find info on these people?

PERONA, QUERIO; posted by Kathy Mueller, Jan 15, 2006 I am looking for info about my maternal greatgrandparents and extended family members. They came from Italy, settled in Diamond, IL, worked in the mines, and assumed were buried in Braidwood, IL (as history has been told). Their surnames were QUERIO and PERONA. Individual names include Battista PERONA, Joanna PERONA QUERIO, Frank QUERIO, Anton QUERIO. Joanna PERONA QUERIO is said to have been buried in the Catholic Cemetary in Braidwood, date of death Nov 16, 1904. Frank QUERIO is said to have been buried in Braidwood Cemetary on Essex Road, date of death Jan 16, 1913. Are these two cemetaries the same?

GUNDERMAN, GUNDERMANN, WEISENBURN; posted by Doug Eriksen, Jan 21, 2006 My great-great grandfather Lorenz GUNDERMANN lived in Will County, IL between 1858/60 and 1870 with his wife Anna Dora WEISENBURN. Several of their offspring were born in Will County including my great grandfather John GUNDERMAN. I am looking for any information on the GUNDERMANN

STICKNEY; posted by Sherry Martin, Jan 24, 2006 Can anybody provide death record information for Oran R. STICKNEY d. 13 Apr 1942 in Joliet, Will Co. IL? Excerpt from Eau Claire, WI obituary. “Oran Stickney, Ex-High School Grid Star, Dies. Oran R. (“Bud”) STICKNEY, 22, captain of the 1939 and 1940 Eau Claire High School Football team, died suddenly at his home in Joliet, IL….STICKNEY was employed in Dupont powder plant at Joliet. –Eau Claire Leader, Wed., 15 Apr 1942, p2

MEYER, PETERS, PROBST, SCHMIDT, STRUBE, WOLLE; posted by Elaine Hatland, Jan 27, 2006 My GreatGrandparents Henry PROBST and Catherine “Dorothea “PETERS came from Hannover germany in 1870 .They married in Will county in June 26,1870. In the 1880 cencus Margaretha( MEYER) PETERS was living with them as was her son Henry PETERS.Margaretha PETERS remarried in 1883 to Frederich SCHMIDT.Margaretha and Frederich schmidt died and are buried at Peotone.The Probst left Illinois and moved to Iowa in 1887 along with Chris STRUBE and Chris WOLLE.I am looking for anything about these people and especially about the STRUBE family as I believe they are related.I probally need his or her parents names,The wolles were related to the PETERS .The Probst family said they were from Monee,Illinois and had several children born there.Namely William,Henry,Herman,Emma,Maria,Dorothea Sophia and 3 more infants.

DAY, HARR, ROUNDTREE, STANTON; posted by Maurice Sherman, Feb 6, 2006 I am looking for information on the following individuals:

John Franklin HARR b. 13Mar1858, Hunterstown, PA, m. Mary Ann STANTON 25 Nov1875 in Harrisburg, PA.

John and Mary removed to Joliet, Will Co., between 1875 and 1885 where Mary d. 24Nov1885.

John m2 08Dec1887 Ada (Addie) ROUNDTREE, b. 20Aug1868 probably in Illinois and most likely dau of Daniel and Frances ROUNDTREE. John and Addie had John Larue HARR, b. 15Dec1888 in Joliet. Addie d. 04Dec1889.

John m. 3rd 19Oct/Nov1892 Dollie E. DAY b. Nov1863 IN IL and d. in Lockport, IL in 1914. Dolly/Dollie possibly dau of Jefferson and Amelia DAY of Lockport IL.

The HARR family may have a Cherokee Indian connection as well as the ROUNDTREE Family. Sincerely, Maurice Sherman

TESLA; posted by Jj Strubler, Feb 7, 2006 Requesting information on TESLA family including: Nicola Tesla born in Jugo Slavia and wife Maria Tkouch born in Rumania. Their children included George Tesla born 16 April 1916 who died 30 August 1998 in Will County, Illinois; Jovanka Tesla (also known as Genevieve) born 8 November 1918 who died 2 July 1945 at 340 Collins Street in Joliet, Will County, Illinois; and Alex(e)nder Tesla born 8 August 1920 who died Jan 1978. Jovanka gave birth to female 1943. Edna Tesla may have been a relative or wife of a brother of Jovanka. Edna was born 2 March 1919 and died July 1974 in Joliet, Will County, Illinois.

SUHL, THUROW, TUROW; posted by Susan Marion, Feb 8, 2006 My great-grandparents, Claus Frederick SUHL and Albertina THUROW or TUROW lived in Mokena in the 1890

BUMP, HOMERDING, LUDWIG; posted by Margaret Merrill, Feb 20, 2006 Are there school pictures available for the Homer Township school circa 1880 to 1900? Researching BUMP, LUDWIG, HOMERDING

VOGT, VOIGT; posted by Joel Freier, Feb 22, 2006 I am looking for the death record of Sophia VOIGT(VOGT), wife of John VOGT. I believe that she died between 1870-1873 in Will County. This family was living in the city of Joliet on the 1870 census. John and Sophia had two children that I know of, Emma, b. abt.1858 and Herman, b.abt.1860. Thank you for any help, Joel

FENOGLIO, PERONA; posted by Joann Myers, Feb 23, 2006 I am looking for information on my G-Grandmother, Antonio Clotilda/Clotida FENOGLIO PERONA. She married Domenico PERONA, in Braidwood, Will County, on 13 November 1883. She had a daughter, Catherina Domenica Kate PERONA, born on 25 August 1882, and my grandfather, Anton Tony PERONA, born 25 September 1885. The family says she died in childbirth. Thanks for any info.

MASON, MINER, OLNEY; posted by Donald Kohl, Feb 27, 2006 I am searching for information on Edwin MASON and family. He is in the 1878 History of Will County, E.B. MASON and shows up on the 1880 Census living in Will County. I am interested in finding when he died (most likely before 1900) and where he is burried and if their is an obituary. I am also interested in his first wife, Elizabeth OLNEY. I have no information on her other than what is in the History of Will County. I am most intrested in any information that you may have on his second wife Elizabeth (Lizzie) MINER, who would be my great grandfather

ANDERSON; posted by Paula Goodfellow, Mar 1, 2006 Im wondering what cemetery would have served Wesley Township about 1900-1910. Im looking for the burials of an Andrew ANDERSON and his wife Maren. They were living in Wesley Township, Wills County, Illinois in 1900.Andrew was born in 1829 in Sweden. Im assuming Wills is a mistake for Will? Or have I got the wrong place totally? (Please excuse the bad punctuation, but if I add an apostrophe, the site deletes most of the message.) thanks, Paula

MORRISON; posted by Cathy Wagner, Mar 1, 2006 For the “West Peotone Cemetery” transcription, I was looking for a James MORRISON burial (with his wife, Puella, who is buried there). For military records, he was in the Illinois Honor Roll database as serving in the Civil War and buried there. I know he was born June 24, either 1827 or 1829, but I wanted his death date. Can you ask the contributor if it was missed? Much thanks.

PETERSEN; posted by Debbie Petersen, Mar 3, 2006 I need to know if there is a record of a William PETERSEN born in Elwood, Will county in February,1889. He was the son of Andrew and Ingabor Petersen. Andrew and Ingabor are buried in Maple Hill Cemetery along with Williams sister and brother, Inga and Andrew. Thank you for any information. Debbie Petersen

GRANT; posted by Pattie Miller, Mar 5, 2006 A relative of mine, either E.E. GRANT or E.G. GRANT lived at 313 East Ottawa Street, Joliet in 1923. I wonder if you could tell me his full name and if there is any other information associated with him?

SHERIDAN; posted by Timothy Lane, Mar 12, 2006 I am trying to locate information on Bernard SHERIDAN who lived in Will County from 1849-1874. He is listed on your website as being a supervisor for Carey in 1856 and I have a copy from a book of his stating that in 1862 he still lived in Carey. He is also listed as a resident of Monee Township in 1873 and owning two sections of land(one in section 29 and the other in section 31).

Please send me any information or how I might acquire information that you might find on my g-g-grandfather and could you also tell me more about the town of Carey. None of my relatives have heard of it only Monee.

HARDY; posted by Karen Johnson, Mar 22, 2006 I am trying to locate Twining cemetery located in Will county IL. I have been trying to locate a Uriah HARDY without success until I entered his name in the grave registration of Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and it turned up that he is buried in Will county IL in Twining Cemetery. Do you have any knowledge on location of this cemetery?

CHRISTMAN, DIETERICH, SCHNEIDER; posted by Janet Billings, Mar 24, 2006 CHRISTMAN(N), Christoph and his wife Margaretha SCHNEIDER CHRISTMAN(N). Lived in Joliet beginning in 1881-2. They came from Bayern. Margaretha had a sister Susanah SCHNEIDER who was married to Lawerence DIETERICH. I am very interested in anyone researching these families. thank you

SHAFER; posted by Karen(shafer) Bays, Mar 24, 2006 My name is Karen Bays maiden name Karen SHAFER. Back in 1965 in Braidwood Illinois my brother Gary Gene Shafer was accidently electricuted while climbing a tree outside of our home there in Braidwood.I would like for somewhere there if they could, get me a copy of Gary

DIANO, GOWEY; posted by Sujeanne Foster, Mar 26, 2006 Lucille Gowey DIANO, born about 1904 Illinois. Voice teacher at Roosevelt University. Still alive in 1964. Her parents were Elbert GOWEY (b 9 Nov 1877, d July 1967) and Carrie GOWEY (b March 1876). All died in Joliet, Will County, Illinois. I am seeking burial information on all 3 persons. Thanks.

WUNDERLICH; posted by Suzanne Courtney, Mar 26, 2006 I am a relative of the deceased Walter WUNDERLICH formerly of Joliet, IL. I would like a listing of all holdings and properties at the time of his death.

FRAPP; posted by Tim Frapp, Mar 27, 2006 I am looking for someone who would be available to look at a headstone in Willard Grove cemetery for me. Hannah Elizabeth FRAPP. I need to know if her husband John is burried with her.

CALLAGHAN, QUINN; posted by Bonnie Callaghan, Mar 31, 2006 I am trying to find information on Patrick and Mary(QUINN)CALLAGHAN. They lived in Joliet around the 1850-60

EISENHUTH, WOOD; posted by Kim Wills, Apr 3, 2006 Can someone please help? My gg grandfather seemed to have spent all his life in Pa and Va, but I received info that he was actually born in Plainfied, Ill. Could someone please check and see if his birth is recorded anywhere. His name was Harry (possibly Henry) Nathan WOOD b.Aug. 30, 1862. The family was in Pa for the 1860 and 1870 census. His parents would have been Joseph Hilton WOOD and Susan EISENHUTH WOOD.

CARRINGTON; posted by Hilary King, Apr 3, 2006 I am searching for information about James William CARRINGTON and early African American settler in Braidwood, Will County, about 1853. I would appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thank you.

FASER; posted by Elizabeth Lutton, Apr 5, 2006 I am searching for possible Evangelish Church records for the Wheatland area of Will county covering the period from 1860-1885. The family I am researching is that of Michael FASER, a German immigrant who had a number of children and probably had them baptised. What churches existed in that area during theat time period? If records exist, how can they be accessed?

GALL; posted by Kathryn Cabral, Apr 13, 2006 hi im looking for information on a cemetery in will county my cousin William G GALL b:1/23/1930 d:7/6/1995 I was told by my great aunt that he is buried in a cemetery name green garden/greenview in manhattan Illinois I cant found any information on this cemetery do you know anything address,phone # or if they change the name of the cemetery any information will help thank you for your kindness

BROTT, STANTON, WOOLEY; posted by Charmaine Campany, Apr 15, 2006 Looking for information on an Eleazer WOOLEY born in Vermont in 1817, moved at age 9 to Watertown, NY then to Martinsburg, NY- Lewis County and then to Wilmington, Illinois. From there he went to Paris, Missouri then to Story County, Nevada in 1888. He was buried in Wilmington according to his death notice in a Lewis County paper. Believe he farmed it in Wilmington as he sent letters back to Lewis Co. stating he sold 400 hogs to market in Chicago and another that said they had a bumper crop of corn. I would like to know who his children were and if William Wooley may have been his son and if William WOOLEY also moved to Wilmington. William WOOLEY may have had a connection to my grgrgr grandfather Otis STANTON as he is living with this family in the Lewis Co 1850 census and had been orphaned. Any clues would be sincerely appreciated…this search has gone on for years…. Another

PHELPS; posted by Webb Morrison, Apr 19, 2006 re: Egbert PHELPS (1836/26 Jul 1916) and Isabella Jerolaman PHELPS (1841/15 Mar 1927). He moved to Joliet about 1870,was a landowner and founder of Joliet Library. I have been through all of the Cemetery Burials listed on your site and have been unable to locate the burial place of either of the referenced above. Can you help? Many thanks….Webb Morrison

CUNNINGHAM; posted by Jerry Mcclure, Apr 25, 2006 John CUNNINGHAM and presumably his wife immigrated to America in 1865. John and seven children appear on the 1870 Will Co. census in Braidwood. I have not found John on any 1880 census. I am guessing that John

BROWN; posted by Sandy Roberts, Apr 26, 2006 BROWN, Willie Born: Joliet, Will, Il October 06, 1895 I would really appreciate information on my grandmother. I see from the census her parents are from Tenn but she states Il born. I also can remember when we passed thru Joliet my mother made mention of this is where your grandmother was born. Thank you, Sandy

SAVAGE, SNOAD; posted by Jill Hayes, May 1, 2006 Barbara Lewis entered two queries on 9/9/01 with questions about the SAVAGE/SNOAD families. I have some information that might be of interest to her on EDWARD PAYTON SAVAGE, but the e-mail listed ([email protected]) is no longer valid. Do you have an updated e-mail address?

LUDWIG; posted by Sue Schmidt, May 3, 2006 LUDWIG Alex E. Looking for death notice or info. Was a Doctor in Chicago. Illinois death index has a LUDWIG Alexander m/w unk 0029360 1946-07-27 Will Du Page Twp no one can find. Thanks Sue

EATON; posted by Joan Marshall, May 3, 2006 Daniel Joseph EATON, Sr. Born Sept 26, 1827 in Craighy Warren, Bellymena, County Antrim, Ireland. Married MaryMcCLINTOCK. Died Dec. 7, 1906, Jackson Twp., Will Co., IL. I am looking for any information of his parents before him. I was told of a Scot-Irish Ancestary.

CORNALE; posted by Amy Laplante, May 3, 2006 Surname CORNALE- looking for any information regarding Martin CORNALE who was married 11/27/1886 in Will Co., Illinois.

NORTON; posted by Sandra Standish-bunnell, May 3, 2006 The biography of Jesse Olds NORTON stated that a photograph is included in the book the material about him was taken from. Is that photo available on line? Jesse was my great-great uncle and would like to get a hint of his looks.

BARTON, BERTON, CROXEN, WILLIAMS; posted by Mary Russell, May 6, 2006 Am looking for any information on Thomas CROXEN and Mary Ann BERTON/BARTON. Their daughter, my great grandmother, Eliza Hannah CROXEN, was born in Peotone, Illinois on May 22, 1863. Eliza then was married in Aurora, Nebraska to Alvin WILLIAMS on April 16, 1881. I do not know is the whole family moved to Nebraska or just Eliza.

BLAINE, FALKENBERG; posted by Linda Hopkins, May 7, 2006 I am looking for information concerning Ollia BLAINE and his wife, Nettie May FALKENBERG LaESTELL BLAINE born in 1878. I know that they lived near Minooka all their married life and died in Will County and are buried in the Na-Au-Say Cemetery. I believe he died in 1948 and she died in 1972. As a young lady, she was a teacher. But I do not know if they had children. Nettie May is my ancestor and I would very much appreciate any information concerning her or anyone that may have known her or her husband. She has been a missing member of our family and I very much would like to know who she was and perhaps supply information for those wondering about her origins.

CAGWIN, HARWOOD, MEISSNER; posted by Judy Magill, May 10, 2006 I am searching for an obituary for my Great Aunt, Helen Mary (HARWOOD-maiden)MEISSNER. She died in Steubenville, Ohio (Jefferson Co.)on 24 April 1927, and her death record states 26 April 1927 as her date of burial in Joliet. There is no mention of a cemetery, but my best guess would be Oakwood (on or near Cass Street)Cemetery since many of my HARWOOD/CAGWIN ancestors are buried in a family plot. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Sincerly, Judy Magill

HARRIGAN; posted by Katherine Harrigan, May 14, 2006 I am searching for any information on Neil HARRIGAN and his family, listed on the 1880 census as living in Braidwood, Will County, IL. He was my great-great-grandfather and was born in Scotland. Arrived in U.S. between 1866 and 1869. Wife Annie; nine children; coalminer. Thank you.

ABERNATHY, KEYS, STUBS; posted by Andrea Jefferson, May 15, 2006 The listings of tombstones are amazing. I am trying to track down my family tree I got names, but not all dates of births and deaths. The Surnames that I am interested in are: ABERNATHY, KEYS, and STUBS. The thing is the majority of my family are buried in Elmhurst Cemetary, in Joliet Township, Will County. Is there a tombstone listing like the other listings for Elmhurst or would I have to contact them to get this information? I am in the military and am currently stationed in Georgia and would like to be able to access this information from here. Thanks in advance, Mrs. Andrea H. Jefferson

PATERSON, PATTERSON; posted by Florence Pinn, May 16, 2006 Hello I am doing genealogy on William C. PATERSON, sometimes spelled PATTERSON and without the middle initial C. He died in 1885 and is buried in the Oakwood Wilmington Cemetery. He should be in the Will county death records or an obituary. He was 58 when he died and was a coal miner. He is buried with his wife Polly T.PATTERSON even though they were separated. They came from Scotland, then Canada, Pennsylvania then Illinois. He had six children all in Will county when young. Thanks for any help. Flo

BLACKBURN, BURKE; posted by Jan Blaackburn, May 22, 2006 Looking for info: William F BLACKBURN b1861 m Mary BURKE b1864 1 Sep 1866 Will Co. Children: Burt, William, George J, Edward, Irwin, Arthur, Elizabeth; George J b 1891 m Anna McGOWAN b1891 Children: William, George J.Jr., George J SR was my husband

BRUNNER; posted by Harry Brunner, May 29, 2006 My GGGrandfather, Peter BRUNNER, arrived in the US from Switzerland in 1851. He appears in the 1860 Federal Census, living in Will County, IL. I have not been able to find a ships record documenting his arrival in the US. What would be a likely port of entry at that time considering that Joliet was his destination? How did pioneers travel to Joliet in 1851? Are there any transportation records available?

BROWN, THESFIELD; posted by Eva Hopkins, June 2, 2006 Looking for information on Hiram BROWN who married Ada/Hattie THESFIELD (both born Germany) possibly in Will Co. Their son John BROWN b 1886 Gridley, McLean Co, IL. He moved to Porter Co, IN where he married 1916. His parents dead by then. Cannot find them in census – dead by 1900? Theesfields (various spellings) were in Will Co so hope there might be a marriage or death record there. Any help appreciated. Trying to help John

MCNERNY; posted by William Oye, June 8, 2006 MCNERNY, Henry. To US in 1850. Listed in 1870 in Joliet as a stone cutter age 31. Wife Mary age 26. Children Anthony, Kate and Thomas. Any information on Henry or Mary.

GOODWIN, GOULD, GRIFFIN; posted by Joanne Swart, June 10, 2006 Looking for information on Mary GOULD b 21 June 1852 Will Co. IL., youngest dau. of James GOULD and Lydia GOODWIN of Will Co. IL. She married Charles GRIFFIN and went west. Have information to share on James and Lydia GOULD

WHITMAR; posted by Nancy Jones, June 13, 2006 Re: John Christian WHITMAR – wife was Elizabeth (I do not know her maiden name) They lived in Will county, Ill. in 1920. I believe they also lived for awhile in New Rochelle – probably Cook County. He passed away on July 2, 1941. The death was recorded in Chicago, IL. My grandmother Bessie B. WHITMAR was his sister. I have a picture of John and Elizabeth taken with the rest of the Whitmar family and would like to have more information on both John and Elizabeth. Thank you, Nancy Jones

CRAUGHWELLS; posted by Ambroe Craughwell, June 15, 2006 Looking for name and information on a one room school located on Essington between Black Rd and Jefferson from the 1870 area.CRAUGHWELLS were students in this school.

HACKETT, PETTIBONE; posted by Vivian Renee Riley, June 21, 2006 I am Looking for a James Franklin HACKETT Who married a Sarah Jane PETTIBONE in 1856 in Wills Co., IL. Can anyone give me any info on either of these 2 people.

BARAN; posted by Heather Baran, June 21, 2006 Mount Olivet Cemetery in Joliet Illinois Will County. BARAN, Andrew burial location. Thank you for any help.

MOORE, SMITH, THOMPSON; posted by Tim Moore, June 28, 2006 THOMPSON, Etta. Would like her obituary. Place of death: Lincoln Nursing Home, Joliet. Death: late Sept.,1967. Mother of Ralph C. SMITH, Oak Lawn, Illinois. Grandmother of one grandchild. Etta THOMPSON buried in Bushnell, Illinois with parents: Joseph/Agnes MOORE 26 Sep 1967. Funeral by George Tapella. Would also like to know name/sex of grandchild. Etta SMITH born 9 Dec 1882. First marriage to William Clement SMITH in 1900. Second marriage to a THOMPSON. Thank you….