Johnson & Christensen

Elwood Married-At the Presbyterian church Saturday, Feb. 11, 1899, Edward JOHNSON and Anna S. CHRISTENSEN, Rev. C.S.ADAMS officiating. There was between thirty and forty of the most intimate friends of the contracting parties present. After the ceremony a splendid banquet was served at the home of the bride’s parents. The young couple left on the Sunday evening train for an extended wedding trip. They will be at home to friends at the residents on the CHRISTENSEN farm, east of Elwood, in the course of three or four weeks. We all join in wishing them long, happy and useful lives.

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Kavanaugh & Brown

From an undated newspaper clipping: Miss Julia KAVANAUGH and Irving BROWN Married Miss Julia KAVANAUGH and Irving William BROWN, both of Elwood, were united in marriage this morning at 10:30 o’clock at Sacred Heart church by Rev. Father FOSTER. The bride wore a pretty white point d’esprite gown over white silk and the bridesmaid, Miss Margaret NOLAN, was gowned in a cream silk crepe de chine. The groom was attended by Charles O’TOOLE. After the ceremony the bridal party went to the home of the bride near Elwood, where a reception was held from 12 to 4 o’clock. They will leave on an evening train for a wedding trip and on their return will make their home in Elwood. Miss KAVANAUGH is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. John KAVANAUGH and Mr. BROWN is a merchant in Elwood.

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Stafford & Flanders, Stafford & Cryer, Stafford & O’Brien

Marriages; Will Co. Il “FLANDERS – STAFFORD” at Joliet, March 20, 1877, be Rev. Jos. P. Phillips, Mr. James E. FLANDERS, of Dallas, Texas, and Miss Mary W. STAFFORD of Minooka, Illinois.” Elizabeth STAFFORD m. James CRYER May 10, 1874 Nellie E. STAFFORD m. Thomas O’BRIEN Feb. 18,

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Buss & Sorenson

From an undated news clipping: Miss Nellie E. BUSS, of Elwood and Tenus SORENSON, of this city, were quietly married Wednesday in Chicago. The ceremony was performed at high noon in the parlors of the Auditorium. Mr and Mrs. SORENSON left immediately after the ceremony for the lakes, where they will spend their honeymoon, being at home to their friends after September 15. The groom is the foreman of the A.D.T. Co. and is both well-known and highly respected, the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. BUSS, of Elwood, and is also well known in this city.

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Beckes & Hindman

From an undated news clipping: On Tuesday afternoon, at 3o’clock, at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. HINDMAN, at Parksville, MO. occurred the marriage of Miss Marie HINDMAN and Rev. C. Boyd BECKES, of Wilmington, Ill. Rev. HINDMAN, of Lincoln Neb., brother of the bride, officiating assisted by Rev. HINDMAN, the bride’s father. The happy couple left at 5:30 for Wilmington, Ill, their future home, where they arrived at 11:50 am Wednesday, proceeding to the parsonage, which had been put in readiness for them during the Reverend’s absence, which was quite a surprise to them. Many useful and pretty presents were given them by the members of his church and congregation, which will be highly appreciated by Rev. and Mrs. BECKES.

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Gifford & Miller

From and undated, un-named news clipping: Miss GIFFORD Weds Morris Young Man Miss Katherine V. GIFFORD, daughter of ex-County Treasurer W.W.GIFFORD, and Whitney C. MILLER, were united in marriage yesterday afternoon at 3 o’clock, at the home of the bride’s parents, 123 Union Street. There were no attendants, the wedding being a very simple and quiet affair, and only a few of the intimate friends of the bride and groom, besides the relatives, being present. The home was decorated in pink and white, relieved by palms and sweet peas. Rev M’GINNIS performed the ceremony, and Miss HOLMES presided at the piano, playing the wedding march from Lohengrin while the vows were being taken, and during the serving of the repast, which followed the marriage. The groom is an electrical engineer, having graduated recently from the celebrated school at Washington D.C. The bride is one of Joliet’s charming young ladies and is a favorite among her friends. They left on an afternoon train for Chicago and will be at home in Morris, Ill., to their friends after July 1. The out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Channcey A. MILLER and Mrs. S.M. WHITNEY, of Morris Ill; Mr. and Mrs. Charles GIFFORD of Elwood, and Miss Eva REILLY of Chicago.

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HIBNER marriages of Will County

David HIBNER married Hannah KARIGER (CARATER) on oct. 11, 1855, license no. 00002527.

Frank Hibner married Louisa NEWKIRK on Feb. 26, 1879, license no.00007540.

Francis A HIBNER married Sarah MILLIN on Jan. 25, 1883, license no. 00009522.

george w. HIBNER married Almeda EIB on april 12, 1866, license no. 00002489

George J. W. HIBNER married Myrtle PUTNAM on Dec. 26, 190.

James HIBNER married Ellen REDDEN (REDDING) on Feb. 13, 1862, license no. 00001201

James HIBNER married Melissa HEMPHILL on Jan. 26, 1870

John W. HIBNER married Caroline Wilhemine KRAUSE on Oct. 4, 1877. license no. 00006984

william a HIBNER married Martha m. DAVIS on Oct. 29, 1884, license no. 00010523.

elijah Price married Jane Hibner on sept. 22, 1864, license no. oooo1917

James RALF(RALPH( married elizabeth HIBNER on Dec. 23, 1858, license no. 00000353.

john RALF married mary Eaton on jan. 10, 1893, license no. 00015109.

john h. TEA married margaret MILLIN on dec. 20, 1881, license no. 00008834

john h TEA married annie COYLE on may 10, 1899, license no.00018542.

marks TEA married Jane HIBNER on Sept. 30. 1848, license no. 00001160.

philip DAVIS married sarah marie BROWN on feb. 2, 1843. license no. 00000501.

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Hemphill and other family marriages of Will County

alonzo P.HEMPHILL married anna LIGHTENWALTER on Jan. 10, 1883,

cyrus HEMPHILL married Elizabeth LINEBARGER on march 14, 1861.

cyrus w. HEMPHILL married katie e WERINGER on nov. 29, 1899.

david c. HEMPHILL married hannah RUSSELL on march 13, 1856.

fred w. HEMPHILL married julia m. CORBIN on August 22, 1900.

james h. HEMPHILL married married lucinda a HIBNER on March 16, 1886.

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More Hemphill marriages of Will County

james p. HEMPHILL married nancy e. NOTT on July 14, 1855.

j james s. HEMPHILL married cora b. PEMPERTON on nov. 22, 1893

john HEMPHILL married mary LINEBARGER on march 20, 1851

robert h. HEMPHILL married Mmrgaret a. MCGRATH on may 22, 1906

rosewell j. HEMPHILL married martha estella GIFFORD on july 16, 1893.

russell james. HEMPHILL married helen irene CORBIN on Oct. 4, 1892.

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Christensen Marriages of Will County

chrisian CHRISTENSEN married elizabeth LEA on Sept. 18, 1883

Christian peter CHRISIANSEN married olive HANSEN married august 19, 1889.

lorinto CHRISTENSEN married mary Neilsen jan. 7, 1891.

neils martin CHRISTENSEN married minnie PEDERSEN on Dec. 1, 1884.

peter CHRISTENSEN married nancy ann HEMPHILL on dec. 30, 1880.

peter CHRISTENSEN married sarah A.HIBNER on feb. 19, 1896.

samuel CHRISTENSEN married dianna FLEMING on august 16, 1898.

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Lingle, Eib, Hockings Marriages

julia ann LINGLE married william a. STONER on Dec. 20, 1881.

thomas HOCKING married Mary POPPLETON on July 3, 1893.

george EIB married mary ann ZUMALT on may 2, 1844.

amos EIB married catherine GONTER on march 27, 1851.

jacob EIB married ella LEOPOLD on feb. 29, 1888.

james EIB married louise NICHOLS on oct. 6, 1867.

albert m. EIB married rosella COTTON on nov. 13, 1878.

adabert umarried becca GRIMP on oct. 10, 1877.

albert m. umarried alice l JOHNSTON on march 2, 1887.

geoge j.w. Eib married nancy Eaton EFNER (mrs.) on april 26, 1893.

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More Will County Marriages

gilbert EIB married Ann ALEXANDER on dec. 22, 1850.

Joseph Franklin Eib married Grace e. PRESTON on jan. 30, 1895.

lemuel Eib married doratha s. GOLZE on sept. 23, 1855.

levi Eib married sarah PARSONS on may 7, 1843.

matias Eib married emily ZUMWALK on oct. 5, 1843

peter Eib married betsy BROWN on june 11, 1837.

peter evans Eib married emma HOUGHAM on feb. 27, 1879.

peter b. Eib married louise NICHOLS on oct. 6, 1867.

willard l. Eib married isabel CLARK on dec. 16, 1896.

william Eib married mary HEMPHILL on august 17, 1881.

henry levi Eib married mary ellen YOUNG on jan. 18, 1877.

jacob Eib married mary DAVIS on august 17, 1881.

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Momsen & Jennings

Undated clipping from an un-named newspaper Elwood Couple Wed Lawrence MOMSEN, a young man who has a barber shop at Elwood, was married at the home of Rev. D. C. MILNER, 409 Herkimer street, today to Miss Blanche JENNINGS, of Laurence Kansas. They will go to housekeeping immediately in Elwood where the groom has established a prosperous business.

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Taylor & Adderly

From an undated clipping from an un-named newspaper: Not a Hasty Match Marriage of Henry TAYLOR and Mrs. ADDERLY Performed Last Night Henry TAYLOR, aged 80, and Mrs. Harriet ADDERLY, aged 70, were married Friday night at the home of the bride’s daughter, Mrs. J.J.Welch, 309 North Center Street. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Wm. Bohler WALKER in the presence of a large number of the relatives of the contracting parties.

The marriage is the culmination of a courtship lasting thirty years. In that time the couple has eaten Thanksgiving dinner every year.

Several times the wedding has been announced, but, for some reasons, the event has never taken place until last night.

Last Tuesday the groom asked for a license at the county clerk’s office, but was refused because he did not have the necessry information. Later in the day he returned and secured the necessary papers.

Before the knot could be tied, however, the precious document mysteriously disappeared and a search failed to bring it to the surface. Late Friday afternoon, Mr. TAYLOR again appeared before the license clerk and asked for a copy of the papers. This is the first instance that a request of the kind has been made at the office, in the memory of County Clerk HUTCHINSON, and for a time he was not sure of his rights to grant it. He finally decided everything was right, and the prospective groom left the building happy.

When he was ready to be married the copy was again missing and more trouble ensued, until Rev. WALKER knowing the facts in the case, decided to perform the ceremony.,P.”All’s well that ends well!”

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Breen & Sheran

An undated clipping from an un-named newspaper Wedding in Elwood Unites Popular Couple Michael BREEN and Margaret SHERAN Enter Wedlock’s Bonds Yesterday in St. Rose’s church, Wilmington, there was a pretty wedding ceremony, Michael BREEN of Elwood, and Margaret SHERAN being the principals. The bride was attired in a beautiful creation of gray broadcloth, trimmed in blue crepe de chine, and siver trimmings, with large black Gainsborough hat. The bridesmain, Miss Lizzie MURPHY, of Joliet, was gowned in old rose venetian cloth, with cream applique trimming and Gainsborough hat. The groomsman was James PRITCHARD, of Chicago.

The bride is one of Jackson’s favorites, both in social and home life. Her many good qualities, among them her kindness to those that are needy or in trouble, have made her loved by all who had the good fortune to know her, and Mr. BREEN is to be congratulated on his choice in such a beautiful girl for his life companion. Mr. BREEN is a wealthy and enterprising your farmer, also a successful stock merchant, possessing those excellent qualities necessary to make a man popular among his fellow men.

Mr. and Mrs. BREEN will reside in the old home in Jackson and will be at home to their many friends after Feb. 1.

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Alexander & Burgert

Undated clipping from un-named newspater Licensed to Wed John T. ALEXANDER, aged 57, of Channahon, and Mrs. Mary J. BURGERT, aged 55, of Jackson.

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Kirk & Jones

Undated clipping from un-named newspaper Elwood, March 23, A very interesting ceremony occured at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas KIRK in Florence township last Wednesday at 3 o’clock p.m. in which their daughter Ethelyn was married to John JONES of Wilton Township. Rev. R. H. NYE, Pastor of the Elwood Presbyterian Church of which the fair bride is a member, officiated. There were no attendant. Arda JONES, a cousin of the groom played Wagner’s Bridal chorus from Lohengrin.

The bride was tastily attired in a very simple dress of white Persioan gown trimmed with lace. After the congratulations were over, a two course luncheon was served. The young couple are off on a short wedding trip and will be at home to their friends after March 25th in their home on the Mrs.M. J. ALEX farm in Florence township.

Only immediate relatives of the contracting parties were present. The guests from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph JONES and daughter, Eleanor, of Peotone; Martha JACKSON, John JONES Sr., and son Marshall, of Joliet, David and Mrs. FORSYTHE,of Chicago and Miss JACKSON, of Lake Forest, Ill.

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O’Bern & Ingalls

Undated clipping from un-named newspaper Miss Laura O’BERN Weds Edwin INGALLS Miss Laura O’BERN and Edwin C. INGALLS were married at the First Baptist parsonage yesterday at noon in the presence of their immediate relatives. Rev. DENT performed the ceremony.

The bride was becomingly gowned in a brown broadcloth traveling suit and carried a large bouquet of bridal roses. She was attended by her cousin, Miss Emily SUPPLEE, and little Miss Lillian INGALLS, sister of the groom, acted as ring bearer. Martin INGALLS was best man.

Immediately after the ceremony a wedding feast was served at the the home of the groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. INGALLS, 132 Akin avenue. The decorations were prettily developed in pink and white, cut flowers and ferns being in profusion.

The happy couple left on the 2:30 train for Michigan where they will spend a week with relatives of the bride. Before boarding the train, they were pelted with a liberal supply of rice and old shoes. Both bride and groom are well known in this city. Mr. INGALLS is engaged as window trimmer at the Joliet Dry Goods company, where he has been employed for the past nine years. Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls will be at home to their friends at 132 Akin avenue, after Sept. 15.

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Ekdahl & Carter

Undated clipping from un-named newspaper EKDAHL-CARTER Nuptials Yesterday afternoon at 3:30 o’clock., a pretty wedding was solemnized at the residence of Dr. E.E. MCKAY, of the Richards Street M.E. Church which united Mr. Victor EKDAHL, of Tampico, Ill., and Miss Daisy CARTER, of this city. The groom is a prosperous and wealthy farmer of Whiteside County, and the bride is an accomplished and highly respected young lady of the Seventy ward. The happy young couple will make their future home in Tompico.

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Marriage Licenses

Undated clipping from an un-named newspaper

Philip J. SOAMES, 26, Peru, Ind., Maude CRIBB, 20, Plainfield

William F. BURNS, 26, Chicago, Mary L. Francis, 25, New Lenox

Thomas JACKSON, 25, Ethel LEE, 18, both Custer township

Carl NEESE, 30, Crete, Ida SLIEGER, 28, Chicago

John EFFNER, 23, Channahon, Ida M. HESS, 18, Elwood

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Hutson & Rose

Undated clipping from an un-named newspaper Married

HUTSON-ROSE-In Jackson, Ills., Sept 31 by Rev. J.K. KINNEY, Mr. Edgar C. HUTSON, of Green Garden, to Miss Mary C. ROSE, of Jackson.

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Gibler & Palmer

Undated clipping from an un-named newspaper, Jackson

Married-Miss Edith GIBLER to Hiram PALMER, at the home of the bride’s parents in Jackson township on Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 3pm by Rev. F.W. LANDWER. Quite a number of guests were present to witness the ceremony. Mr. PALMER has served as machinist for SMALLEY & LICHTENWALTER during the summer. Miss GIBLER is the only daughter of Seth GIBLER and is an esteemed young lady. The happy couple will make their future home in Jackson. We bespeak for them a happy and successful future. They have the best wishes of their many friends.

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Stewart & Sawyer

Undated clipping from an un-named newspaper Wedding of Dr. W.B. STEWART and Miss Gertrude SAWYER

Two Well Known Young Joliet People Married Yesterday Afternoon

Dr. Walter B. STEWART and Miss Gertrude Louise SAWYER were married at the SAWYER home, 113 Sherman street, yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock. The wedding was a private one, only the members of the families and a vew intimate friends being present.

The house was handsomely decorated with potted plants, palms, ferns, and carnations and American beauties. The ceremoney was performed by Rev. A.H. LAING. Mrs. GRADY presided at the piano. After the ceremony, a wedding luncheon was served and Dr.and Mrs. STEWART left on the 6:30 train for Chicago. From there they will go over the Illinois Central to New Orleans and thence to California. They will return to Joliet in about a month and will make their home in Dr. STEWART’s new house on Western avenue.

Those present were the MCINTYRE and STEWART families from Wilmington, Mrs. H.A.Morgan, of Chicago, Mrs. H.A. THOMPSEN, Mrs. I.D. STEVENS and daughters, Miss Ida CAMPBELL, Mr. and Mrs. LAING, Mrs. GRADY, and the members of the bride’s family from Joliet.

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Gorman & Rowe

Undated clipping from an un-named newspaper

Mat GORMAN and Mrs. ROWE married in Chicago

Mrs. Elizabeth ROWE, of Chicago, and Matthew GORMAN, of Channahon, both well known in this city, were quietly married Monday morning at 8:30 o’clock at St. Elizabeth’s church, Chicago. The ceremony was performed by Father RIORDAN in the presence of only the immediate friends of the young couple.

The bride, who was attended by her sister, Miss Mayme KANE, was gowned in heliotrope silk mulle, and the bridesmaid wore a costume of pink silk mulle with black trimmings. Ed. MCELVILLY, of Minooka, was best man.

The bride will be remembered as Miss Elizabeth KANE and formerly lived in this city. She is a niece of Mrs. Fred BEUTTENMULLER. Mr. GORMAN is a well-known and popular traveling insurance man with headquarters in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. GORMAN will take a wedding trip into Wisconsin and upon their return will reside in Chicago.

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Schultz & Carlson

Wed at Parsonage

Yesterday morning, at the parsonage of St. John’s English Lutheran church Rev. Howard M. Heilman D. D., united in marriage Arthur Schultz, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Schultz of Emmett Street, and Miss Hilda Carlson, daughter of Andrew Carlson of Forrest Park.

A brother and sister of the bridal couple were the attendants. Miss Edith Carlson and Edward Schultz. Both the bride and her attendant wore gowns of white and carried bride’s roses.

The groom is in the employ of the Illinois Steel Co.

Source: Joliet Herald, May 8, 1915.

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