Queries 2003

DIMOND; posted by Doris Morley, Jan 3, 2003 I am searching for info on James DIMOND, who moved from Will County to Milwaukee Co., WI in February of 1840. I will share all info I have on this man and his family.

SCHWARTZ; posted by Frank Thomas, Jan 5, 2003 Frank Xavier SCHWARTZ was b. in Germany and d. July 16, 1872. He m. Sarah Gautier 1848. She was b. 1814 in Germany and d. April 1895 in Joliet, Will Co., Illinois — Frank Xavier SCHWARTZ shows up on the 1870 US Census for Joliet, Will Co. Illinois, Pg 213 – also Salome

BRADLEY; posted by Theresa Bright, Jan 6, 2003 I am seeking information on George and Jane Ann Bradley. They are Listed in the 1850 Census for Plainfield, with George being an Hotel Keeper. Is there any info on a hotel in Plainfield in 1850? They were also married in 1850 in Joliet. Jane’s Maiden name was Farnsworth, and she was born in Washington County New York. George was born in Vermont, not Virginia as stated in the index listed here, but it is a probable transcription error.

CROUCHER, PHILLIPS; posted by Nancy Phillips, Jan 13, 2003 I would appreciate any information about the family of Edward and Ruth CROUCHER PHILLIPS. They lived in Joliet and are both buried there. they had nine children. thank you.

FREEMAN; posted by Gale Freeman, Jan 18, 2003 Looking for information on a Harry Freeman who died in Joliet in August of 1971.

KELLY; posted by Jo Jackson, Jan 19, 2003 Need obituary for Katherine Murphy KELLY, who died after July, 1916. She lived in Joliet area. She was of the Catholic faith. I’m trying to find her parents name.

BOURGEOIS; posted by Ronal Bourgeois, Jan 20, 2003 Looking for information on Philippe Alphonse Bourgeois and his wife ? Arsenault who settled in Joliet around 1890-95. Looking for any descendants. Thank you.

DAYLOR; posted by Ernestine Wark, Jan 21, 2003 I am looking for a family by the name of DAYLOR. They were in Joliet Township in the early 1900s. They were Catholic. I would like to find where the members of this family are buried. Thank you for any help given.

LANE; posted by Kris Morine, Feb 1, 2003 I am looking for information concerning a death of Nancy Long LANE who died in Nov. 26, 1865 and is buried near Plainfield. Can anyone help?

LEWIS; posted by Jean Hiett; Feb 4, 2003 David LEWIS family

1892 David Lewis had a stillborn female child. She was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, then moved to my GGrandfather’s plot in Racine, Wisconsin. The David Lewis family lived on 206 Pleasant Street in Joliet. Looking for information on this Lewis family.

BROWN, MORRELL; posted by Thomas Payne, Feb 6, 2003 My great-grandmother, Ada Florence MORRELL (nee BROWN), appears in both the 1920 and 1930 US Census as a resident of Joliet. We have no idea what happened to her, so I am attempting to find out if she is buried there.

Ada was a native of Benalla, Victoria, Australia and was born there in 1874. Therefore, in the 1930 census she was only 56 and may well have lived for decades, perhaps elsewhere. Any assistance in this would be most welcome.

KRUEGER; posted by Richard L. Salik, Feb 7, 2003 I am seeking an obituary for Leroy KRUEGER. SSDI reports that he died 29 Feb 2000. Last residence was listed as Joliet. Have not been able to find an obituary after checking the Joliet newspapers.

DODGE; posted by Jody Mills, Feb 7, 2003 I am looking for any records regarding the birth, death and/or marriage of Enos Eugene DODGE, Jr. Enos Eugene Dodge, Jr. was born to Enos a. and Lena DODGE in Lockport, IL during the late 1890’s or early 1900’s. He married Martha Stelling, probably between 1915 to 1920. Thank you.

TRACY; posted by Donna Kelley, Feb 9, 2003 Am looking for my g-g grandfather and wife. Family records show they lived in Lockport, IL. His name Hugh Tracy and wife either Mary Ryan or Mary Quinn.

CASSWELL, CHRISTENSEN, HEMPHILL, HIBNER, LEA; posted by Frederick Hansen, Feb 14, 2003 In Re: CHRISTENSEN, (Peter & (1) Nancy {nee HEMPHILL} & (2) Sara {nee HIBNER}and their daughter Ruth; Christian & Elizabeth {nee LEA}& Oscar & Matie (nee ?); Peter Wilbert & Nina B. (nee CASSWELL) and their children, Irwin W and Blanch E; Mary, and Rose)

CHRISTENSEN, Peter and Christian were two Danish immigrants who came to Illinois in the late 1860’s and settled near Elwood, in Jackson township, Will county as farmers. Peter was the older brother, having been born in June, 1846. Christian was born in December, 1848. Peter died in September, 1910 and Christian died in June, 1921. They were both naturalized in Illinois in 1876. They were the sons of Jess CHRISTENSEN, who immigrated to Illinois in 1885 and lived in turns with his two sons until his death in August, 1900.

Peter first married Nancy HEMPHILL; then as a widower, he later married Sara HIBNER. So far I have not learned that Peter was ever a father. In the 1910 census for Will county he and Sara are shown to have a 9 year old adopted daughter, named Ruth Hazel. In the 1920 census Ruth Hazel and Sara are shown to be living with Sara’s older brother and Ruth Hazel is shown to be the step-niece of the older brother. In 1979 Ruth Hazel HIBNER is buried in the Hibner burial plot in the Troutman Grove cemetery in Will county. Peter and Sara are also buried in that cemetery, but in a different plot from Ruth Hazel.

Christian married Elizabeth LEA and they had four children: two sons named Oscar (dob 8/1884; dod ?) and Peter Wilbert (dob 8/1886; dod ?) and two daughters named Mary (dob 1/1889; dod ?) and Rose (dob 10/1891; dod ?).

In 1910 the two sons Oscar (& his wife Matie) and Wilbert (and his wife Nina) are shown by the census to be living in Joliet Township in Will county. The two daughters are not yet married and are shown by the 1910 census to still be living in the parental home in Jackson township in Will county, and Rose is shown to be a country school teacher. I was not able to find any of the four children in the 1920 census, although both parents are still living in Jackson township.

In 1917 Wilbert registered for the draft in World War I as a resident of Will county, and claimed to have a wife and one child under 12 dependent solely on him for support. At the time of registration he gave his address to be Jackson township again. I did not find a World War I draft registration for his older brother Oscar.

The Farmer’s Directory for Will and southern Cook County of 1918 shows the following:

1. As to Christian and Elizabeth, they are shown to be living on a 112.5 acre farm in Section 5 of Jackson township, and to have only three children, named Wilbert, Rose, and Mary.

2. As to Wilbert, he is shown to be living on a 112.5 acre farm in Section 5 of Jackson township with his wife Nina B. (formerly CASSWELL) and their two children Irwin W. and Blanch E.

3. As to Sara (Peter’s widow) she is shown to be living with one child, Ruth Hazel, on a 160 acre farm called “Lone Elm Farm” in section 6 of Jackson township.

I have no further data going to any of the people in the above ‘clan’ except for burial information for father Jess, Peter & his 2nd wife Sara, their ‘daughter’ Ruth Hazel, and Christian & his wife Elizabeth, all of whom lie buried in Troutman Grove cemetery in Jackson township, Will county.

Query: Can anyone tell me what happened to Oscar & Matie; or to Wilbert & Nina and their children, Irwin and Blanch; or to Mary or to Rose (Christian’s and Elizabeth’s four children, their two daughters- in-law, and their two known grandchildren)?

FRANK, HENNING; posted by Heather Houdashelt, Feb 15, 2003 I am trying to locate information for my moms dad. His name was Frank Henning and in the 1930 Census was listed as living in Will County/Crete Illinois. He was married to Ila Alberta. In the 1930 census he was listed as 35 yrs old and a general road laborer. They moved from Illinois to Kansas to Colorado. In 1938 he left Colorado and my mom believes he went back to Illinois. She was told he died on 08/29/1958. He had 8 brothers and sisters though I don’t know there information at this time. I would like to find either a death certificate for him and any living relatives.

FLAGG, RUBEN; posted by Don Morrison, Feb 18, 2003 I would like a listing of the FLAGG family who lived in Will County in the 1800’s. I have data on RUBEN FLAGG of Plainfield and would like information on other members of the family.

REITMAIER; posted by Paul Miller, Feb 21, 2003 I would like to obtain a copy of the coroner’s report for a relative who committed suicide in Will County in July, 1940. I am not familiar with the Illinois privacy laws, and am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to obtain such a report. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!

HALEY, SWEENEY; posted by Jerome Elisha, Feb 26, 2003 Seeking death notice or cemetery listing for Ellen HALEY (nee SWEENEY), spouse of Martin HALEY, stonemason.

They attended St. Rose Catholic Church in Wilmington. Martin was one of the church building contractors 1880-1887.

He died on 11 Jan 1892. Ellen died after 1896. Supposedly, there is a HALEY family plot in Old Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Wilmington.

Any help is appreciated.

CRISSUP, MILLER, SWANSON; posted by Cynthia M. Nipper, Mar 2, 2003 I’m looking for my Grandparents. Charles SWANSON of Romeoville, Illinois and Mary Elizabeth MILLER born December 17, 1915 died as Mary CRISSUP May 1995 in Lockport, Illinois. I have their 1st daughter’s death certificate. Charlene Marie SWANSON was born September 8, 1941 and died of Menegitis caused by TB October 22, 1943. She is buried at Calvary Cemetery in Lockport, Illinois. Both Charles and Mary were TB Sanitorium at the time. They lived at 316 E. 10th Street, Lockport at that time. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

CASTLEMAN, RICHARDS; posted by Bobbie Lewis, Mar 8, 2003 Am looking for information on William H. RICHARDS who was born ca 1842 in IN.

Found him on the 1880 census in Joliet-Will-IL with wife Mary & the following children: Charles, Mary J. & William.

Would like to know if this is my grgruncle. His parents were William L. RICHARDS & Rachel CASTLEMAN.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

JORGENSEN; posted by Dennis Jorgensen; Mar 23, 2003 I am looking for descendents of Peter Jorgensen who lived in Jackson Township, Will County, Illinois. Peter was born in Denmark in 1855, and I found him in the 1930 census. According to that census he had a daughter, Millie, who was married and lived with him. She was 34 at the time of the census. I want to know if Peter had any other children and if any of his children’s offspring still reside in the area, or if you have information about them. Thank you very much. Dennis Jorgensen, Newton, Massachusetts.

DONOHUE, GORMAN, MCFADDEN; posted by James Donohue, Mar 30, 2003 I would any information on my father, James A. DONOHUE, who was born in Joliet, Will County, March 12, 1899. Also, a look-up of the marriage of David L. DONOHUE and Anna GORMAN. Anna’s parents were John GORMAN and Anna MCFADDEN. I have no dates on the above, I need help, Thank You.

ANDREW, DARMODY, NOWLAN; posted by Jane Andrew, Apr 3, 2003 Searching for information regarding the family of Samuel and Eliza ANDREW(S). They lived in Kankakee and Will County during the years of 1870 through the early 1900’s. The children of Samuel and Eliza ANDREW(S) were David, John, Samuel Jr. and Eliza ANDREW(S) John ANDREW(S) married Maggie NOWLAN in 1882, daughter of John NOWLAN and Ann DARMODY that resided in Will County. Any information on the ANDREW(S) family would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much. Jane Andrew

REINERT; posted by Ed Sheldon, Apr 5, 2003 Seeking info on marriage of William REINERT lived in Will Co.at time of death on July 23,1943. Any info greatly appreciated, Thanks Ed Sheldon

STABELFELD, STABELFELDT; posted by Betty Dols, Apr 6, 2003 Looking for evidence of Wilhelm STABELFELD/STABELFELDT who was said to have lived in Will Co, IL between 1855 & 1870.

BREEDING; posted by Judith Mc Donnell, Apr 6, 2003 I am looking for a birth certificate and/or record for Clarence E. BREEDING born July 5th 1870 in the city of Joliet, Illinois. Father and mother name unknown. It could be something other than Breeding. A 1910 census filled out by Clarence states his parents were from Germany.

COOK; posted by Donald M. Cook, Apr 8, 2003 I would like to find out information about where and from whom my grandfather, Richard John Cook, a veteran of the Pancho Villa incursion and a member of our last real calvary out of Fort Grant, which is presently Rockford,Il. came from. He was adopted from either Cook, Will, or Dupage county and was born in 1898 or 1899.He always said our relatives came from county Cork, Ireland.He still served during world war I guarding border states after the successful attack under General Pershing before they shipped Pershing overseas.

ROSS; posted by Pat Schuknecht, Apr 25, 2003 Need look up in Woodlawn Cem for a La Verne A. Ross. She died before 1988. Look up in Oakwood Cem for a Alexander F. Ross. Both cemeteries are in Joliet, Will Co, IL. Thanks for any help .

MAU; posted by Marilyn Nicoll, Apr 27, 2003 Looking for any info on MAU. My great-grandfather was a MAU and I have nothing on him. The small info I have is: Fred Mau (born 1861, died 1927) Married Ida May Allen in Will county in 1887. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ASHMAN, OSHMAN, WITT; posted by Brenda Wynn, Apr 27, 2003 I am looking for information on my g-aunt, Catherine WITT-ASHMAN or OSHMAN. My g- grandfathers (Albert WITT) obituary stated that their parents names where Marx and Minnie WITT and that they had a brother named Edward WITT. They spent thier early years in Boone and Jewell, Iowa. Catherines name was spelled two ways in the obituary, ASHMAN and OSHMAN, and that she was from Joliet, Ill. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Brenda

ZIMA, ZIMMER; posted by Cynthia Uziel, May 3, 2003 My Great Uncle John G. ZIMMER was born in Will County, Joliett, IL in 1896. If anyone has information about the family of Joseph and Frances (ZIMA) living there at that time, please contact me. Zima was later Americanized and changed to Zimmer.

DAVIS; posted by Judeith Ryan, May 4, 2003 My great uncle lived in Illinois. Name was Howard Davis. Wife Agnes. He was born in Madison County, Alabama, but relocated as a young man. Known to anyone.

QUIGLEY; posted by Peter Quigley, May 5, 2003 First known listing of Michael QUIGLEY of Wilton Center. He is listed in the 1880 Census as head of household. The census indicates he was born in 1817 in Illinois, but I believe he immigrated to the US from Ireland in the 1840s or 1850s.

ALDEN; posted by Robert Alden, May 9, 2003 Looking for descendants of Elizabeth B. ALDEN. She lived on a farm south of Downers Grove, Du Page Co. ~1850. Elizabeth married Eliel S. Bronson (Brunson) 12/28/1859 Will Co. According to Illinois SDI

COLEMAN, LEE; posted by Elsie Jean Ammon, May 9, 2003 need information on a family or members of everett dudley LEE killed in a fire at Tetryl packing house march 23 1953 his wife was Irene(COLEMAN)Lee 2 sons Roy .E.and Lawrence.D. they were living in Wilminton Ill at the time

HAMMERDING, VEHE; posted by Janice Taylor, May 10, 2003 I would like to have contact with any descendant of Otto and Elizabeth HAMMERDING of Joliet, Will Co., IL.

I have found a picture of Otto in with some of my grandparents photos. I would like to find out if Otto was related to my VEHE family or just friends. Would be glad to share a copy of this picture with his descendants.

BLEIDSTEL; posted by Susan Horvath, May 11, 2003 I am searching for information on the BLEIDSTEL family of the crete area. I am the great- great-great grandaughter and would like to know more about the family. They are buried in the Lutheran cemetary at Faithhorn. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

MAHER; posted by Mike Mcintyre, May 14, 2003 I was wondering if you had plat books available for sale for the research of family history. A Thomas MAHER in Florence township, Will County. If you could e-mail me back that would be great.

ARMSTRONG; posted by Richard Armstrong, May 19, 2003 My grandparents were Benjamin and Minnie ARMSTRONG of Lockport,Illinois. Benjamin was born in Joliet, Illinois. Trying to find out were his father, John was from and were buried at.

JONES; posted by Sandy Ratliff, May 25, 2003 Searching for the parents of Laura Mae JONES and Horace JONES parents. Laura born 1891/died 1953, Horace born 1892/died 1972. Have heard down through generations that the parents died young leaving Laura and Horace parentless with relatives to finish raising. In 1921 Laura was married to James Homes (Holmes) and gave birth to a daughter Anna Alvera. She also had a child (Mary) prior to this time abt 1919. They were livinging in Joliet at this time. There has been a reference to a Fred Jones and Rose Ellen Smith as possibly being the parents. Horace married Fannie Mae Hall in Will County. Horace and Fannie both died in Will County…….Any help will be appreciated…..Sincerely: Sandy

BAER, BRAINARD, DAHL, LEDOUX, REICHMAN, SCHOOP, STEPHEN, WEIS, WEISHAAR, YOUNG; posted by Miki Price, May 28, 2003 WEISHAAR family of Joliet, Il. Ignatz and his wife Johanna(LEDOUX) WEISHAAR came to Joliet in 1856 with their family. Ignatz’s Father is Peter WEISHAAR who came to Park Forest area in 1844 from Lorraine. Ignatz’s sister Magdalena WEISHAAR second marriage was to Sebastan STEPHEN. He came to Joliet in 1844. They had seven children. The children of Ignatz and Johanna are: Francisica WEISHAAR – WEIS Catherine WEISHAAR – YOUNG Josephine WEISHAAR – Federick Frank WEISHAAR Rose G. WEISHAAR – BAER Elizabeth WEISHAAR died young Joseph WEISHAAR died young Paulina WEISHAAR died young Geneveva WEISHAAR died young Anna WEISHAAR – DAHL Rachel WEISHAAR – SCHOOP Clara WEISHAAR – REICHMAN August S. WEISHAAR Mary L. WEISHAAR – BRAINARD If you have any if formation of the WEISHAAR Family please let me know. We are going to restart the family reunion up in Park Forest were the family first came to.

WERNER; posted by Steven P. Lynes Sr., June 16, 2003 I am looking for information on the family of my great-great grandfather Jakob Joseph WERNER. Jakob came to this country from Langen, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany in 1847 with his parents (I don’t know their names)and his brothers Phillip, Frederick, and Adam, & his sister Katherine. I beleive they came through the port of Philadelphia. Katherine married Jacob Gorich in Will County and they moved to Morris in Grundy County. Jakob married Carrie McCullough (of Westmoreland County, PA) and they eventually settled in Morris as well after a few years stay in Corning, Iowa with one of his relatives (Don’t know who). As to his brothers and parents I know almost nothing. I believe his parents had other children after coming to this country. I have found many references to the surname WERNER in Will County, all from the same place as Jakob, so I assume there has to be some connection. I would be glad to share my info on Jakob and Katherine. Thank you for your help!

MAHER; posted by Fran Saucedo, July 28, 2003 MAHER, Thomas & Ellen Looking for an obituary or any information on Thomas MAHER of Florence Twsp. B: 1823, Ireland D: Feb 22, 1896 married Ellen Kenefick B: 1827, Ireland D: Dec 23, 1892/93. Thankz’

BANNON, CARPENTER, KELLY, MCFADDEN, NEEDHAM; posted by Dee Townsend, July 29, 2003 MCFADDEN/NEEDHAM, in Joliet, Will Co., Ill, 1850s to early 1900s…….Married into surnames BANNON, CARPENTER, and KELLY. Need to find out if there are any NEEDHAM listings in U.S. Census, Will Co., Illinois in 1860 and 1870

ANWAY; posted by Mark Anway, Aug 5, 2003 Looking for any information in Will County for the surname ANWAY. I know that Augustus and Erastus Anway were in Will County in 1840 and 1850, respectively. Thank you in advance for any response.

HANDLE, HENDELE; posted by Joanne Thyken, Aug 6, 2003 Members of the HENDELE (aka HANDLE) Family spent a brief time in the Joliet area 1852- 1854. They had recently arrived from the Mosel River area of Germany near the Luxembourgh border. They later moved on to Dubuque and then to Davenport and also southern Minnesota. I don’t know why they went to Joliet, or why they left. Is there any mention of that name in records of that time? Was there a German community there then? Thanks to anyone who can help. Joanne Thyken

SALTER; posted by Marvin L. Nottbohm, Aug 15, 2003 Looking for any information on Revereend Robert R. Salter a Presbyterian minister, (b)abt 1811 in England (d) Joliet Illinois on August 14, 1872 R. R. Salter was found in the 1870 census in Chapaign City, Condit Township. There was a Mary living with him who was a housekeeper. Would like to obtain a death certificate and locate the cemetary where he was interred in 1872. contact: M.L. Nottbohm [email protected]

KANE; posted by Susan Leighton, Aug 22, 2003 Researching Patrick KANE (b: May 2, 1843 Ireland and d: April 22,1910, buried St. Patrick’s, Joliet) and Bridget ? KANE (b: Ireland and d: Dec 22, 1908, buried St. Patrick’s. Joliet) children Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, John, Edward, Harry, Loretta (Laura), and Lester. Have been unable to find birth certificates on any child, all born at home, and death certificates for Patrick and Bridget give little to no information. Anyone know where I can find obituary from 1908 and 1910. Have nothing else to go on to identify Bridget’s lineage. Do not know if they were married in Ireland or in the US. Not listed in the Illinois marriage index that I can find. Anyone have any ideas on where to go next?

DAVY, HILLIARD; posted by Barbara Hilliard, Aug 23, 2003 Looking for family information on Andrew HILLIARD, married to Mary Jane DAVY Jan 11 1873 in Wilmington Will IL. Family history states head of family was John HILLIARD who moved to Wilmington in 1855 from Oneida County NY.

Want to confirm any or all of this and to find out if Andrew HILLIARD had any siblings.

MILLER; posted by Bob Mueller, Aug 23, 2003 My great grandparents lived in the 2nd ward of Joliet in 1870. They were listed in the 1870 census as Jean B. MILLER and Elizabeth (page #16 – 108-131. Need help in identifying catholic churches that were in the area of the 2nd ward at that time.

DAVISON; posted by Mary Falconer, Aug 24, 2003 Looking for any information about George Lawrence DAVISON and his wife, Hannah Allen Davison, who lived in Joliet in the early 1900s. I especially wish to know where they were born, their parents names, and their address in Joliet.

KNICKERBACKER; posted by Kenneth Knickerbocker, Aug 26, 2003 I am looking for death, marriage and birth information, on my grandfather Abraham Viele Knickerbocker (or Knickerbacker). I believe he had a farm in Will County around 1839. This farm was located south of Naperville and I thought that DuPage County might have some information. They don’t show this individual however. Can you give me some further guidance?

TRACEY, TRACY; posted by Donna Kelley, Aug 29, 2003 Hugh and Mary (Ryan?) Tracy/Tracey who came from Ireland about 1846 and settled in Will County. Had children Hugh and Joseph when they immigrated. Other children were John,Ann, Mary, Margaret, my grgrandmother,plus a 7th child. Looking for any descendants of this family. They were my grgrgrandparents. His second marriage was to Ann Cooley(Cooney?) They had 2 children-Nellie and Joe

DIMOND; posted by Doris Morley, Aug 30, 2003 I am searching for info on James DIMOND, who was in Will Co. prior to 1840. In Feb of 1840 he ws in Milwaukee Co.,WI buying property. The warranty for this sale stated that he was from Will County. Is anyone else searching for this name in Will County?

CALLAGHAN, CRUISE; posted by Kathleen Nolan, Aug 31, 2003 Henry, Arthur and Andrew CRUISE settled in Braidwood circa 1870. Brother Joseph settled in Kankakee about the same time. A fourth brother, George, settled in Adams County and then Massena, Iowa. Henry died unknown, Arthur died unknown but possibly in Saskatchewan, Canada, Andrew and Joseph died Kankakee. The brothers had a sister, Catherine Cruise CALLAGHAN, who remained in County Roscommon, Ireland, but whose children settled primarily in Cleveland, Ohio. Their parents were George and Rachel Cruise of Ratra, Frenchpark, Roscommon.

KEENEY, KENNY; posted by Sharon Haskin Galitz, Sep 9, 2003 Are there any newspapers for Joliet going back to the 1840s and have they been microfilmed. I know the Joliet Library has films of the Joliet Signal, but only back to the 1850s. I am looking for a reference to Clarissa KENNY (should be KEENEY) March 27, 1844.

Clarissa actually died in February 1843 so I am wondering what this could be about.

GIERAHN; posted by David Smith, Sep 20, 2003 would like any info anyone might have on an Adolph Gierahn family. born in Germany they arrived in america 8-17-1890 lived in chicago a few months then moved to crete. thank you David Smith

SADDLER, ULAND; posted by Connie Wittler, Sep 20, 2003 Looking for parents of: Minnie Mable, George L and Elijah M Saddler. Born Illinois 1882-1891. Possibly Frankfort. Also, Eva ULAND born 1909 to William Uland and Minnie Mable Saddler, Frankfort, Illinois.

SCHWILLEY; posted by Nita Caffrey, Sep 22, 2003 Looking for information on Benjamin and Susanna Schwilley,Swilley, Swilly living in DuPage, Will County IL in 1880. Also son Henry who had son Benjamin b. 1878.

CLEMEN, ELMER, OLSEN; posted by Patty Brown, Sep 26, 2003 Elmer owned and ran a dog kennel in the New Lennox area. His widow’s name is Cleda. I think she is still alive, but I’m trying to find out when Elmer died and where he is buried. Elmer is my grandmother’s youngest brother. Thanks, Patty Brown

KREIN; posted by Rich Patton, Oct 4, 2003 I’m looking for any information about my great-grandfather, Theodore KREIN. Mr. Krein was employed in Lockport sometime between 1868 and 1874 when he married and moved to Minooka. Any information or reference I might check will be most appreciated. Thank you.

FERMAZIN; posted by Nancy Fermazin, Oct 4, 2003 Alta Fermazin information on this lady who lived in Joliet circa 1910

ROURKE; posted by Sherri Dullea, Oct 12, 2003 O’ROURKE, Michael

Looking for any information on Michael O’Rourke supposedly born in Joliet sometime between 1850 and 1870 something. Married Mary Fields, unknown when or where and had two daughters, Katherine and Helen. Katherine was born in Hamilton, Canada in 1879 and Helen was born in Illinois in 1899

MCCARTHY, REVOIR; posted by Jacquelyn Power, Oct 16, 2003 I am conducting a genealogy search on my father’s family. His name was John Vernom MCCARTHY and he was born in Blue Island, I think. However, I am also trying to get my paternal grandmother’s birth certificate. Her name was Esther Veronica REVOIR. I think she was born in Steger, IL. Her date of birth is November 17, 1905 and she died in Cook County on January 21, 1976. Her social security number was 234-44-6822. I am her granddaughter and would like to continue with this search, but I need this information. I wrote to Cook County and so far they have not found her record of her birth only her death certificate. She was married to Vincent Justin McCarthy, who I think was born March 10, 1899. Are you able to help me or direct me to a source to request records? Thank you. Jacquelyn Power

REVOIR; posted by Jacquelyn Power, Oct 16, 2003 Hello again. I am Jacquelyn Power and I am trying to do a search on my father’s family. My great grandfather was Abraham REVOIR. He was married to Maragret, but I am not sure of her maiden name. Please check on his name in your data base too. Thank you. Jacquelyn Power

FRANCIS; posted by Bev Gauerke, Oct 16, 2003 Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get imformation on a man that was in the prison at Juliet at the time the 1880 cencus was taken? His name was George FRANCIS, born in IL. in 1844.

SPEER; posted by Byron Buthman, Oct 22, 2003 SPEER

JORDAN, MILLER, SAVITCHKA, SEELY, TOMASEK; posted by Sandy Miller, Oct 22, 2003 I am researching Anton TOMASEK (b. Abt. 1839 in Bohemia) and Anna (Marie) SAVITCHKA TOMASEK (b. Abt. 1844 in Bohemia). They lived in Braidwood during the 1870s-1890s. Their children, born in Braidwood, were Anton TOMASEK (b. Abt. 1868), James (Wenzel) TOMASEK (b. Abt. 1870), Marie TOMASEK MILLER (b. Abt. 1872), Anna TOMASEK (b. Abt. 1875), Josephine TOMASEK JORDAN (b. Abt. 1878), and Julia L. TOMASEK SEELY (b. Abt. 1879). I’d appreciate any information from other researchers.

BUICK, SCHLIMM, WINKLER; posted by Sheri Richards, Oct 23, 2003 Researching John Henry WINKLER – born abt 1851 in Switzerland married Elizabeth SCHLIMM – born abt 1858 in Switzerland . Lived in Will county , Illinois . The parents of both of these people supposedly came from Germany . John Wm SCHLIMM – born abt 1841 married Henrietha BUICK , lived in Will county . Anyone kin ?

KELLY, MURPHY; posted by Jo Jackson, Oct 25, 2003 looking for information about Katherine KELLY, maiden name MURPHY, who lived in Joliet, Will Co., around 1911. I know this is a long shot, but would appreciate any info.

KWEISER, SCHMIDT, SMITH; posted by Wendy Smith, Nov 5, 2003 I am looking for information on KWEISER and SCHMIDT (SMITH) families. In particular on Richard Henry Kweiser and Martin Schmidt (Smith). They both lived in Joliet approximately between the years 1870 through about 1920.

HOMERDING; posted by Dayonne Barnum, Nov 8, 2003 HOMERDING, Mathias b. abt. Feb 1836 Prussia but married in Will Co., 1867. His son, William, b. abt. 1883 in Homer and d. abt. 1951 in Homer. I believe William m. Alice Maddona Welbourne in Homer. Need more info if this rings a bell with anyone. I’m doing this research for a friend. Thanks.

GILLISPIE, REINERT; posted by Lorrie Riemer, Nov 14, 2003 Looking for information on REINERT – J Reynhold and Nellie and any children – the had at least 10 to 15. Nellie then married Elias GILLISPIE,the family was in the Joliet area between 1910??? to 1937. Any help would be appreciated.

BUCHMEIER, SEEMANN; posted by Jean Peters, Dec 1, 2003 William BUCHMEIER and Lillian SEEMANN lived in Monee, Will Co., IL. They are buried in Monee. They had five daughters. Lillian’s parents, Heinrich and Henrietta Kummelehne Seemann, also lived in Monee. Any information would be appreciated.

GOODENOW; posted by Rod Hake, Dec 11, 2003 Looking for father of Nelson N Goodenow, Nelson born about 1886 Likely a nephew of Anna Goodenow Cooper. Anna is daughter of George Goodenow. George was born in NY lived in Crete township in 1860 census. Nelson and his sister Stella(also his wife’s name) lived with the Coopers in Kenosha in 1900 census

KUBIAK; posted by Nancy Costello, Dec 12, 2003 KUBIAK, Albert, Steve, Mary, etc. Searching the above family that moved from Will County to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Albert and Mary were born in Poland. Albert was born about 1858. I believe Mary last name is Tomaszewski.

SWEDA; posted by Robert Mack, Dec 13, 2003 I am seeking info such as birthdate and death date of Asafat SWEDA and his wife Kesinia Hnatke SWEDA. They lived in Rockdale, Illinois and are buried in a Joliet cemetery.

SCHMIDT, SONNENBERG; posted by Allyson Tilton, Dec 18, 2003 SCHMIDT and SONNENBERG Families of Will County, Illinois. I am researching the following family: Peter Schmidt, born in Prussia abt 1800, married Catherine Werner and after her death came to the U.S. in 1857 aboard the Harriet Hexie along with his children John, born Prussia abt 1822, may have married Anna Conrad; Johann Christian Schmidt, born Prussia 1831, married Christina Geins and died in Lebanon, IL in 1908; Peter Schmidt, born Prussia abt 1835, married Catherine Muno and died in Evanston, Cook Co., IL; Jacob Schmidt, born 1840 Prussia, unknown information; George Schmidt, born abt 1840 Prussia and married Anna Sonnenberg in Will Co. in 1863 (info after that unknown, except that they had a daughter Anna born 1869 Will Co.); and Catherine Schmidt, born 1842 Prussia and married Martin Sonnenberg in 1859 in Will Co., IL. Would love to hear from anyone working on Schmidt and Sonnneberg families from Prussia; would also appreciate knowing about a genealogist-for-hire available in Will County. Thanks!

METCALF; posted by Scott J. Lawson, Dec 24, 2003 I am looking for information on the following people: Frank H. METCALF, Judith B. Metcalf, Augusta Metcalf, Samuel W. Metcalf, Walter Clark, Erastus Clark, and Edward Henry Metcalf. All except Edward lived in Plainfield circa 1870-1880. In particular I would like to know if there are any photos of Edward Henry Metcalf. Thank you. Scott Lawson

WAWCZAK; posted by Wc Holden, Dec 29, 2003 I do not have surname.. I am trying to find my Aunt Clara (WAWCZAK) and Uncle Martin…lived in Joliet Illinois in 40’s 50’s possibly 60’s and more…lost contact…Clara (WAWCZAK) was my father’s sister…cannot recall her married name…please help…thanks for your consideration in this matter…wilma claire Holden….